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Henning Larsen  Architecture with strong Scandinavian roots. Here, we proudly follow and curate your take on our projects. Share yours with #henninglarsen

The balconies alongside the façade in the Copenhagen Opera House provides guests with views of the entire foyer as well as a 180° panoramic view spanning from the harbour fairway towards Knippelsbro and the city centre turrets and spires. Amazing shot by @maxi_kolb_ #henninglarsen

Harpa was half-built when the recession came, and it could have been left that way. Instead, it became a symbol of resurrection. One of the things that makes it so special. We think @siryl25 captured the grace of Harpa so well in this shot! Thank you so much #henninglarsen

The architecture at @NovoNordisk is characterised by clean simple lines and functional and sustainable design. @Lotteleemoeller delivers some beautiful work day symmetry with an interesting twist. Thanks for sharing with us! #henninglarsen

Construction sites are not always an inspiring sight, but @carl_egon truly made the Wave construction site look amazing - with a little help from the Danish evening light. Thanks! #henninglarsen #inprogress

More daylight is not necessarily the same as better daylight. Context is important. Use larger, more clear window areas when facing the North and smaller, more defined, when facing other orientations. This is the School of Architecture in Umeaa, Sweden, photographed by the talented @akeeson #henninglarsen

People are drawn to light, and we turn towards it - like flowers. If you create space in the facade for hanging out, it can be very rewarding. Thanks for the beautiful photo, @laz_y_un! #henninglarsen

Productivity is increased with 18% in work spaces with a high level of daylight. At Novo Nordisk, we made sure to integrate a daily daylight shower. Thanks for the photo, @mathiasmilton! #henninglarsen

The vision of the Spiegel HQ was to create an icon of high international standards with focus on openness, communication and transparency. Thanks for the beautiful picture, @jetonaliji! #henninglarsen

The Novo Nordisk HQ is designed with inspiration from the complex insulin molecule - the circular shape, with no beginning and no end, is a picture of perfect balance and the spiraling staircase mirrors the helix structures of the molecule. Picture by the talented @mathiasmilton #henninglarsen

It's an incredible opportunity and honor to design for surroundings like these. We always feel obliged to work with sensitivity towards the place and the context. Thanks for the photo, @thomaswiuf! #henninglarsen

The facade of the Institute of Diplomatic Studies in Riyadh is a 3 dimensional pattern. The triangles leaning in and out creates shade for one another, thus the facade shelters the building for sun, wind and climate - as well as being a significant appearance #henninglarsen

The talented @dennisskyum makes the Copenhagen Opera House look almost majestic in the dim morning light over an awakening city. Such a beautiful, calm picture - well done! #henninglarsen

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