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Henning Fog  Some things you'll find here: LA sunsets, punny church signs, "deconstructed" selfies, and a strong belief that captions > photo quality


#boomerang Reposted with permission of @kaylacush

With all my heart, I love these two

Super. Bloom.

It's not the Superbloom I was looking for, but it's the SoCal Shire I needed #findyourShire

Sue me, the clouds look cool

#daywithoutawoman (Listen, I'm sorry about this one. It came to me and I had to do it. Here is a small sampling of women I love and/or respect whose Instagrams you should peruse: @lesliefog @bailyhancock @rlowdermilk @caspiajade @kishori_nyc @wolfdog21 @emilykodi)

Gay druids did this, presumably

Got tired of the gloom in LA so drove until I found some sun. It's in Helendale, CA! I'll send you a drop pin

A single heart-shaped 🎈 is all that remains of 'American Housewife''s Valentine's episode, filmed weeks ago. "Love is the ceiling, the sky" -Nikki Giovanni

Over 500,000 of us here; millions more around the world. Donald, ours is bigger. #lawomensmarch

LA's got sunsets and palm trees and celebrities shopping at Barnes & Noble but this rushing man-made river outshines them all today

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