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helena sarah // 20  pale being; creature of the night; warrior princess 🎶alto/mezzo singing at royal birmingham conservatoire and with nycgb/nyccgb🎶

italians are widely regarded as some of the most stylish people

pictured : me wondering how the hell teddy is doing that thing with his bod

la cathédrale est trés grande

if u don't know of this lady plz go educate urself! she makes all the güd music sounds and is also a v lovely human, feel ridiculously privalged have performed her amazing #fivetelegrams twice now after low key being a fan for sometime ✨go listen! support female composers not just the dead white men!!

in today's edition of helena tries to do all of the things : a free morning is spent seeing a show a friend is in, having a meal with said lovely friend and bumping into the equally lovely @iambing. i think i like the fringe.

she thicc

back from whence i came

we stan a company that not only makes bikinis that simply fit my body, but ones that also SUIT IT and are modelled by people WHO HAVE BODIES LIKE MINE. revolutionary. (@asos love u b) (oops u can see my tummy) (oops i don't care)

as IF me nd this lovely lady are about to see the lion king, literally been my dream since i was a wee bairn ahh!!!

still can't quite believe i'm performing in the first night of the proms tonight in this beautiful building! we shall be live on bbc 2 at 8:30pm, please tune in for some gorgeous music and stunning visuals 🎶💖

leaving locks for the last time is extremely bittersweet. as excited as i am to live in my own house and have so much more freedom, i've loved living in this crappy little building - not least because here i am surrounded by my wonderful, beautiful friends. i was terrified of coming to uni, largely because i was sure i would struggle to make friends. i was shy and awkward and surely destined to be forever alone. but here we are a year later and the myers briggs test tells me i'm an extrovert, a word i was sure i would never identify with. music is a funny thing. if you and someone else share a level of understanding of it, then you kind of already understand each other. i think because of this i truly found my people here in birmingham. i could not be more grateful for the gorgeous, dazzling souls that have wandered into my life this year. for the first time in my life, i truly feel i fit in and i truly feel accepted. to my amazing friends : i love you, and i will have a hole in my heart being apart from you for so long. thankyou for helping me be a version of me i kind of actually like 💖
( extra special shout out to @evorgloowyddet - you're the best friend i always dreamed of having )

brum u pwetty. luv ya x

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