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We at Help One Now know that in order to be able to collaborate well as a team, there needs to be leadership coming from all members of the team and not just from the top of the hierarchy. Collaboration and org-wide leadership are important to the overall success of a team. #leadership #collaboration #togetherwebuild

"Access to education is critical. Nelson Mandela stated in his 2003 speech, 'Lighting your Way to a Better Future,' that 'education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.'
I believe that to be true. An educated society will create a better future, a future that matters to all of us as we live in a global, interconnected world. - @chrismarlow // #DoingGoodisSimple

"Most of our friends around the world don't need a lot; heck, they do not want a lot. They do not care about all of the things that we in the West strive so hard to obtain. What they do need are the basics: clean water, nutritious meals, access to health care, and the time and opportunity to do life with family and friends.
When these basic needs are not met, a vicious cycle tends to take place. Desperation causes people t do bad things in order to survive. And this is why it's vital that everyone be involved in poverty alleviation, because when we help people live a good life, they tend to enjoy life and not cause destruction locally and globally." - @chrismarlow // #DoingGoodisSimple

"...Let me juxtapose our heartache with some of the communities in which we serve, which have anywhere from a 40% to an 80% unemployment rate.
Most people in these countries survive in what is known as the informal economy. They work ten to twelve hours with one goal in mind: making enough money to buy food to feed their families at night. Just having food qualifies as a very successful day for billions of people in extreme poverty." - @chrismarlow // #DoingGoodisSimple

"Every human wants a home, a place to belong, a place to call their own. I do not mean just a structure; I mean a real home, a place of physical, and more importantly, emotional security. The world is filled with such chaos and confusion, and we're all busy and just need a place to sabbath, a place to recollect our thoughts, a place to laugh, eat good food, and spend time with our loved ones and community." - @chrismarlow - // #DoingGoodisSimple

"We all want to chase an opportunity that might improve our lives and add meaning to our souls. The west is driven by this concept; we are dream chasers and risk takers. We strive to live the life we dream of, hope for, and desire.
So does the developing world. They're hungry for opportunity to improve their lives, care for their families, and transform their communities." @chrismarlow // #DoingGoodisSimple


Thank you friends for praying alongside us and our Haitian family. Our hearts have been broken by the unrest of the last few days, but our hearts rejoice that the situation is on the mend. Protests have subsided and many of the streets have been cleared. Full recovery will take some time, but most businesses are opening up and daily life is resuming. We are so thankful that it did not escalate any further, and that all of our leaders and their communities were safe throughout the protests. Thank you again for praying with us and standing alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters!

"When we lose purpose, we tend to focus on ourselves; this is when idols take hold. We drift toward a life of comfort, a life centered on our needs, wants, and desires. A purposeless life usually leads to a life that is not well lived" - @chrismarlow //#DoingGoodisSimple

Friends - many of you have heard of the protests in Haiti the last couple days and we wanted to give you an update. The government recently increased the cost of fuel, as a part of a regularly scheduled increase. With the average Haitian already struggling to make ends meet each day, even the slightest increase can disrupt the norm that most survive on. Many took to the streets to protest this increase, and the protests quickly escalated. Most of the protests were relegated to road blocks and burning tires, but the situation was worse in some areas. The prime minister came forward yesterday and reversed the increase in hopes of calming the situation. The protests have since died down and the situation is currently better, but the future is uncertain. We have been in communication with all of our leaders, and they have informed us that all of the kids and communities in which they serve are currently safe and in no imminent danger.
We ask that you join us in prayer with our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Pray for peace and resolution. Pray for open hearts in the government and eyes to see the needs of their people. We will be continually checking in with our leaders and will relay updates to all of you as the situation becomes more clear.

"In my Father’s house
There’s a place for me
I’m a child of God
Yes I am" - Hillsong Worship

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