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Helsinki Script  "If it ain't in the script, it ain't in the series." 🎥🖋 Screenwriting Seminar 1.9.2017 at Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, Finland. Welcome!

Gábor Krigler from HBO Europe is the man who wanted to make the Finnish series Easy Living ('Helppo elämä') into a Hungarian remake. "The plot and the characters of the original struck me as something unique. There's also something similar in the Finnish and Hungarian mindsets. The biggest difference is that the Hungarian mentality is very pessimistic compared to the Nordic countries that are much happier and optimistic. The series is massively popular in Hungary. The Hungarian audience and press love it. We're currently shooting the third season." #helsinkiscript #easyliving #helppoelämä @moskitotelevision @hbo.europe

"It was my second time here and I enjoyed the event. Especially the Norwegian series 'Nobel' left an impact on me. I have to see it! It was important to hear the writer say: 'there has to be hope in the end'. Also it's so important to think about your main character very carefully." ⚡️ Elina Pohjola, producer #helsinkiscript

"We had a four-hour workshop with Finnish tv-commissioners and writers, and four hours wasn't enough. The age-old question of how to pay the writers well enough so that they don't have to work on 3 different series at once but can concentrate on one at a time, came out again in the discussions we had. How to protect the writer whose work comes first, before anything else is made? I actually think there will be a change for the better, from the writers' point of view. There's more and more commissioners and new platforms so the volume is rising. Soon there will be a competition of good writers." ⚡️ Sami Keski-Vähälä, Screenwriter #helsinkiscript @samikeskivahala

"I think we need these kind of events in Finland. They're like a breathe of fresh air. I found a lot of the sessions today really interesting. I'm also glad to see that after the Nordic Noir period we are also interested in ordinary people. It doesn't have to be so cold all the time. The series I wrote, Welcome to Texas, ('Aallonmurtaja') is realistic, not a police series. It tells the story of criminals, real people. While doing the research we were interested in the everyday things and details. One criminal we interviewed turned out to be on a low-carbon diet. It just shows how they are humans like everyone." ⚡️ Miira Karhula, writer of Welcome to Texas ('Aallonmurtaja') 🌊 #aallonmurtaja #cmore #helsinkiscript @miirakarhula

The after party is on 🥂 #helsinkiscript

What a great day, great discussion on screenwriting. See you next year! #helsinkiscript

Liselott Forsman, Josefine Pettersen, Mette M. Bølstad, Jed Mercurio and Minna Panjanen discussing the future of series. ✒️🎥 #helsinkiscript #skamnoora

Screenwriter and showrunner Jed Mercurio is not afraid of killing his characters in his series. #bodies #jedmercurio #lineofduty #helsinkiscript

Finnish Screenwriter Miira Karhula loves research: "You have to go out and meet people. You can't google the details." Together on stage with screenwriter Gjermund Eriksen and executive producer Vegard Eriksen. #helsinkiscript #aallonmurtaja #mammon

#helsinkiscript is on! 👬👫👭👬👫

What's the next Nordic Noir? Katrina Vogelsond from DR, Lars Blomgren from Filmlance, Anna Croneman from SVT and Tone Rønning from NRK talk about the future of Nordic drama. #helsinkiscript #svt #nrk #dr #broen #silta #nordicnoir

Noora! 😍 Actress Josefine Pettersen talking about playing the character Noora in Norwegian series Skam. "Noora talks more like the real me in the final season than in the first." @josefinfrid @noora_skam #helsinkiscript #helsinkiscript2017 #noora #skamnoora #skam

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