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Hendrik Schmidt  ♌️21 y.o. 👊🏻Founder @official_mindovermatter. ➡️10%Off Code "MindsetOfHendrik" 👕Textile Manufacturer 🍔Owner @zurmaerchenstrasse 🏡Real Estate Hustler


High cliffs and lonely beaches..#AdventureMode ❤️ Day 2 of my adventure trip in #portugal . Step into that bus. Either you get lost..or you'll experience a sunset you won't forget .. this Time i got lucky 🙏🏽 🌅 #mindovermatterfamily #kassel #entrepreneur #hustler

Yo..I'm back #hustling ..my intern did a great job taking care of the @official_mindovermatter orders and my warehousing business while I was out of the country..today a big delivery from Pakistan came..new track suits that I produced for a client and for whom I'm doing the fulfilment service for..so I drove to the warehouse and supported the packing and shipping.. 2k18 will be a crazy ride. I'm ready. #hustler #entrepreneur #kassel #mindovermatterfamily

I honestly had no idea in which train or bus I got in that day..but I got off where it was the most beautiful... #AdventureMode ❤️ #Lisbon #kassel #entrepreneur #mindovermatterfamily #travel

Will miss you little bro 😔🐶 #AdventureDog Met this guy a couple sunsets ago at the beach ..wild and free. He reminded me about the freedom that I possess..and the mental prison I sometimes keep myself locked in.. I've worked so hard to be able to work from whatever place in the world. I love what I do..so this year I'll have to learn to allow myself more peace of mind..the last years have been ridiculous..that's actually my goal for 2k18.. #mindovermatterfamily #Buddhism #entrepreneur #hustler #kassel #saomiguel

Your mind finds freedom once you've realized that your external circumstances do only have power when inner voice gives it to them.. #Paradise I find stillness and creativity. I find that deep passion and love for creating itself back. I am so grateful for deciding to go to that island to start 2018..i am so looking forward to make all my visions for this year become a reality..Detoxed. Refreshed. Grateful..and mentally strong. #Awaken #saomiguel #kassel #mindovermatterfamily #hustler

Dare the untraveled paths and let them lead you to the most beautiful destinations...#Dare Hiking through the azorean woods frees me from my headaches. I know that I'm in charge...again. I know that nothing will take control over me anymore. I'm free. Starring at the waterfall..that blue water and the green and peaceful environment..it just gives me peace..and at the same time - lifts me up. Thank you #azores ..you're beautiful. I'm so grateful. #mindovermatterfamily #kassel #entrepreneur #saomiguel #hustler #pontadelgada

Met this little brother at the beach last night..he showed me the best spot for the sunset 🐶🐶 #Freedom ..God I am so grateful to make an experience like this. This island is one of a kind. I truly enjoy every second of this trip.. Yesterday i did a hike to a mountain peak apart the touristic attractions..nobody followed me, I was completely alone. Free. Just sat on top of the mountain..with a view all over the island..and i felt - just like i sat in the rocks at the beach for the sunset - that nearly all of the stuff we break our heads for does not matter. It matters to be. To live this one life we're blessed with according to our own standards. #CreateYourOwnReality #mindovermatterfamily #hustler #entrepreneur #kassel #saomiguel #pontadelgada

They say a farmer once fell in love with a princess. He asked for her hand in marriage, but the king declined and threw him out of the castle. They hugged before the moment they'd never see each other again and cried so much that their tears formed 2 lakes.. One blue out of the blue eyes of the farmer..and one green..out of the green eyes of the princess.... #Magical #Nature #Love #Freedom #kassel #mindovermatterfamily #entrepreneur

Going lost..to find myself. #Awakening made it to the island last night..got myself a car and went to the most untravelled paths..hiked the trail paco azul to its blue rivers and waterfalls.. this island has a magical vibe..god I am grateful to experience life like this... #Grateful #entrepreneur #hustler #kassel #mindovermatterfamily #saomiguel #pontadelgada

I've never been a beach person..until today #lonely I just go wherever I think I'll have a good vibe. I take busses without knowing where I really need to go. I meet people. I make friends. I experience. I just am. #LiveInTheMoment Watched the sunrise tonight at #magoito and right now I'm already in my hotel in #Lisbon . Tomorrow night my flight goes to another lonely island for some more hiking adventures.... it's so difficult for me to think about anything else than my work. I'm trying. But maybe I just don't want to. Or maybe I just need some more good hikes.. #nature #kassel #mindovermatterfamily #entrepreneur #hustler

Woke up like this...#Freedom Wanted to take a nap at 7pm for an hour so I can sit on my hotel balcony and enjoy this look while I get some work done but fell in coma for 13 hours.. But honestly Cascais doesn't have my vibe. It's a beautiful city but too crowded and fancy. I have no plan at all what I'm doing, so this morning I booked my next flight for tomorrow night and today I'll do some more hiking close to #Sintra ... I just wanna be free again. But you can travel to the end of the world..freedom starts in your mind. So I have to find myself again. #hustler #mindovermatterfamily #kassel #entrepreneur

I have no idea how I got here..but it's freaking beautiful. #AdventureMode After leaving the restaurant event at 2am and taking the first plane of 2018 at 6am to the west coast of Portugal 🇵🇹 I actually wanted to store my stuff in the airbnb I rented yesterday before the Silvester party of @zurmaerchenstrasse .. but after getting off the bus 3 stations too late I've found myself here!! Cabo da roca - The most western part of Europe. After hiking to some lonely cliffs I just sat on a stone and reflected on how ridiculous the last 6 months have been...and how much I've missed this feeling of freedom I've been working on for so long.....right now i just hopped off the next bus which brought me to where I wanted to be tomorrow....#Cascais lets see how beautiful your waterfalls are 🙏🏽❤️ #distance #hustler adventure #kassel #mindovermatterfamily #entrepreneur

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