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Henna Intensive & Retreat  All-inclusive artist retreat in the beautiful mountains of Southern California's Angeles National Forest! Check out our website for full details.


Ladies, you have all amazed us this year with your talent, your tenacity, and your ability to get the votes better than any previous year!! You have all done an amazing job - better than we could have ever dreamed of.
If you didn't make it to the end, don't give up hope! Many people often win the second time around. There is always next year!! Now, for the exciting news of the day!!! The winner of the 2017 BIG HENNA CONTEST!! This woman pulled off more votes than we have ever seen with her viral video posts. She inspired others in the contest to do the same, making this year's voting process intense! Her designs were better and better each round, astonishing us and the voters. Combine all of that with a super sweet woman with a wonderful personality and you get this year's amazing BIG HENNA CONTEST winner... KAYLA ORTEGO!!!!!!! Fantastic job Kayla! We are so proud of you and your accomplishments this year. We have a big surprise prize package made up for you and we can't wait for you to receive it. And of course, as this year's Henna Retreat was cancelled we are transferring your FREE registration to next year's retreat! So exciting!!! Wonderful job, amazing talent. We can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Congratulations to our 2017 BIG HENNA CONTEST winner, Kayla Ortego!! @kaylashenna #bighennacontest #bhcfinalround #hennacamp #hennaretreat

The lovely Khadija Dawn Carryl of Henna Sooq!! Not only our awesome henna sponsor but also one of our incredible instructors and seriously a rad lady!

#hennaretreat #hennacamp #hennasooq

More henna pics from last year! Tag yourself and your friends. Whose art is whose? #hennacamp #hennaretreat #henna

More henna pics from last year! Tag yourself and your friends. Whose art is whose? #hennacamp #hennaretreat #henna

More henna pics from last year! Tag yourself and your friends. Whose art is whose? #hennacamp #hennaretreat #henna

More henna pics from last year! Tag yourself and your friends. This beautiful piece is by Amy Lee!! #hennacamp #hennaretreat #henna

Our 5 day, 4 night retreat includes... • Accommodations at our mountain retreat in the beautiful Angeles National Forest with spring-fed swimming pool, miles of hiking trails, and amazing views. • Three full days of henna and body art classes with national and world-renowned instructors & presenters. • Morning and evening yoga sessions on the beautiful outdoor redwood deck.

and more! Find out all of the details on our website: www.HennaIntensiveandRetreat.com #hennacamp #hennaretreat #henna

AMAZING Round Two contestants!! Your bold and beautiful Polynesian designs wow'd us every step of the way! And your photo quality has been phenomenal. Keep it up and remember to get creative as the rounds go on both for your entries and for your photos and for getting votes. The most creative artists are the ones who win this contest. I'm so excited to see the rounds progress! (Please be sure to read to the bottom)

We had 16 official entries for Round Two since everyone made it through that first round. 15 entries will go through to Round Three of the Big Henna Contest for a chance to make it to the end! If you did not make it through to Round Three (as well as with future rounds), you are welcome to play along with each round and post an entry to the group (not the album) to share what you would have done and continue to push your art to new levels. There might even be a surprise at the end if you do an entry for every round!

Without further ado... our contestants going through to Round Three and their vote totals – notice how many votes people with videos received... video on IG is a great idea!

1. Kayla Ortego - 171,587 Votes (WHAT?! WOW!!!)
2. Afshan Mansoor - 935 Votes
3. Jody Jay McQueen - 506 Votes
4. Amy Lee - 446 Votes
5. Mishelle Wade - 183 Votes
6. Kelly Melton-Welker - 156 Votes
7. Monika Goyal - 137 Votes
8. @thehennababe - 116 Votes
9. Ilona Dembowska - 66 Votes
10. (TIE for 9th place) K C Wagner Loveland - 66 Votes
11. Evelyn Salguero - 50 Votes
12. Ildiko Dadi Ravideep Kaur - 34 Votes
13. Joanna Cyd Petruczenko - 27 Votes
14. Cassandra Salsa - 24 Votes
15. Sadia Farzana - 23 Votes

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our contestants going through to Round Three of the BIG HENNA CONTEST!! **continue reading in the captions. #bighennacontest #hennacamp #hennaretreat #henna

Well, you have all done an amazing job for Round One of the BIG HENNA CONTEST!! I am blown away by the talent and beautiful photos you all submitted! wow!!! (Please be sure to read to the bottom)

We had 16 official entries for Round One. We allow 20 entries through to Round Two so that means you all get to advance to the next round, wahoo!!! I love when everyone gets a second chance to work on their designs for the contest, work on garnering as many votes as possible and get the chance to improve in another genre. I can already tell this is going to be an amazing year for the BIG HENNA CONTEST with all of you incredible artists!

Without further ado... our contestants going through to Round Two and their vote totals – this will give you an idea of how much you might need to step up your vote garnering game :) 1. Kayla Ortego - 853 Votes (WOW!!!)
2. Amy Lee - 482 Votes
3. Afshan Mansoor - 454 Votes
4. Jody Jay McQueen - 318 Votes
5. Monika Goyal - 300 Votes
6. Kelly Melton-Welker - 250 Votes
7. Joanna Cyd Petruczenko - 236 Votes
8. Ilona Dembowska - 166 Votes
9. Mishelle Wade - 117 Votes
10. JessiKay Graham - 66 Votes
11. Evelyn Salguero - 56 Votes
12. K C Wagner Loveland - 51 Votes
13. Ildiko Dadi Ravideep Kaur - 26 Votes
14. @thehennababe - 16 Votes
15. Cassandra Salsa - 11 Votes
16. Sadia Farzana - 3 Votes

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our contestants going through to Round Two of the BIG HENNA CONTEST!! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Round Two will allow the top 15 most voted entries through to the third round. This is the time to be sure you are getting all of the votes that you can! Be sure to utilize posting in the official round photo album on the Facebook Group as well as on Instagram with the appropriate hashtags (listed below). On FB, you have one photo entry, but on IG, you may post as many times as you'd like to garner votes. Get creative on IG! You can post closeups of your design, video, have friends share the image and get more votes. As long as the post has ALL of the required hashtags for the round, the votes will qualify.


The BIG HENNA CONTEST is back and it begins today!! Contestants must enter Round 1 to join in the contest. No new contestants will be accepted after Round 1.
Get out your henna cones and start doing your mudras to warm up those hands. Break out your creativity, and your ingenuity because we are going to test your skills and abilities every step of the way.
This year’s contest TODAY, July 3rd!!! Enter to win a free registration to the 2017 Henna Intensive & Retreat!! That’s right, we said FREE!
The contest winner enjoy 5 days and 4 nights in the beautiful mountain town of Wrightwood, California. Three full days (9am to 5pm) of classes by incredibly talented henna artists, henna supplies, meals, lodging, yoga, and special events each night are included! In addition, there will be (available for purchase) massage, professional photo shoots, coaching sessions, and an opportunity to shop for some fantastic art and henna supplies in our outdoor boutique.
Here’s how it works:

The contest will consist of EIGHT ROUNDS. Each round is themed and the theme is chosen by us here at Siren Song Productions. The first round will consist of anyone and everyone who would like to enter. You’ll create an original henna design based on the theme for the round. Then you'll photograph your design, post it on Facebook (in the group’s photo album for the round) and on Instagram with the appropriate hashtags. The top 20 most voted for pins in the first round will move on to the second round. Each round, artists will be eliminated based on least votes until we have a winner of THE BIG HENNA CONTEST 2017!!* What you need to do to enter the contest:

1. Review the official rules & guidelines for The Big Henna Contest 2017.
2. Create a Facebook and Instagram account if you do not already have one.
3. Follow Henna Intensive & Retreat on Facebook and Instagram - @hennaintensiveandretreat
4. Send an email with your name, email address, and business name to: sirens@sirensongproductions.org. ****************************************************** The Round One Theme is…. MOROCCAN!!! You can find inspiration for your Moroccan design on our Pinterest boards at... see rest in comment

The Big Henna Contest Rules for Entry:


Rules for Entry

1. Entrants may not be past or current instructors from the Henna Intensive & Retreat.

2. Previous contest winners of The Big Henna Contest may not enter. Past participants whom have not won are welcome to enter and try again.

3. Designs must be newly created with the purpose of entering the contest.

4. Designs must fit the theme for each round. If the design does not fit the theme, you will be contacted and asked to make a statement as to why you think your design fits the theme for that round. If the design is still deemed as not fitting the theme, it will be removed from the contest and you will be asked to create another design if time allows.

5. Henna designs may be done on any surface, including skin, paper, fabric, objects, etc.

6. Henna designs MUST BE done with natural henna paste.

7. Designs must be predominantly henna designs, however, other materials paired with the henna are accepted. Creativity is welcomed.

8. Any participant may enter - even those whom have already paid. If a registrant has already paid, they will be reimbursed the full amount of the registration fees.

9. Participants may register for the retreat anytime during the contest - even if still in the running - to guarantee a spot at the retreat in the event that they do not win the contest. We highly encourage participants to register, even if competing, as we have a limited number of spaces and we have only secured a space for the contest winner.

10. Rounds will consist of the following top voted henna artists:

Round 1 = all henna artists are welcome to participate
Round 2 = 20 top voted henna artists
Round 3 = 15 top voted henna artists
Round 4 = 12 top voted henna artists
Round 5 = 8 top voted henna artists - SEMI-FINALISTS
Round 6 = 5 top voted henna artists
Round 7 = 3 top voted henna artists
Round 8 = 2 top voted henna artists compete to determine the WINNER!!! 11. Votes are counted on Facebook as "Likes, hearts, wows" and on Instagram as "hearts".

Instructions for The Big Henna Contest 2017:

1. Be sure you have completed the pre-contest objectives. These were located in the original contest announcement and are re-listed below*. 2. Create an original henna design using henna paste based on the theme for each round.

3. Photograph your henna design and upload it to your Facebook and/or Instagram account using the hashtag appointed for each round.

4. Send us an email to sirens@sirensongproductions.org with the following**: a. Your name
b. Your henna business name
c. Your email address

5. Post, tweet, share, pin, email, and do whatever you can to get the most votes (“hearts/favorites & re-pins) possible for your henna design. *Pre-Contest Objectives

1. Review the official rules & guidelines for The Big Henna Contest 2017.

2. Open a Facebook and/or Instagram account if you do not already have one.

3. Follow Henna Intensive & Retreat on Facebook and Instagram @hennaretreat (IG) www.facebook.com/hennaintensiveandretreat (FB) #hennaretreat #hennacamp #henna

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