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Heneka Watkis-Porter  SAVE THE DATE: Leadercast Women Oct 12. Listen The Entrepreneurial You podcast and more from your inspirational leader, click here.

[Podcast] Episode 079 – How to Manage and Retain Your Organization’s Talent, with Mike Sipple Jr. http://bit.ly/2NOOUeQ @theentrepyou  @Mikesipplejr #teypod
Mike Sipple Jr @mikesipplejr is president of Centennial which specializes in talent strategy and executive search. He’s also the founder and CEO of the Talent Magnet Institute and the host of the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast. He partners with leaders who have a strong desire to build the right team as they grow and transform their businesses. His firm serves organizations that operate regionally as well as globally and is a sought after speaker to associations, peer groups and organizations on the subject of becoming a talent magnet.
Show Notes
“There’s a lot of people working in environments that are toxic and [to] those listening, let’s not be one of those. Let’s lean in and really invest in our people in a way that brings out the best in them and brings out the best in the world around us”.
In this week’s episode of The Entrepreneurial You Podcast, Mike Sipple Jr talks about talent management strategy and finding the right people that augurs well for your business goals.
Mike details the best practices to leading people, building a healthy organization and planning for the future. He believes it is important to put plans in place for your organization to reach its long term goals and the next chapter of success.
Listen to this week’s episode and hear more of Mike’s tips on managing talent as well as retaining them.
Audience Question:
This week’s question comes from Kevron Greatness Sutton: “How much of a person’s talent should be considered when hiring?”
Listen to hear Mike’s response to this pointed question.
Visit our Sponsors: @jamstockex

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I was looking for a pic that sums up the way I feel right now. And there this was as if to say, 'here I am".👌❤
This is so appropriate right now because this was part of the decor for @leadercastkingston in May. In the midst of planning #LeadercastWomen for October I am thinking that when you go at something with passion - all heart and soul - the result is beautiful.📆📝📅 .
When I think about how all the sponsors are coming together I know it is just GOD. Lemme stop right right to say, everything I have been, am and ever hope to be, I owe to Him.💕💕❤ .
This international leadership event, Leadercast Women, is hands down, one of the most transformational leadership event to be hosted in Jamaica...no hype, no fluff, just pure value and actionable steps to walk away with to accelerate your leadership goals.💯👌🆙 .
This is my second @leadercast
event and I couldn't be more proud of my team of volunteers and sponsors. I am also eternally grateful to Leadercast for entrusting me with their brand which is synonymous with quality, excellence and effective leadership. Indeed they are leaders worth following.
😘🙌 Book now at henekawatkisporter.com
Random #bigup:
special shout out to these 3 power houses that are gentle giants. I respect and admire you for being complete human beings @gizelleriley
@simonemorrisent @clearcommunicationcoach
#leadercastkingston #leadercastwomen #leadership

“We must become the change we want to see.”— Mahatma Gandhi💕

The only way to do that is to be intentional about your personal growth and conferences are a great way to accelerate such growth.🆙💯📖📅📝📆 Here's to the most transformational conference to achieve this. Leadercast Women is on 12th October.👍💪 Book your spot now at henekawatkisporter.com and take 20% OFF👌👊 #LeadercastWomen #leadercastkingson #leadership #theentrepreneurialyoupodcast #teypod

To date this has been one of my most fruitful international partnerships. Partnering for the cause of "filling Jamaica with leaders worth following" is a very humbling yet rewarding feeling.🙌💖👊👌
Thank you @leadercast for catching the vision for the largest one day leadership event in the world as we change the world one leader at a time.👍❤
And I must also say thanks to my local partners both for Leadercast Kingston in May and Leadercast Women happening 12th October.📆 _______________________
Leadercast Women is brought to you by The Entrepreneurial You in association with the RJR Gleaner Communications Group.
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Visit henekawatkisporter.com to book now and get 20% OFF. Limited space available.
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We are now one month away from Jamaica's most transformational conference for women in 2018! 😘📆🆙
On Friday, October 12 Leadercast Women will be 'developing Leaders worth following' at the Knutsford Court Hotel.👔👑💕💪
Don't miss out on our experienced leaders sharing the key to Life Transformation Through Inspiration 📅💯 @hon.oliviagrange
I'm grateful to my partners for making this a reality
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@bkjamaica @supremeventures
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@lascojamaica @avconcepts_inc
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Book now at henekawatkisporter.com
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It is almost the end of 2018. You got excited at the beginning of the year and wanted to accomplish many things. 🆕🆙📅
Now, 9 months in the year and you are nowhere near where they you thought you would be. Along the way, you got tired and need to be rejuvenated – mind, body, soul and spirit. 📖📝📆
SeaGarden @seagardenjamaica is providing an opportunity for you to get excited about the rest of the year and be prepared for 2019.📃
More info coming soon... 😀💕❤🌐👍💯 #savethedate #wellness #goalsetting #smartergoals #mindbodysoul #nourishyourself #wellnessjourney #planning #inspireme #justbreathe #motivation #selfcare #selflove #mindbodygram #liveinspired #allinclusive #fitness #wellbeing #healthyliving #success #positivevibes #lifestyle

[Podcast] Episode 078 – Getting Measurable & Meaningful Results from Content & Digital Marketing, with Ian Cleary  http://bit.ly/2oDYAxM @thentrepyou @iancleary
Ian Cleary is the founder of the content marketing/ digital agency, Razor Social, which is one of the most popular marketing blogs globally. He is also the founder of the email outreach software, Outreach Plus, which helps companies drive more traffic & sales for their products and services through personalized email outreach. He is a regular keynote speaker and is a writer for Forbes. 
In this week’s episode of the Entrepreneurial You Podcast (link in bio) Ian Cleary details digital and content marketing. According to Ian, content marketing is a very crucial part of digital marketing.
You must have valuable, useful content to share, to make a connection with your audience for better results.
Tune in to hear how to leverage your business growth via content and digital marketing.  Ian also shares insight on the Return on Investment possible when using these platforms as business growth strategies.
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What a #baxcova day we've had! I am so looking forward to the variety of new podcasts that will come from Cohort #3 of Your Beginner's Podcasting Workshop.


I was trying to decide whether or not I should press pause on the workshops series and resume next year...after today I just know that there is no way I can do that. So, Cohort #4 will happen in November...#staytuned

Guess who's coming to Your Beginner's Podcasting Workshop tomorrow? 🎤🎶🌐🎵 Hint #Baxcova
@duttyberryshow we can't wait to have you.💕👍❤🆒👊 I will be teaching lots of good stuff including: ✔Why podcast, backed by stats for decision making;
✔The history of podcasting;
✔How to monetize your podcast;
✔Software & equipment;
✔Lots more

Here doing some work and thinking to myself, "oh the little things that can cause us to build up resentment against things and others".🚫⛔🆘 The 'E' on my keyboard has been acting up since a few days now. Now I am slowly building up resentment for every word that contains the letter E even as I am trying out @ingridrileyjm solution of copy and pasting #sigh

Heneka, instead of allowing resentment to take root, seize the opportunity to learn the lessons in the moment...the obvious ones being:
✔The lesson of patience
✔The lesson of finding solutions
✔The lesson of being grateful

Similarly we sometimes harbour some form of indignation because of some simple things that others have seemingly done to us...we need not let offence get the better of us.

#LetItGo #enjoylife #liveoutloud #lifelessons #computerlessons #patience #gratitude

OMG! Yep I played Netball for @lascojamaica waaaay back in 2003...I had some great days. Thank you for this pic @sharonjohnson398
I remember even getting Chairman Lascelles Chin to attend a game.
#tbt #lasco #purchasing #pharmaceutical #distributors #netball #fun

[Podcast] Episode 077: Living from the Inside Out: the Key to a Fulfilled Life with Stephen Shedletzky @steveshed @theentrepyou #teypod #startwithwhy http://bit.ly/2Moa3iO
Stephen Shedletzky @stephenshed is head of Community and Communication at Simon Sinek @simonsinek. He engages people in meaningful ways so that we live in a more fulfilled world. He started with Simon Sinek team in 2012 by answering fan email and now leads Community and Communications initiatives. He is committed to ensuring that team Simon Sinek and those they serve, live their why; their just cause from the inside out. He is a dynamic speaker and facilitator who keynotes, leads workshops and coaches leaders and organizations to discover, articulate and live their why. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and daughter. .
Show Notes

In your career have you had any experiences of feeling unmotivated, uninspired, unfulfilled, disengaged? Well in this week’s episode of the Entrepreneurial You Podcast, Stephen Shedletzky from Simon Sinek shares how discovering your why will lead to a more fulfilling life. .
He describes our why as:
●  Our purpose, cause or belief. .
● Whether as an individual or an organization, the reason we exist and that each and every one of us has one. .
● Based on who we are. It's our origin story so it's those times in our lives from our earliest memory as a child up until the instances of times where we've been at our best and even the times where we've been most challenged. And in sharing those stories, those peak and valley stories, themes emerge and that is your why, that is your purpose.
Also he shares that the two ingredients of our why, or a just cause, are contribution and impact. .
Contribution is the thing that we do, it's our top strength. It's the thing that we are world class at. .
Our impact is what we care about creating. It is what we feel every human being deserves to experience and it is something we want for ourselves and everyone around us. Our impact is not something we could never achieve, it's an aim which is why our why is infinite. .
Check links in bio to access podcast. #podcast #starywithwhy


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