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Hemlock Eitur  👽🌸 ::PNW-based entertainer and artist::

You‘ve only got 2 chances to catch me before I leave town for a little while. I‘ll be at Lucky Devil this evening, and Devils Point on Tuesday evening.

Booking shoots for Boston/Providence July 19-23. Message me if you’re interested.
I also have about one week before I go, so come out and see me while you’re able.
You can find me tonight at Lucky Devil 9-2:30.


I love my job very much, and wouldn’t trade it for any other. That being said, it’s got its downfalls.
It’s really difficult work, both physically and mentally demanding. Strippers are people. We have boundaries that deserve respect. We have feelings that can be hurt.
We’re not impervious to pain.
I don’t understand why it is so difficult for some people to be kind. You’re not entitled to anything because you’ve tipped us, besides a good show. Would you grab your barista’s breast without asking? Would you tell her she was stupid or fat or ugly? No.
We’re no different. Show respect to everyone, regardless of their job title. We’re all out here trying to survive in this wack ass world. Be nice, it ain’t hard. /End disjointed rant/

My schedule this week is as follows~
Tomorrow (Thursday) at LD 4-9
Saturday at DP 9-2:30
Sunday at LD 9-2:30

I’m back from Europe and ready to entertain you! Find me at Devils Point tomorrow night (Saturday), and Lucky Devil on Sunday night.

Philly 2017

Find me at @luckydevillounge tonight before I leave for Germany 🦋


My work week starts tonight💦 come check out these cheeks sans sand!
I‘ll be at Devils Point tonight 9-2:30
Devils Point Saturday 9-2:30
Lucky Devil Sunday 9-2:30
Lucky Devil Monday 4-9
After that I‘ll be Europe bound. Don’t miss out.
Photo by @unholyvirtuoso_

Be sure to catch me this week before I leave for Germany! I‘m working tonight at @luckydevillounge , i‘ll post my schedule for the coming week tomorrow. 🌿

Starting my work weekend off tonight at @devilspointpdx 🌹
Don’t miss out.

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