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Hello Pepi💟  Cutest chihuahua with Attitude Pepito The Legend Please do not post my photos without credit to @hellopepi 😜😍

"It was a well made fursuit i think "- pepi
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Pepi's legend.
" It pains me to hear that some of you think I should be resting in peace. I do not rest. Don't question me. You do not question Sir Pepi. I am simply changed from fur into energy. Energy does not die. I understand i have touched you in ways you do not understand yourself how that can be so for I am just a video or picture over the internet. That is because i came bearing gifts for your soul to tell you I exist that death is transition after which there is a new different journey to learn together spirit to spirit. It is inevitable you who miss me are sad for i chose to come in the most perfect face and package ever, afterall I am not of dog but a Higher being and those of you who connected to me through this were able to see that. The burning question how did i die? The best way i can describe it was you know those fit handsome guys you read about at the gym and one day on an ordinary day they just suddenly collapsed out of the blue never to awaken, that would be me. I had to go. It was my time. I was perfectly healthy. It was clean quick as per my orchestration. I made sure people were in place to help mom as i made my exit mysteriously. I was here to guide mom and we continue this journey in another form which mom will have to step up on. Mom sure has a lot of work to do in her evolvement. There will be people who understand this message from me and some who do not. As you read this there will be some feeling of discomfort deep in your subconscious, take that and explore it. My throne i have passed on to my chosen two dogs to help mom and you who have connected to me through the next journey and mom and i will govern them from here. "
Master Higher Being Pepi

p.s you knew i was never just a dog in your hearts i was different

Mom will explain more next time. I've spent a long time talking and helping her. She's thick headed.

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Yes yes i know my face is perfection 😆

Because you missed the me in a fursuit..... #hello #pepi

Many unreleased photo versions and videos ... To savor

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#will keep posting his unreleased photos from time to time
#i'm not resting in peace.i exist I'm here.

Who removed the toppings from my pizza ???? #pizzapillowgonelaundry #barkbox #buzzfeed

I'm feeling generous, didn't bite her head off while she's doing my laundry #lovemydomestichelp

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