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Go ahead and tell me
That you know all I can be,
You've studied every droplet
Of my ever-changing sea.
But weren't you ever taught
That seas are only where it ends?
The things that tell the story
Are the river's twists and bends.
The ocean isn't everything,
It's part of it of course,
But you cannot judge its currents
If you do not know their source. ~ e.h.
📸: @vividvizuals

Henna for one of my 2017 Summer bride, Rabia! @rabiaa.s

Inspired by the sweetest, @divyahenna ❤️ Every time I’ve visited L.A, Prashanta (@divyahenna) has always been such a gracious host - making arrangements for me to meet up with local artists, taking me around for lunch and introducing me to some neat places to shop! Not only that, I’ve been lucky enough to get adorned with some henna from the talented lady as well 😊

So grateful to be a part of this wonderfully, supportive family of henna artists. So bummed I’ve missed out on @henna_con this year. Looked like all the artists (students/instructors/everyone!) had a blast. ✨Inspire & be inspired ✨


Happy Friday! A still capture of the design you all loved so much! ✨

Would love to know what elements in this design everyone particularly liked. Leave your comments down below ⬇️

You ask "What if I fall?"
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly? ~e.h


Reverse heart-fill tips! ❤️ You can get so creative with these reverse-fills! I had a bride this past summer request for her fiancé's name to be written in block print with a reverse fill on her fingers! Worked out so well because his first and last name added to exactly 10 letters (one letter for each finger!) Brides can get super creative!
I'd love to hear what's the craziest request or maybe even a super creative idea that you've done/heard of/seen/or had done 😊

For things that
make me feel more alive.
For those who make me
laugh a little louder,
smile a little brighter
and live... a little bit better! ❤️

Bridal henna done for the loveliest, Lianne ❤️ Thank you for all the love on my previous post! I reach each and every comment and can't help but thank you for all the kind words & support. A few mentioned that it reminded them of "Batik". I did a quick Google search and I was stunned at how beautiful those patterns were but also that, the design did infact look like it. Its crazy to think that I had actually done that design as a variation of a seed of life pattern and funny thing is, when filling it in, I made a mistake and filled in where I wanted the negative space to be (Not sure if you can visualize that). Just makes you think how many beautiful designs come about because the artist "makes a mistake"! This piece is inspired by the work of @shaikh.armana11 😊 (who was inspired by @bushras_henna)

bloom beautifully
bloom softly
however you need
just bloom ~ Rupi Kaur,
Milk and Honey

I've been following the news since this afternoon about the shooting in Las Vegas and I just can't seem to get it off my mind. I know no amount of thoughts and prayers are enough but my heart is with those affected in whatever way by this horrifying incident. It breaks my heart to even think of the 59 lives we know of that have taken (and many, many, many more that were injured) for no reason whatsoever and of their families whose lives will never be the same 💔

Back in Toronto after a short but sweet stay in NYC this past weekend! A lot of you messaged about scheduling appointments and meet-ups. Unfortunately, this time, my stay was short but I'll definitely make time in the near future to come down specifically for appointments ❤️🤗 Also, thank you for all the love on my previous post! I came across this one I did from a while back that had birdies incorporated and I thought I'd share! • Inspiration can find you in the most ordinary places •

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