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Henri-Pierre Ano  IFBB PRO • Mr Canada 2013 🏆🏋🏾🇨🇦 Sponsored by @nutrabolics @fitmenu.ca Snap me 👻henripierreano

Gotta be #thankful for all the great places and countries i visited because of bodybuilding!! Where is your next trip???

Its the week end #nutrabolicselite fam!!!!
Get the best out of this day!!! Work hard!!!! Train hard!!!! Take your #supernova preworkout amd kill it!!!!!
Then maximise your recovery after with
#hydropure protein and #anabolicstate bcaas from @nutrabolics !!!!

What you training today fam!!!!

#tbt to last week #vancouverproshow
Another great shot by @w_wittmannphoto

Got veins?!?!?

So here it is guys!!!! My #transformationtuesday 9weeks transformation for the #vancouverproshow . I never workout my ass so hard to get in shape so quick after 7 months off. At one point we thought i wouldnt be able to make it.....remember @therealtechnician ???? ;-)
But Chris and I took things to next level and made it on time for the show.

@nutrabolics #tuesday flex baby!!!
Get yourself in the groove and kill your workout today fam!!!!💪🏽💪🏽

Aim for perfection!!!
Another insane shot from my shoot with @thedavidshots
For the perfect shot holla at him!!!!! Sick work👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

Get the right #multivitamin fit fam!!!!
#vitabolic @nutrabolics
I take 7 caps every morning with my first meal!!!!That multi vitamin contains unique natural energy accelerators that work to zero in your focus, elevate your performance, stabilize your mood, and provide a clean energy boost.
Its a must in your daily supplement stack!

Oh yeah baby!!!! The #burgernfries🍔🍟 flex fit fam!!!!!
God damn we love it when its time to eat that shit!!!!!💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
What was your last cheat!!!!

Everyday we #hustle we #grind so the impossible becomes possible and dreams reality!!!

Everywhere we go we stick to the plan!!!!
#noexcuses #dietplan

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