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Mary Garrett 

All rainbow everything. #sfpride

Horse. Sand. Ocean. Sun. Soul.

This kitty is bold, loud, absolutely stunning, cross eyed, furry, loving, and chill. This beautiful boy went to kitty heaven this weekend. It was no surprise, but still heartbreaking. He went as peacefully as one cat can, slowly going to sleep with people giving him love the whole time. He was a stunner and a lover. I will miss his loud meow and his nightly cuddles. My Rusty, enjoy life in the big skies. ❤️

Social club 🐍

Most professional athletes utilize chiropractic to enhance performance, reduce injury, and maintain fitness. It's no coincidence that the athletes who partner with chiropractors perform better and longer at their sport! Take it from Babe Ruth, potentially the best baseball player who ever lived!

Thank you, Tahoe for the little slice of winter heaven you provided for my birthday weekend

Swamp time with the mini Garrett. Holding baby gators and weathering spontaneous thunderstorms ❤🐊⛈

History lesson along the ol' Mississippi.

Osteoid Osteoma: En bloc excision. I had this surgery when I was in 5th grade. The surgeon explained the procedure, but I never quite understood how it could possibly work. I never saw any x-rays until now! How marveling and oddly barbaric this looks to me. I can't believe my leg grew back without any complications, no metal implants, no short leg. Shortly after I was leaping on and off horses. Modern medicine is truly something. #osteoidosteoma #bonetumor #xray #surgery #tibia #kaiserpermanente

The Moon and Venus meet up to chat.

Look at my beautiful baby snake! He's a blue eyed leucistic ball python, and he's the cutest thing I ever did see. I call him Louie. #blueeyedlucy #blueeyedleucistic #blueeyedlucyballpython

Cutest horse award goes to, Poco! The wonder mare. Shiny as a new penny.

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