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Today we speak on mental health awareness. It took me long years and strong companions to bring me back to life. The will is strong, but god only knows where I'd be without my support system. You start to embrace what triggers you. You start to accept what works and does not work for you. You stop refusing your weaknesses and start building on how to strengthen them. If nothing else, please love yourself enough to admit when you're feeling low. Every feeling you'll ever come across is valid, so try to not reject anything but learn to understand them. Your mind is a beautiful thing. Love her. Love him. We got this.

I stopped sleeping in my own bed that year. By then, my apartment fell silent and the only sounds passing through my barren walls were the sound of my scuffling shoes in frantic lines and the insistent meows of my neglected pet. I stopped eating this year; food seemed repulsive and far too out of reach. I stopped caring about my physical health, and would only clean up for shoots that I threw myself into. Every night I'd huddle on the too-small-for-sleep couch and count the hours. 12, 1, 3, 6....the world blurred together. I told my friends I had it together. I told myself I had it together. But I collapsed. I was a shell of myself and afraid of my boney shadow. I was still so young then, still expecting the change to my saving grace to be immediate. If I could just get one thing right, it'll all come together. I swear, I swear, just wait on it, everyone.

I was 21. I was poor, and the impending face of being hungry and being alone started to take its toll on me. The first time I had a panic attack, my soon-to-be-ex rushed to my side. I knew it was anxiety, but how was I suppose to tell this man he was the source of my breathlessness? I knew my world has shifted at that moment, because that night everything felt quiet, despite words falling from my mouth and into my ears. I stopped understanding myself and started forming someone else--someone who could defy the sleepless nights and push through to one more event, one more social validation. I thought I could manage. I couldn't.

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