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Henrietta Inman  Pastry chef | Cookery teacher | Ambassador @luminarybakery | Supporter #BakeForSyria | Gardener 🌈 The Natural Baker🌸🌿💕👩🏻‍🍳 🌼 is out now in 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇦🇺

Lemon verbena curd and fig tarts with honeycomb and thick yogurt to cut through the sweetness... or other summer tarts with the fruits in my post before, with nutty frangipane or blackcurrant leaf or rose geranium custard, raspberries, currants, first plums and greengages! I’ll leave it up to you what you’d like to put in your summer tarts at the Botanical Baking classes I’ll be doing @makemorefest next Sunday 26th at 11.30am and on Monday 27th at 4.15pm (link below), would be great to bake with you! If you’d rather just eat (!), come to my demos, there should be tasters if I’ve been organised :) of a late summery plum and rose custard galette and raspberry and lemon verbena cake! Also very much looking forward to talking with @angela_clutton, @rachelaliceroddy and @thomeagle in a panel discussion and styles of food writing on Sunday at 4.15pm; stayed up reading Five Quarters until a bit too late last night, Rachel, didn’t want to stop, smiled and laughed and mmmed a lot! :) Artists, ceramicists, picklers, preservers, food photographers and stylists, musicians, theatre, spoon makers, carpenters, model-makers, beekeepers, foragers, 3-ingredient bakers, colours, flowers and lots of fun... and lots lots more! Hope to see you all there, making and doing... and if I’m not mistaken, I think the 2-4-1 ticket code I mentioned in my last post is still available until the end of today - follow the link in bio and use the code ‘AT241’ at the checkout, thank you for that information @borsch_and_no_tears! ♥️ #MakeMoreFest #London #LondonFestivals #Food #CookeryClass #Summer #SummerTarts #MakeMore #Create #Make #Craft #ArtsAndCrafts 📸 @philippalangley from #TheNaturalBaker https://makemore.art/makers/henrietta-inman/

Congratulations @johnleowilkie and all the amazing team behind @makemorefest, so exciting that @timeoutlondon have listed it as one if the top ten things to do this August bank holiday, whoop whoop! I’ve just put a link in my stories for 2-4-1 tickets, the offer ends tomorrow so quick quick! :) A festival for makers and doers in Victoria Park, you’ll be able to get involved in so many things, spoon carving, finger puppet making, pottery, painting, dancing, singing, food photography and styling, eating, cooking, pickling, pasta making, how to pack up the most delicious picnic with @angela_clutton, super-star organiser of all of us food people who will be there :) (wonderful people doing delicious things, all tagged in :) 🍰🍝📸!) ...and so much more! Come along with family and friends and animals and #MakeMore! Can’t wait to see you all there! #London #Festival #MakeMoreFest #Food #CookeryClass #Teach #Share #Create

A week or so of Suffolk skies, no funny filters or editing needed! ♥️ Obviously I’m a little bit biased because I grew up here, but it is very beautiful, don’t you think?! :) If you have never been to Suffolk, it’s @aldeburghfood festival at the end of September so why not come along! So many wonderful chefs, cooks, writers, bakers... will be there, a great chance to meet them and hear all about the delicious and unique food they make, like @honeyandco, @rosiefoodie, @joeyscooking, @melissa.hemsley, @chetnamakan and many more, plus local producers like @hodmedods, @pumpstbakery, @pumpstreetchocolate, @fenfarmdairy, @st.judecheese, @labrewery, @adnams... do have a look on the website for the full schedule, line up and all the fun and interesting fringe events too like @bens.house vermouth class 👌🏼💥✌🏼 Excited to be there doing a demo and class on Saturday 29th September, do hope to see you there! Back to work, via a quick walk under that sky! :) I’m at home for a while planning for something that I cannot wait to tell you all more about soon... it involves tarts! And other sweet things, some savoury too :) and many, many amazing and inspiring Suffolk farmers and producers! 👍🏼🌿🐝 #Suffolk #SuffolkFood #SuffolkSkies #SustainableFarming #TheFutureOfFood #AldeburghFoodAndDrinkFestival2018 www.aldeburghfoodanddrink.co.uk

More tarts for breakfast... and cakes and brownies and buckwheat brittle and fennel, orange and date granola, all made by YOU this time! It’s been so SO lovely to see your creations from The Natural Baker over the last few months, thank you very much INDEED for sharing them :) it means so much to me that you’re all cooking from it and enjoying the recipes, and adapting and playing around with them too, yum yum! What’s your favourite recipe so far? Please keep on tagging #TheNaturalBaker as I really do love seeing your delights! Merçi beaucoup et bonne et belle journée à vous tous, you’re all wonderful! ♥️♥️♥️ #Baking #HappyBaking #Tart #Tarts #FruitTart #Cake #Pudding

And then I finished those currant and almond tarts off with apricot jam and sliced them up to serve with whipped yogurt and vanilla cream, fresh redcurrants, toasted flaked almonds and marigold petals 🧡 Such a joy to come to Bristol and cook up this feast for everyone at yesterday’s @yogabrunchclub. Thank you so much @clembalfour for asking me to come and cook again; you create such a joyful, calm, peaceful place wherever you take these events and it’s such a pleasure and honour to be a part of them. ♥️ Thank you so much to everyone who came, some very kind words about the meal and for cleaning your plates, one of the happiest sights for any cook 😊 so great to see you again @luziloop @withmustard_uk! Thank you @devvy.p for your last minute photography, can’t wait to see your snaps, and @josiemaycarnaby and @livquarrelle for all your help, @theforgebristol for having us, great to meet you too :) and @alicegabb for the prettiest menus. Jen @lifeboxfoodco your wonderful goody bags, thank you beauty! And thank you too @belazu_co for a sneak peak of your rose harissa pesto that each guest was very happy to take home with them, it’s out on September 3rd everyone and it’s deeelish, thank you Alice! What a Saturday! A bit of a frustrating start 🚙💥🤦🏻‍♀️ but all OK in the end, very OK, thanks to all of you ☝🏼 plus very kind and understanding parents, staying in Bristol with lovely sister and family and seeing gorgeous friend for supper. Feeling so lucky to be surrounded by such generous, good, smiling and kind people and to be able to do what I love everyday, not taking any of it for granted. ♥️ Hope you’re all having a really good weekend... have also been seeing many of your creations from The Natural Baker, THANK YOU everyone for sharing! So happy the recipes are being enjoyed in your homes. 💕 #TheNaturalBaker #YogaBrunchClub #EatTheSeasons #Bristol #Pudding #Brunch #Tart @clerkenwellboyec1 @sandra.greiss my plimsoll-holding-plate-attempt!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ll get there one day, tehe! ☺️

Beautiful colours to start the weekend! The blushing pink whitecurrants are called Versailles, aren’t they the prettiest!? Taking these off to @theforgebristol this morning for @yogabrunchclub, did the vegan version of my tarts today, with frangipane recipe from first book. Chard to be cooked, leaves and stalks separately, and then added to roast beetroot, onions and lots of parsley and lots of other vegetable beauties for some big salad bowls... then the all-the-currant tarts! Hope you all have a delicious and colourful and fun weekend :) 🌈🌸💕#TheNaturalBaker #Tarts #FruitTart #Pudding #Wholegrain #Vegan #EatTheSeasons P.S Come and make some tutti frutti summer fruit, flower and herb tarts like these with me @makemorefest in a few weeks! Link in bio, it’s going to be a really great long weekend! #MakeMore :)

Beautiful drive over to @fenfarmdairy this morning to pick up Julie Cheyney’s wonderful @st.judecheese for tomorrow’s @yogabrunchclub @theforgebristol, putting it in a big salad with lots of green leaves from our garden like spinach, sorrel, rocket, basil, mint, oregano, lots of lemon juice and zest and @belazu_co EVOO. Got some raw milk and a coffee, with lots of raw milk mmm, and glass bottle for said raw milk from the best vending machine IN THE WORLD (in my stories ✨). Missed seeing their beautiful Montbeliarde cows as they were grazing on the lush marshlands of the Waveney River Valley, next time! If you’re ever in Suffolk, make sure to give them a visit and stock up on raw milk, butter, and Baron Bigod from Jonny and Dulcie Crickmore and St Jude from Julie! Jonny has also just become a member of the Brotherhood of Camembert!!! Congratulations Jonny! Quick, back to cooking! Happy Friday a tutti 🌿☀️🌸 #FenFarmDairy #BaronBigod #StJude #RawMilk #RawMilkRevolution #Suffolk #Sustainable #Farming

Buckwheat and almond pastry filled with a layer of blackcurrant jam, topped with buttery almond frangipane and red, white and blackcurrants... TARTS for breakfast! :) And also for our pudding on Saturday @theforgebristol with @yogabrunchclub (ONE TICKET LEFT! Head to yogabrunchclub.com if you’d like to come). The currants in our garden have finished now, we couldn’t keep up with eating them all, so there are lots in the freezer for these and the coming months. I’ll still use the leaves for custards and creams. If you’d like to try them too, the recipe is on page 153 of The Natural Baker, or come and make them and lots more fruity tarty things with me @makemorefest on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th August. Link to buy tickets in my bio and more details about what I’ll be teaching later. Hope you all have a happy Thursday! ♥️ #TheNaturalBaker #Tart #FruitTart #CurrantTart #EatTheSeasons #EatLocal #Pudding #Breakfast 📸 @philippalangley and big piece of lovely stone carefully chosen by @berlin_linda :) ✨

Pizzas alla papa Inman, ready for the Aga :) #Pizza #Party #Home ♥️

Vegetable, herb and edible flower bouquets, my new business! Mud and bed in artichoke included, would you like one?! Tehe! Or rather, lots of things from our garden that will be making up this Saturday’s @yogabrunchclub menu @theforgebristol, plus a few things extra from the local market so that I don’t deprive my family of vegetables! :) Really looking forward to cooking with all this wonderful summer produce and to be working again with amazing @clembalfour, as well as delicious Jen @lifeboxfoodco creating some gorgeous boxes to takeaway and something special from wonderful @belazu_co too. Full menu below and there are two tickets left if you’d like to join us, just head to yogabrunchclub.com :) Can’t wait to see you there! 🌿♥️☀️🌸🍒🌻🐝 #Yoga #Brunch #YogaBrunchClub #EatTheSeasons #EatLocal #TheNaturalBaker #Nature #Colour #Suffolk #Bristol #TheForge #ImReallyBadAtSelfies #OhWell! We can cater for all dietary requirements... mostly! Just let us know! Summer bites
Smashed peas with mint and @belazu_co lemon oil on homemade black seed oatcakes
Hazelnut and buckwheat sablés with tomatoes, olives and oregano
Summer salads
Roast beetroot and onions with wilted chard, chives and rapeseed oil
Runner beans, new potatoes, dill and eggs
Leaves, herbs, courgettes and St Jude cheese
@hodmedods fave bean, Racalia olive oil, bottled in Suffolk, basil and thyme purée
@hodmedods yellow pea flour, nut and seed loaf
A summer tart
Black, red and white currant almond tart with whipped yogurt cream

We have apples! They’re crunchy, sweet and sharp, but what variety? Local village (must remember which one!!!) has an apple day every year where you can take your apples for identification! Must go this year :) I love all the old varieties and their names, D’Arcy Spice one of favourites, what’s yours? And how do you store yours? Would love to know. Will be using these to make lots of apple purée that I use in cakes and @hodmedods flaked and puffed quinoa, seed and walnut granola :) yum! Happy sunny Tuesday everyone! ☀️🌿🍏 #Apples #GrowYourOwn #BritishApples #EatTheSeasons #EatLocal

Good morning! :) ✨🌊♥️🏊🏼‍♀️✌🏼🤸🏻‍♀️☀️

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