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Heather Olson 

Well, where else would you put your scarf when you take it off for the day?

My lovely and wonderful sister, @heykatielee has done it again! She's made a course so helpful and impactful and, let's face it....NEEDED for most people today. Check it out! breakfreefrombusy.com

The face of a dog who so badly wants to nap in this sunshine but is too hot to sleep. #PartCat

Alert! Bob Ross is on Netflix. I repeat, Bob Ross is on Netflix. This is not a drill, people! #happytrees #bobross

Goofy faced Bentley and his humans wish you all a Happy Festivus! #latergram #festivus #igotalotofproblemswithyoupeople

I did a thing last month. Derek asked why I hadn't tweeted it to the facestagram yet. Well, because 2016 has been really hard and sometimes I don't feel like sharing things when things are hard...I ran 60.1 miles in November. It's my highest mileage in a month ever. By a long shot. A completely accidental and hilarious goal that I'm surprisingly really proud of. So, yeah. I did a thing. #christmascardreject #facesof2016 #DontAskAboutDecember #ShoveIt2016 #ShareTheGood

Baby smell. Baby snuggles. Baby toes. This is the good part, you guys. #Love #NewNephews #SleepGrunts #OhMyHeart

Loving this new necklace and top from @christalandmarkboutique

Catching up on SNL. I'm about 5 weeks behind and I really want to laugh but now this is just sad. Flashing back to simpler times. When bangs were high, politicians weren't terrifying and glasses covered half our faces. What? Was that just me?

In Minnesota, when farmers have finished harvesting crops and digging the dirt, they spread manure on the fields for fertilizer. In Minnesota, it's often windy in the fall. #RunUpwind #Fragrant #Oops #Duh

And breaking the tie of nieces to nephews....Chase! Welcome to the world, little dude! #LuckyNumber13