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teach me a new word.

quite obviously a before and after of when i became friends with the sassy cat

i hope you're happy!

a word:
it's no you, or them, or the world. it's me. i can do this. i love you. i will love you. but let me love me. let me heal.

i've been healing. my insides are exposed and mouth is opened wide, waiting for rain. i've been parched for longer than i can stand, but tomorrow is my day. or the next. or the next. yet still, i'm healing.

healing hurts. healing rips you from what you know, exposes your flesh and demands your attention. healing takes centuries when the offense was only a moment. healing is a process. take your time.

the future is female.

things are getting better. they're always getting better. i prayed for you today.

the original caption was far too detailed.

tell me how you love them. tell me how the weight of them and their words and their yes and their nos controlled your senses and devoured your yearning. tell me how many nights you whispered to them, far after they slept, because one more thing, please let me tell you one more thing. tell me how you loved them. tell me.

tell me how you learned them. the shape of their laughter and the roughness in their morning. tell me how you copied their fears and joys on the back of every fresh printed receipt to shove deep in your pocket for memory. tell me which way their fingerprints turn. tell me how you learned them.

tell me how you lost them. how you saw your hands clutching onto their shadows, yearning for color. tell me the day you first became familiar with their back and how distance became your native tongue. tell me how you lost them.

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