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Alistair  Fine handmade linen bedding and napery from Melbourne, Australia.

Enjoying the afternoon sun and some quiet time while Sally and Otis have a bath. The kitchen I built last year is holding together and I’m still pleased with how it came together. I find that be it sewing or carpentry, making has the same details and philosophy. Take your time. Be mindful of what you’re doing and understand why you’re doing it. Use good raw materials and care about the process and end user.

Otis is having a sleep in in our bed (haze, cloud and a baby- what a combo!) It’s been a good week, not super productive, but orders have been getting shipped. I have the best customers, everyone has been so understanding and supportive as things take a lil longer to sew. I’m going to spend a lil bit of time behind the machines this weekend and should be caught up by midweek-ish. Have a great weekend!

Last Monday we welcomed Otis Sunny into our family. We are back home, healthy and settling in. Sally did an awesome job bringing him into the world and is an amazing mum. Bo wasn’t too sure at first but is now snuggled up on bed with both of them. I’m getting back into sewing duties this week (between changes, cooking and fetching cups of tea) and looking forward to trying my @manduca_anz baby carrier while I sew your linen.

First morning working from home. No commute is nice. Started the morning with a jog along the Loddon river around Newstead and now getting into the last of the Order Book european pillowcases. I have a bunch of sewing to catch up on. Hopefully I’ll be feeling more on top of the orders by midweek.

Setup a sewing station at home in preparation for the baby. I want to be home to be part of it. I don’t want to miss a moment. That was a big driver in starting Mr. Draper. To build a career that allowed me to combine work and family rather than having to choose. Bo’s not too impressed that I’m taking over his sun room but he’ll get over it... Thanks Etai for helping me lug these two up the highway.

Sewing orders today and hopefully making a start on The Order Book euro’s midweek. I’m starting to narrow down colours for a special Order Book capsule collection. Choosing colours can take a lil bit of time. I generally like or dislike a colour when I see it but narrowing it down takes a few weeks. I put the shortlisted colours up around the studio and then see how they grow on me. Here are three of the options. What do you think?

Hope you all had a great weekend! The next Order Book is up and closes Wednesday. This month we have European pillowcases in two new linens. My first patterned linens. I picked these up mid-last year. They are bin ends from another run at Siulas. I only have half a roll of each, so this a very limited collection and these colours will not be available again. My newsletter subscribers had a head start and have already snapped up all of the Blue. I have a few of the red still available so jump online - link in profile.

These two will popping up on the Order Book later this week. I’m going to do a lot more one off colours this year (in addition to my staples). I already have a few really fun ones picked out for Feb / March.

Easing into 2018 after a hectic December. Every year I think I'm going to be prepared and be 'more' on top of things but each year I find myself rolling the swag out at the studio and sewing into the wee hours. This year was no exception 😊

I'm sewing orders this morning for Imogen and Delia and then doing a lil bit of business planning. I like to spend a few days in the new year to reflect on the past 6 months and realign my goals for the next 6 months. I look at whats worked and what I've enjoyed and also what has sucked. I look at my personal goals too to make sure they're complementary to what I want from the business. Finally I like to spend some time practicing gratitude (on the train home looking at countryside around the Macedon ranges is good for this) for where I'm at and all the amazing supportive people I have in my life - this is particularly so for Mr. Draper that could not exist without you wonderful folks. Thank you 🙏

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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I've been a little quiet on the ol instagrams for the last few weeks. That's mostly because I had a disastrous week a few back and lost my phone... It is also because I've been super busy with the Design Files Open House, Christmas Orders and a mountain of napkins that never seems to get any smaller... Anyway, just because I wasn't busy enough, I thought I would surprise my partner and redo the kitchen while she was in Brisbane for 6 weeks. So, for the past 6 weeks, every weekend and evening I've been figuring out how to build a kitchen (on a very very tight budget). I finally got it done midday Friday, 6 hours before she got home. I'm super happy with how it came together. Everything apart from the electrical wiring and gas plumbing was done by me, including making the timber benchtops from scratch - thank god for high school woodwork class!

Thanks Dad, Kai @offscreenmag and my neighbor for giving me a hand and providing free labor and tools to get this across the line.

It is all hands on deck and Sunday shifts as we put together stock for the upcoming @thedesignfiles Open House. I'm making the bedding and Etai has done a few nights on tea towels and napkins. The @thesocialstudio is working on some very special aprons. It is coming together really nicely and I'm so stoked to be involved. A sneak peek at some of the colours Lucy and the team have chosen.

The busy season.

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