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Jewlie Williams  📍|| NYC ↠ ATX || •beauty enthusiast•🌙 sister• •@understatedleather• glossier rep• 📬one.j.bird@gmail.com


🍂☕️🌾 // wearing Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lolita, Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk and Colourpop Cosmetics eyeshadow in Snake Eyes. Bopping to that new Taylor jam. ✨

I practice physical self-care pretty religiously...I workout regularly, I have my skin care routines, I definitely treat my skin and body right. But recently it’s occurred to me that I do not do the same when it comes my mental health. I am always pushing myself to do better, work harder, be more...and it’s exhausting. My anxiety has been so much worse the last year or so, and yet I would say I am the happiest I’ve been in years. It’s confusing and often hard on me and the people in my life. Today I had my first acupuncture appointment, something I have been meaning to try for the last 5 years or so. Let me tell you- one visit and I can already tell this is going to be a game changer for my life. I am doing everything I can to get my mental health back in tip top shape. Coming to terms and admitting my anxiety was so helpful for me in the last year, but now it’s time to realize I don’t have to live and suffer through it. I’ll keep you guys posted on what I’m doing and what’s working. 💓 Thanks for reading this far down, and being a part of this supportive community.

Desk side beauty essentials: all about that hydration because it’s dry af in here. 💦 Ps: You can preorder #glossieryou through the link in my bio! ⚡️

This tiny asshole woke me up at 7 this morning (after I’d already gotten up at 6:15 to feed him) by whacking my right eye so hard it bled a little and broke a bunch of blood vessels in my eyeball. 🙄 Meatloaf- you’re lucky you’re so cute. 🙃

Decisions, decisions. 💅🏼 One of the best parts about being a #glossierrep is that it brought @jodieglows into my life. Who else would get a mani with me and literally talk about beauty the entire time?! Feeling so lucky to call you a friend J. Also shoutout to @kimjohnson._ for basically being our matchmaker. 💓

Date night look from last weekend featuring a few things I got from my 1st ever Colourpop order & also 3 different highlighters. Lol. ✨

Literally impossible not to have a nice day when you get a love package from @haveanicedayy_ 🤗💓🌵 Instagram friends are the best. Steffi you made my day!!!

The AM A-Team. 😴 Ps- in case you missed it in my stories, all Glossier orders placed in the next 2 weeks get a free sample of their first fragrance, Glossier You! Shop through my link to save 20% off your first order. 💓 #glossierrep

When you’re in the middle of a skincare GRWM & your cat decides to get in the sink while you have Milky Jelly Cleanser all over your face...🙄 Check my insta stories to see what kind of mayhem Meatloaf caused. 😂

The iridescence in this lipstick is 🔥Been really vibing a bold lip lately.

Currently reading...📖🔮✨

Posting this Boy Brow photo (the OG Glossier product that got me hooked) in honor of Glossier’s HIGHLY ANTICIPATED launch in the UK tomorrow. 🇬🇧 To all my UK followers- my top 3 Glossier picks are Boy Brow, Milky Jelly Cleanser & Haloscope in Quartz. ✨Make your wishlist now & let me know what you’re picking up (& don’t forget to shop the link in my bio for 20% off!) #glossierrep

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