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A new version of HELO app is waiting for you!
With the official launch of HeloAppStore, a new official HELO app is available for your device, available for both Android and iOS.

This new version contains several bug fixes and a direct link to our HeloAppStore, where you can find apps and plugins for your HELO device.

Available on the Play Store and App Store, HELO app is available in a unique version for all markets.

Download it to start your experience with the WOR(l)D movement and don’t forget to visit HeloAppStore if you need more power for your amazing HELO wellness band.

Welcome to the wellness revolution.😊👌

Say hello to the new HELO App Store!
With the successful launch of HELO LX, now it’s time for even more great news.
WOR(l)D is proud to announce the opening of a new website, www.heloappstore.com

HELO App Store is a marketplace managed by third party partners, where every user can find additional apps for HELO Devices, created and developed by external developers thanks to HELO LX’s openAPI protocol.

Subdivided into categories, you can browse and download apps that better fit you and your HELO’s needs.

Discover new and exciting features and new applications for your HELO on heloappstore.com

Each app has its own page where you can find descriptions, requirements, and all the details you need for a correct installation on your device, including the link for the App Store and Play store, if any.

What are you waiting for? Download them now! 😃

Make a decision.

Take action.

Create what your future holds!
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Love it - Never be so blind or closed to opportunity,
ALWAYS keep your options open!
You never know what is about waiting for you if you just keep your options OPEN!😊

Why would Toshiba as a $50B US company partner with World? Why was the first thing Toshiba demonstrated at CES 2017 in Jan The HELO? That is some big time validation. Being traded on the NASDAQ and distributing via MLM / social rather than leveraging traditional distribution / retail speaks volumes about where World and the retail world is going. I believe our story is strong -
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Wor(I)d Changers
I'm looking to connect with people with an open mind🤔🤔Do you recognise a phenomenal opportunity when you see it ?
Wow ! l am in the best company in the world - distributing an amazing wristband device called the HELO that practically sells itself - it was designed by Antonio De Rosa - the man that designed the Smartwatch and iphone 6 and 7.
l have no deliveries, returns,parties etc. My customers order online and the product is delivered to their door.
Sales are massive in the US - it was recently launched around the world.
The company is amazing - great team trainings,we have our own websites,free products,Car bonus, holidays / trips.Our UK leaders have reached ranks already since starting in November 2016 - its the fastest growing company ever.
HELO was featured on Fox news and shows throughout the US and my company also trades on Nasdaq where our stocks are rising continually.
So many peoples lives are being changed - l cant believe my luck !
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it is hard to find business partners who are selfless but we are lucky to find this in all of you guys. We truly appreciate your time, effort and commitments towards the team. We thank you for times you guys travelled to london to meet us and welcome us to the family, the late webinars you guys held for us and long phone calls. It has been an amazing journey so far and we just got started.
Congratulations ☺🚀

Congratulations to the amazing Peter Webb !
Achieving Double President in a matter of weeks - yes WEEKS!!
This normally takes years to achieve in this industry!
But not with this 5* Company 5* product 5* team 5* community 5*training!! Impacting, saving and enhancing lives daily!
Thank you so much for all you do for everyone in the community Peter! This is only the beginning and I can only imagine where we will all be at this next year!
It will be one wonderful year that's for sure!
I have never seen anything like this in my 25 years of this industry!
This is stunning the world of NM, all eyes are on us!

Great reminder from the best source...💖
"Successful people make a decision quickly and take action, they also don't look for guarantees, unsuccessful people take for ever to make a decision and change their minds frequently, based on opinions of others who don't even have what they want and who wouldn't even be willing to assist them and yet they listen to the uninformed and want everything presented on a plate before they are willing to take action .
By the way, I'm just referring to success, I am not referring to the industry I'm in .
It's just a fact of life, there are the doers and their are the talkers .
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Time to make a decision, take action and make a change 😊
" If you've been watching and intrigued to hear first hand all about Wor(i)d Global Network and what really is open to you from an entrepreneurs perspective , then join one of the up coming calls throughout today Monday 27th at a time of your choice and get back with the person who invited you to listen in "
Then again @ 4pm, 6pm , 8pm, 10pm & 12am
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Helo Health Monitoring Devices - Remote health monitoring System Helo wristband World Global Network
Helo state of the art health monitoring devices coming soon. A Real-Time remote health monitoring and disease prediction now within reach. Health monitoring of your parents and children is made easy by Helo health monitoring systems, by sending periodic reports.
Helo from World Global Network is a wristband that can be worn 24/7, recording emotions, fatigue, sleep quality, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate and ECG.
Unlike the common wristbands, World Global Network Helo is not limited to monitor and report physical data, but it has active sensors and stones that influence directly the human body,

The continuous monitoring of Helo will be for you a discrete friend in your life. But also an useful companion if you are in trouble. With the Panic Button you can automatically call your loved ones to signal you have a problem, sending also automatically your GPS position.
With Helo wrist bands you can keep track of the vitals and major health parameters of your loved ones and be warned if some value is not in the correct range.
Helo doesn’t forget anything about your health. Even if you are at home, resting and relaxing, Helo gives you all the info about your body status.
We know that the modern lifestyle puts us in contact with many positive ions generated by smart phones, computers, electronic devices, UV rays and more: an excess of positive ions in the body causes muscle stiffening, decreases the metabolic cycle, accelerates aging, making us more susceptible to diseases.

The Ipo-Allergenic Silicon band of Help, hosts some Titanium plates with Pure Germanium stones at 99,99% and Himalayan Salt. The use of these minerals have proven effects on the body of the people, as reported by numerous research.
Helo health monitoring devices stand apart from others in quality and innovation.
☝Click the link in my profile for more info on purchasing the product and joining the team as a Wor(l)d member.☺ #health #device #wrist #band #healthdevicewristband #heloworld

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