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Meet @gracieslook! I'm so inspired by her story! She's lost almost 50lbs in 3 months. Amazing! Follow her for more on her journey! @gracieslook @gracieslook
"This is me in all my stages. We all have a story, and my story is that I wasn't overweight my whole life. I've been debating whether or not to share this post because it was honestly so hard to see a comparison of my lowest to highest weights. For so long I was embarrassed of my weight gain, of how almost unrecognizable my reflection became. But you know what, I'm not ashamed anymore. I went through a lot to gain over a hundred pounds in a year, and I don't blame myself anymore. I don't shame myself anymore. Because I have learned some really hard lessons, and those lessons made me stronger. Those lessons unleashed a power and strength I never knew I had. And now as I lose this 100lbs and get back to my smallest size, I will be stronger than the girl in the left picture. I will be her PLUS SO MUCH MORE.
There have been a lot of people in my life who laughed at me and looked down on me for gaining so much weight. But what they didn't realize is that the thing they laughed at me about is the VERY THING that is making me stronger now. We are powerful and they don't want us to realize our strength. Because the moment we realize it, we will be unstoppable and who will be the last one laughing?
This is me in all my stages, and I'm so proud of where I've been and where I'm going 💕"

Caption@aysanfetrati : At my biggest I was 255lbs, I’m down to 145lbs. Proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished. To everyone who is starting their weight loss journey, just don’t give up. The beginning of your journey is crucial. Tough it out and I promise you it’ll get easier and it will eventually come naturally to you. I’m no longer worried about not maintaining my weight or gaining after a night out or a week of overeating and giving into my cravings. Because I’m an expert when it comes to my body, I know what I need to do to get back on track. There are still many imperfections that came with the weight gain and a lot of them are here to stay but I’m finally comfortable in my skin and no one can take that away from me not even my own insecurities. ; @aysanfetrati

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@emfiitness - Stop saying you can't because you are the only thing stopping you! You can, you absolutely can. With the right mindset and tools, anything is possible.
I started this journey about two and half years ago and it's been a whirlwind/rollercoaster.
It won't always be easy, sometimes you fall off track, but don't make giving up an option and you'll be amazed what you accomplish.
Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday! I'm ready to climb back into bed 😴 .
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me when I grow up .
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Happy leg day at the beach 👏😍 super impressive! 💞 #energy #fitgirlvideos #strength #beachworkout #beautiful #wow @demibagby 💋

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@loving_lessofme_more - #transformationtuesday It’s only material. Fabric sewn together by a machine. But it’s such a great feeling to slip it on and zip it up... and feel beautiful ♥️
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