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Miliye iss Kainat ki SALTANAT se , A character that instantly made me fall in love with her and a challenging story that caught my attention because of its uniqueness ... Can’t wait for u’ll to watch it bcoz there’s more to it that is yet to unfold ... 🌈❤️💫🧚‍♀️

Inn jhuki nazaron ke tasavvur se maine apni SALTANAT banai hai ❤️💫
Caption credit - meri @zaarakhanz 🥰


While waiting for my shot , just thought of doing some cool-hairoil/shampoo-conditioner ad 😆🤪🤣

कहने को तो बहुत कुछ है 🌈✨

Unreasonable PASSION 💫🌟✨


We went to shoot, made this FUN video , had our lunch and came back home without shooting 😆😂 Thank u @zaarakhanz for accompanying me in this crazyness ...🤪🥳
Also thanx , The most pathetic videographer @shikhar_08jaiswal 🤐
#likeapp #KatiJeher #touchmagic #ad

Lets pose with the Shawl , my Saviour throughout in Jaipur and delhi ki thandi during shoot✌🏻ok wait , actually this was just to hide my look 🤭

Saare PAGAL ek saath 🤓🔥

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