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It’s cool I have my trusty steed John the dragon to get me around. Might need a saddle though. Chaffing is next level.

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F I R E F R I E N D S• in need. Please come if you need supplies, clothes, a hug , a conversation...I know how hard it can be to receive. I would rather give all day long than take. But now it’s your time - @onelovemalibu is here for you💕

The light shines on all these boys. There could have been so much more sadness without them @timmykeenan @mattseashols @erichaskell @ryanbendavis @djsendit @liamhemsworth

Feeling lucky that our house survived and we only lost the garage. But a lot of others lost everything and my heart goes out to all of them. Most of all I feel very lucky to be part of this incredible community. The selflessness of everyone who lives here and have lost their homes brings me to tears. The tired, smiling familiar faces of our friends who are still putting out smoldering fires makes me so grateful to call them my friends. Thank you to all the people donating their time and food and supplies. There’s a long road ahead for the Malibu community but I’ll be there to give back to everyone who needs it. Thanks @ryanbendavis for ferrying people back and forth, fighting every piece of smoke you saw and being a constant source of hilarity and for wearing your wetsuit for 3 days! Thanks also @mattseashols @timmykeenan @erichaskell @djsendit for getting in and fighting for all our properties. Also @merkin69 Ted for the never ending hospitality and love and food!. You guys are all legends and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship. Anything u guys need, you got it.

Thanks world for all the birthday love! Pretty rad.
Had a great day! 2 surfs, 2 drinks, two meals and too much apple pie cake. Gnight. Peace #bluedog

The great pippi migration of early morn

Her spidey-sense is tingling

The house began to twitch. The wind to switch. And suddenly the hinges started to un-hitch. Just then the Witch, to satisfy an itch. Went flying on her broomstick thumbing for a hitch.

When I look at the waves I like to lean on the best @bmw I can find. It also gets me there in record times. Yiiieeww cheers! #bmw

Ok. You told me you could sort the dye packs from the regular cash?. #bluedog

Shades of pink. @splussurfboards #ilovepink

Honored to part of the legacy and to show off a little of our beautiful country. Get down under! #seeaustralia @australia #dundeemovie g’day mates!! Directed by @sarahebishop

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