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Name 3 real Nicki Minaj body parts

Nicki a bitch frfr💯💯

This is rather tuff, sir

“Bro basketball is a contact sport, that’s allowed”

More Trippie memes for y’all 😁😁😁

Wtf is a South Dakota

Morning guys💯 Who fuckin with my playlist??? What other songs should i add

Faxxxx or faxxx??

I know followers don’t always mean sales but with her fan base and millions of followers that don’t even own IG, dis an L

Don’t let 69 going to jail distract you from the fact that Trippie album did 100 million streams in 3 days which is equal to 66k sales and now he’s projected to do 70k first week sooo that’s uhhhhh 4K sales in the remaining 4 days of the week...1k sales a day👀

“I’m on that good milk and apple sauce”

Afternoon/Morning guys how’s y’all day goin💯💯 hopefully better than Demi’s

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