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my bad ms.jackson

i exhaled and withdrew you from me; do you see my soul rise when it's been unburied? it's woven in pigments of orange between blades of grass and disks of your spine. i used to be your backbone. now, i'll worry about my own posture. see, let's project some love against the porch again, when we're greyed and our hands are unbound by time. i'll be here, i'll be here, i'll be here.

some days, every ounce of me is tired. my bones have left me and my voice is depleted from its bravado. some days, i am swollen with life. even my hair hums with hope; the soles of my feet act as Achilles's winged ascension. today, i rest. below a tree or a ceiling drip, drip, dripping with silence, i will rest. tomorrow, after my spine has eased and my mind has expanded, i'll tell you more. tomorrow, i swear, i swear.

i'll the be stars. i am everywhere and nowhere, and i harbor history and anecdotes that will make you swell. i am brilliant and i drip with mystique. i can guide you. but go on then, go chase your sun. go chase your moon. my feet will dance across nations and burn further than you can ever reach. take heed, when you finally see me? oh lover, when you finally see me, i'll be gone. catch me if you can.

go on and chase the sun. she will be brilliant and bold and will illuminate your ideas. she is too much and too raging, but you still pine to place your hands around her, claim her as your own. go on and pant for the sun.

go and chase the moon. her curves are deep and she yearns for your fingertips, pulling you closer with her mystique. you want to understand her, and she will let you at times, but push you even further. crave the moon, she will intrigue you.

teach me a new word.

quite obviously a before and after of when i became friends with the sassy cat

i hope you're happy!

a word:
it's no you, or them, or the world. it's me. i can do this. i love you. i will love you. but let me love me. let me heal.

i've been healing. my insides are exposed and mouth is opened wide, waiting for rain. i've been parched for longer than i can stand, but tomorrow is my day. or the next. or the next. yet still, i'm healing.

healing hurts. healing rips you from what you know, exposes your flesh and demands your attention. healing takes centuries when the offense was only a moment. healing is a process. take your time.

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