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Jag är så så så dålig på att lägga upp saker här numera så här får ni en repost ist med blommkrans av riktiga blommor som @mariasvennbeck har både skapat och odlat!! #Repost @mariasvennbeck foto taget av @peterullis
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Vid den här tiden för 365 dagar har jag fått vara med om den största förlusten i mitt liv. Min älskade Leyla fick somna in på djursjukhuset i Uppsala. Jag känner inte mig mer hel trots att tiden går, snarare känns hela livet så mycket tuffare.
Jag har endast lyckats acceptera att livet inte varar för evigt. Jag har börjat lägga mycket större värde på individer i mitt liv, för man vet aldrig när de försvinner. Jag har lärt mig hur man slutar gråta, hur man skiftar fokus till annat för att stå ut, hur man med tiden ser att man måste börja ignorera sorgen för den äter upp mig inifrån. Hur jag istället ska finnas för dem som är här.
Jag älskade denna individ så otroligt mycket. Mest av allt på denna planeten för att vara exakt och om hon kunde höra mig skulle jag bara vilja säga att... "Livet är så mycket gråare utan dig min bästa vän. Jag saknar dig något så otroligt mycket och önskar att du kunde ha stannat med mig livet ut. Allt hade varit så mycket lättare om du var vid min sida.
Du har varit min tröst och min livlina, min familj och bästa vän oräknebart många gånger. Jag hoppas att du har det bra var du nu än är och kanske ses vi igen i ett annat liv, vem vet... Jag kommer aldrig att glömma dig och jag kommer alltid att älska dig." ❤️ Rest in peace my love ❤️

Earlier today @ dog-park. Who are you to decide if I can or can not lay down on this table? #loveofmine #husky #siberianhusky #ilovemydog #adoptdontshop #govegan

Just hanging with my homie ❤️ love this dude soooo much! #husky #siberianhusky #soulmate #iceblueeyes #adoptdontshop #ilovemydog #vegan #govegan

Post III
...When I turned 20 I started to think more and more about all the animals in the industries. Both those that I've seen with my own eyes and those I saw on internet. I realized that those animals aren't so different from my doggo, which I by then found equal with humans (if not even better...). I discovered Yulin meat festival (festival where you kill and eat dog-meat) and realized how we torture pigs, chicks, minks and so many other animals as they do to dogs. I realized that what we do to them here is as bad as what other countries do to animals we call pets. I realized that all lives matter. All animals have feelings and I bet that none of them would say: "Yes, sure, go ahead and kill me and also, eat my body." I think that all animals would protest with words and even guns if they could... Then a day came by where I stopped putting my taste buds before other individuals lives, or so I thought when I became lacto-ovo vegetarian.
It didn't take long until I got to know that 60% of cows tortured in the diary industries end up killed at age of 4 years, and guess what? That's not enough.. Their bodies are sold for meat.
Why? Cause the cows no longer provided with "enough" milk to make the best profit.
Then I did more research and found out how the egg industries are running things and I cried. For a long time I cried for how cruel we humans are. And how egoistic we are. We are source of so much death and pain. And we are the most intelligent on earth!!! So cruel is definitely what we are.
When Leyla died last year I went through hell, and the only thing keeping me from suicide was the promise I made myself, Leyla and to all the animals. I will do as much as I can through my life to change this world. To raise awareness. To spread the word, stop this cruelty and exploitation. I hope that some day all people will find animal-murder and torture as bad as human-murder and torture, cause that's what it is. Murder and torture, on living feeling individuals that haven't done anything wrong. Because it suites us, because it tastes good and it provides with money.
Sometimes I hate humans. The most intelligent but cruelest, by far, spices.
Over and out.

Post II
... Anyhow, in 2006 me and my mother moved to Sweden and we lived on a farm. A farm I mostly remember as pig farm (they did some harvesting too). So I kept growing up watching animals suffer. Pigs getting hit and "electrified" when being scared while getting loaded onto the trucks, sleeping on concrete very often in their own feces. Pigs getting killed, sometimes found dead in boxes, and always, always being afraid of us humans squeeking as soon they saw us. All those pictures will stay in my head for the rest of my life.
At the time I didn't know that it was torture, I did not question any of it. I thought that was how things were supposed to be since it was grown up people around me (a child) doing it all.
But, there was one thing I really didn't approve.
My mother didn't like all the fur huskies leave after themselves so Leyla (my dog) spent her first 7-8 years being not so welcome inside the house, mostly living outdoors. Poor thing. That's where I think my first thoughts of how unfair humans can be to animals came.
I moved far away from my parents when I was about to begin high school and soon after that I visited them and took Leyla with me.
It wasn't easy being a teenager with school, job, dog and ptsd/anxiety after my childhood but I really can't see me pulling through all that without her. So many times I wanted to end my life but she saved me. She made me fight and made my life worth living.
To be continued...
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Post I

So this will be a quite long post but I will try to keep it as short as I can.
I want to tell you (or actually started out as me just writing it down) my journey in growing as a person, becoming more kind and aware of the impact my choices have. More aware of how important it is to do right since some things cannot be undone. My journey in becoming vegan.
So when I was really really young, I fell deeply in love with horses (still am). I really wanted one but my family couldn't afford it. So through the years I had other animals while growing up, a dog (that I can't really remember cause I was so little), cats, hamsters, guinea pig, rabbits, chickens and so on... And my dream jobs were (as of many children) becoming vet & also a model (well I at least accomplished one haha) .
At some point, I was unstoppable pain in the ass for my mother (father lived most of the time when I was young in Sweden, and me and my mom didn't moved here until 2006 ) and wanted dog. So my parents gave in.
When I was 9 years old I bought a dog, a Siberian husky. My father always wanted one (ironically he didn't even spend half of the year with us until I was 11 and we moved, neither did we do any research on husky breed...). Anyhow, at that time I had no idea that she would help me through so much darkness, my teenage years, me moving from home at young age, all the heartbreaks and the most important, that she would be my closest family member, at times my only family. Never judging me, never yelling on me and never raising a paw on me.
I didn't know that she would saved me and my life. So how irresponsible it was of my parents of letting a 9 year old buy a dog, I am so grateful for it.
My brothers and I used to visit Sweden during the summers, and sometimes they worked extra at a nearby chicken farm. I followed with them couple of times, and saw for my self what kind of torture and horrible living conditions the chickens had. I was just a kid but when I reflect on it today, this visions still haunt my mind.

Apparently I can't have all text in one post so... To be continued post II

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Min älskade sommardejt ❤️ @mossbarn

No better love than the love for animals. Were here for the voiceless ❤️ #fotografiskapride #djurensrätt

Europride!!!! Kul att få sjunga U2, för övrigt är det första gången ever med karaoke för min del! #karaoke #swedaviapride #europride

Word!! #Repost @vegainstrength
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Tag someone who needs this and let me know if you agree with Miley’s statement 👇🏼💚
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Vissa dagar är tuffare än andra. Det här är en sådan dag. Har haft flera sådana dagar nu faktiskt. Detta beror på att jag inte riktigt klarar av värmen som vi har fått här i Sverige och lite annat också såklart men... 1-2 veckor av värme, utomlands, går bra men nu har jag totalt överhettats. Sen har jag fått massa bakslag känns det som.... Inget riktigt går som jag vill.
Han på bild tycker också det är skit jobbigt för det räcker inte med att jag är helt utslagen. Han är ju också det, och understimulerad. Ugh. Både jag och Sverige behöver regn och lite 20-graders värme ist för över 30.
Tur att man har denna rackare iaf, han får en att orka kämpa lite till.
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