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Ewelina Horoszkiewicz  📸 Model & Musician 🎙️🎻🎸🎹 Also husky lover 🐺 @watchmegoogle ❤️ Veganism ~ Cause I care ❤️ Rest in peace my love 🐺❤️ Uppsala, Sweden

Maybe this will make you rethink your choices in everyday meals. We all do have responsibilities towards this planet...! And sorting our trash or having a electrical vehicle won't help even 1/10 as stopping consuming meat. We have to think of the bigger picture. We have to start with the largest problem, cause facts show that not even the entire transportation emission of green house gasses has as big emission of greenhouse gas as meat and diary industry...
The methane gas from lifestock is whole 86 TIMES more destructive than carbon dioxide from vehicles. It's just a fact and it's real.. So common, do you really need that beef so bad?... Take some responsibility folks.

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@Regrann from @vegantruth - One of my favorite parts of the movie 👌

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Nothing about our current agricultural system is sustainable. We are running out of topsoil, land, and water. Livestock consume 1/3 of the world's fresh water and 1/2 of the world's grain harvest, yet 40% of the world's human population doesn't have adequate access to fresh drinking water for at least 4 months of the year and close to 1 billion people are starving, millions of which die of hunger every year.
With a growing population that is 5 times larger than just one century ago, we can't maintain old wasteful habits. The only hope for a sustainable future is a global shift to plantbased nutrition.
This is an excerpt from Cowspiracy, The Sustainability Secret - watch it on #Netflix or ITunes. @cowspiracy
Sources: www.cowspiracy.com/facts
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Not everyone here knows but in 2 weeks I am going to Poland for vacation but also to adopt this wonderful creature. He has had a really rough start in life and many people have abandoned him but now it stops. He's story broke my heart as soon as I heard it and I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him.
So... For those who don't know: I have been a wreck since September - just getting through life without any excitement or bigger will to live, just pushing through for the ones I love and the ones that need me. This because I had to let go of my beloved Leyla which has been the one I loved the most in this world. The one that I would do absolutely anything for but there was nothing I could do...
I have dropped about 12kg in 4 months and went from kind of normal weight to bad anorexia... It is hard to live with a big hole inside of me, which I know no one will ever fill..but I am managing somehow.
Lately I realized that my life just doesn't feel like me since letting Leyla go and not until now did I have something to look forward to in my life.. After visiting Thailand and meeting all their stray dogs & getting close to them, I realized that I really do need a dog for my life to be "complete". I realized that I am ready for a new friend to love and that I really need and want it too.
I know that he will never replace Leyla and I for sure don't want that. But I think he will help me go on to a new chapter in my life (which I have some difficulties with...).
This lovely creature will be a new family member to share my memories with, both sad and happy. A new family member to give love to. A new start for both his and my life. ❤️
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Poor little chicks 😭 horrible to live through this or die this way😭
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@Regrann from @shesscarlett - Rescue mission.
A truck with more than 100,000 day old chicks crashed on its way from a hatchery to a farm in Australia.
Chicks were left on the road to suffer.
The local council that came to 'clean up' decided to bury any remaining chicks alive with a bulldozer. Concerned citizens worked for hours to try and save the surviving babies.
When we stop forcibly breeding and eating innocent animals and their products, we stop things like this.
When we stop abusing our power and other species, the world will be a kinder place. Choosing to go vegan will forever be my stance against animal cruelty. The power to change the world is within all of us 🌱
video from FB - Vegan ACT
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Åh vad skönt att bli kliad under hakan, det tyckte han verkligen om idag. Kära Lambo ❤️ han är så saknad min älskade "plutt" ☹️ För dem som inte vet så är han kvar i Östergötland.. Tur att jag har förhoppningar om att flytta tillbaka till trakterna om några år! #horse #beautyful #lamborghini #misshim #pinto #pintohorse

Still true.. Sad huh?
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Still one of my favorites... Thoughts?

For whole post go to @vegainstrength

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If you think Paleo makes sense, I feel you. This primal, nature caveman feeling can seems sometimes worth thriving for in our fast pace, technology driven world. But why pick the Paleolithic period where we ate the most unhealthy in order to survive? Because it gives you an excuse to eat bacon and feel good about yourself. But don’t be fooled and wait for your first heart attack but rather live like we did over 20 million of years, like the great apes who ate 95% plant-based. And also enjoy the benefits of an unnatural world we are living in like our fellow great apes got all the B12 they needed eating bugs, dirt, and feces, but I prefer supplement.
And no I didn’t photoshop my traps, they are a really good developed muscle of mine and I flexed them really hard 😜
💡Vegan Nutrition Guide IS NOW AVAILABLE: vegainstrength.de (link in bio @vegainstrength)
📹YouTube: Vegains & Vegains DE
🥞Food Channel: @vegainsfood

Har börjat trivas i det korta håret nu på riktigt 👌 har trots allt väntat med att klippa av mig det i flera flera år...
Klipper lite hela tiden och är sugen på att klippa ännu kortare 😍 #nyttberoende
Nu har ca 30cm rykt totalt sen en månad tillbaka!
Skål till förändringar 👌 #hair #shorthair #loveit #model #alternativemodel #vegan

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ENOUGH with the bullshit.
We have all been lied to about the necessity of us eating animals and their secretions. But now majority of us know better.
From the MOMENT you are exposed to the truth and to the unnecessary suffering but you refuse to take responsibility and start making changes, is the moment you decide you prefer to live in this big fat lie.
A lie that costs lives, it may even cost your own, it leaves a majorly toxic footprint on this planet and it keeps your mind and your soul surrounded by this unhealthy dark cloud of deceit, suffering and inauthenticity that you can easily get yourself out of.
You eat animals? You EAT their suffering anxiety fear and DEATH.
You speak of peace love and serenity? While carrying death in your stomach and your energy? Try again.
I believe that all the happy animals that joyfully threw themselves into the knife of the butcher, for YOU, might agree a little bit with the above words.
Is murder justifiable if the life of the victim was less torturous? Think again. Stop lying to yourself. You can choose to accept the truth, take responsibility. You can choose KINDNESS

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Tidningen Metro skriver om de bilder och filmer från den svenska kycklingindustrin som vi släppte igår.

Vi kan inte fortsätta behandla djur så här - det är dags för förändring! 🐥

Vill du se våra bilder från svensk kycklingindustri, besök länken i vår profil: @djurensratt
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Den här mannen. Den här mannen är det bästa jag vet. Är så otroligt glad över att du vandrar på denna jord och gör mitt liv konstigare, roligare och sist men verkligen inte minst, så jäkla meningsfullt på så många plan. You're the best and there are no words that are enough.
Grattis på födelsedagen Tonkow ❤️ #truenature #happybirthdaymymango #loveyou

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