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Happy Hand-Lettering & Design  ToshaSeeholzer💌hellotosha@gmail.com Design is my passion. My family is my ❤️. Lets be friends!👋 SHOP|hellotosha.com ✍🏼️SCRIPT LETTERING CLASS✨atly.com


One of my very favorite, love filled messages from one of my favorite people — Pres. Thomas S. Monson. His example and words of kindness, love and hope will be missed! ❤️ Do you have a favorite Thomas S. Monson quote? ✨#presmonson
I will be sharing more of my favorite quotes & the lettering in my stories the rest of the day? Week? We will see...I keep finding more words of his to love. 😊✨✍🏼❤️ Pen used - @tombowusa fudenosuke hard tip brush pen

•Not your typical GIVEAWAY•. You've already won ❤️
My sweet friend @kellyejensen reached out to me asking if we could create a special something — a gift just for you lovely people, to enjoy this holiday season and to know and hopefully feel, just how much you are appreciated, seen, and very much loved. ✨💞
Together we created a package of goodies to give you! It’s full of gift tags, 2 prints, coloring pages for your children, & in-line with what we’ve been doing to #lighttheworld, we’ve included “pay it forward” tags that you can give & share with those around you if you like - (the same cards we’ve been using all week in my IG stories, for our secret scavenger hunts 💓) ✨
And we want to GIVE it to you as a gift ❤️. All of you! No entry. No tagging. No waiting. Just go to my site linked in my profile & find the package that says one of our favorite quotes- “Be still and know.” Use the code IAMLOVED To download it & print it for yourself & your family.
So Merry Christmas, my sweet friends! 💝 Please enjoy this gift and as you use and hang and gift these things, I hope that you will take a second to be still & know that you are so loved & needed. No matter where you are - however far or wide you've traveled or however silent It seems the heavens have been. There is no where you can go that Christ’s unconditional love can’t find you. I hope you allow it to envelop you this season and all year long. ✨❤️#jensensloveyou

What to you do to stay present and find joy, in spite of life craziness? The holidays are my FAVE! The hectic + crazy part, not so much. Christmas has really snuck up on me this year and I haven't been on NEAR enough "look at the lights while drinking cocoa in pjs" drives! Today, after finally noticing the MANY gentle nudges being sent my way through friends, random posts, kindness from neighbors and quiet whispered reminders...I am doing it. I'm determined to enjoy more fully, my days and moments, even with all of the heart happy holiday hecticness! 😉🙈 It's been around for a while, but I love the Hygge mindset - to bring joy, by making an effort to slow down and be present, in order to create points of connection. Not to create the most epic day ever, but to create small pocket size moments to really connect with yourself, family, and those around you. 💞
An experience today reminded me just how powerful this mindset can be. It was one of "those" moments, the kiddos were stir crazy and getting on each others nerves, arguing, just making the biggest mess and the chaos was mounting! After trying and failing to be heard and bring things under control, a random impulse struck and instead of trying to be heard over them, I moved in close, sat down on the floor next to them, and began to whisper...it took a minute for the them to notice, but they eventually stopped and looked at me, trying to hear & understand what I was saying. Probably also trying to figure out what the heck I was doing! 😂 But the chaotic moment, gradually turned into a quiet, calm one. Hallelujah! ✨🙌🏼 I imagine this won't always work, every situation is different, but today it did! All 3 of us were huddled together on the floor, leaning in close, listening & whispering quietly for a few magical moments! ✨💓 Those quiet, whisper filled minutes of connection, turned frowns into smiles and completely altered the mood & vibe of the rest of play time.
This moment showed me that quiet can cut through the chaos and that sometimes -- a whisper is louder. ✨ Slowing down, even briefly, can connect us & ground us in the moments that make up our lives. ❤️ So share! What do you do to stay present & connected? 💞

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” ~Matthew 6:21 ✨
The other day, I decided to attempt some family pics with just my tripod and remote...you can see the remote in 90% of the pictures 🤓😆🤷🏻‍♀️, HOWEVER something magical happened! In almost every picture, I captured a rainbow! 😍 Glowy, light filled pictures make me so happy, so I will gladly welcome all the light, but I have no idea how this magic happened! ✨🌈💗 But I couldn’t love this picture and the souls in it, more! These people have my whole entire heart. 💖 They keep me grounded, give me clarity and the perspective I need to remember what really matters in this life. My most valuable treasures aren’t things — they are these little loves of mine, and the growth and experiences that have been found through trying (however imperfectly) to love and serve the best that I can. 💞✨ #lighttheworld

Just in case you need the reminder this morning or SOMEHOW forgot — you are amazing! You are awake & alive and have been gifted this day. YOU are a gift! Your smile lights up a room! You are brilliant and radiant and full of light! You are more valuable and impactful in the lives of others, than you will ever know. YOU are so much more than enough. Things may not always be perfect; but you are breathing and living and doing and trying, and that is pretty perfect. ✨ You carry within you, more magic than you realize...you need only to remember and uncover it.✨🔦💡🌟💫

“I was a stranger, and ye took me in.” ❤️ I just watched a little video clip that really touched my heart — I posted a link in my stories...or you can tap over to @saranoniblanket and watch a snippet in their feed. My favorite blanket always bringing the warmth - in all the ways. ✨💓 #lighttheworld

My heart is so happy reading all of the uplifting words being posted to #lighttheworld tonight. I love the peace I find in these moments. ✨ As I read so many awesome verses, one of my own favorites popped into my head... "I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you." ❤️ This time, these beloved lines popped up in my mind with a few extra quiet thoughts... it’s not only the moments of distress or uncertainty that we can be comforted and find peace, but also in the calm and restful ones too. He is ALWAYS there to offer peace and comfort. There isn’t an all time low moment requirement for us to receive this comfort, or an “all-full” or limit to the peace available to us. ✨💗 I love when old favorites, take on new meanings. I needed these words tonight...maybe you do too. 💞 #lighttheworld #sharegoodness

Hey friends!! Who’s ready for a little SCAVENGER HUNT!! ✨💃🏻🎉 If you’re local and know where this is, come grab these cuties!! I’ve teamed up with @jessicas.photography and we are giving a gorgeous live wreath and cheerful Christmas print for the first person here! The only catch — you have to spread some cheer too and pay it forward!! If you find it post a pic and tag us!! More clues in my stories!! Cache Valley peeps! Good luck!!! ❤️✨😘 #lighttheworld

So very happy merry joyful!!! Tomorrow is the first day of December!! Feelings of both, how the bleep did this happen and bring it on, baby!!! 😂🙌🏼✨🎄❤️🎅🏼🌟 I love this time of the year so much! As we were driving around in the car the other day, Isla spoke up from the back seat and said, “I can feel it in the air mama!” I asked her what she could feel, and she said, “the spirit of Christmas!” 😍❤️ She is totally right! This time of year is full of so much goodness, you can feel it!! Of course, we try to keep the spirit of Christmas all year but I love how serving others, giving and doing good is right there at the top of the priority list! 💓 December also means one of our favorite traditions...our service tree!! ✨ If you’re looking for a way to involve & teach your kiddos about doing good/serving others or a place for great ideas, activities and awesomeness each day of December, we always grab the free downloads from @thesmallseed ✨🙌🏼 It follows right along with #LightTheWorld campaign which I also love so much. ❤️This isn’t sponsored or anything, it’s just something our family loves and is worth sharing!! I’ll put the link in my bio + Insta story!! #sharegoodness
I’ll also share the link to my fave @tombow calligraphy pen right now ✨✍🏼👌🏼

Also, turn up the volume 📣 for my new favorite song - “Glory” by @gungormusic ✨💞

My feed is full of awesome sales and goodies (which is cool) but I’m still over here in Thanksgiving mode feeling grateful and thankful (and maybe still a little full 😆) and still thinking about my pies! 😍😂 I added lettering this year and I’m thinking it shall be a new T-Day tradition! Not perfect, but it made me happy! 😊✍🏼✨🥧 Hope you all enjoyed your holiday! I’m so thankful for all of you that are here and for your care and comments and following along! ❤️😘 •
To show my love and gratitude, all of my prints are marked down to $2!! 🙌🏼💞 Remember how I have a shop!? 🤓 I’ll link it in my profile. All the love to you, my friends!!! ✨❤️

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend." -Melody Beattie ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving Eve! So grateful for you my friends! I woke up to wild turkeys in our yard (see my stories! 🙊🦃) and it’s our pie day (!!!) and we will be making pies all day! What do you guys do the day before Thanksgiving?! 🍁❤️🦃✨ #hellohappylettering

#sundaythoughts ✨ If you could see your life from start to finish, would you change anything? Have you ever looked back at an experience in retrospect with the shoulda coulda wouldas? Im sitting here awake, after just comforting my babe back to sleep and I want to both, 😩 about exhaustion and try not to think about getting up in the morning 🙈 while also somehow wishing I could stay put in this moment to better soak it all up and absorb every heart growing second. 💗 Because I KNOW that one day, before I am ready, I’ll blink and my kiddos will be all grown up and all I will want to do is snuggle my sleeping baby at 2 am. If I could only see the end from the beginning I know I would have a better appreciation of my experiences, and it would probably make things MUCH easier in the moment! 😂
So instead of looking back and wishing I did more (or less) I am going to just be here...Be. All. Here. ✨
I’m so grateful for these quiet moments of clarity, (even if they take me on late night rambling tangents 🤓😏) because in this moment, with this clearer perspective, I know that I can be more in THIS moment. ❤️🙌🏼 I will try to connect more, choose love more, have that extra little bit of patience, be still a little bit longer, worry less, have faith, choose kindness, follow through more, and I can still do the chores and do the things — but not have that be the everything! Our lives are made up of NOW moments and HERE moments and they really do end up making all the difference. ✨💞💫🙌🏼 Happy Monday and cheers to a new week! ❤️

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