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hannah snow  a hippie at heart who likes to art 📝✌🏻 drawings=> @extrasnow 🌈 environmental activist & vegan 🌱 working on sisters of house black 🖤

the bees make
complex chords with
their beautiful tones, and in
their hoards i hear delicate drones-

maybe i could make
a sound as sweet as theirs!
but my own melody never compares…
to the sweet sonance of their
succinct symphonies.

so i stay.
listen to them play.
and paint in my heart, the day
i will sing like a bee. • 🐝
#escapril day 18: a happy place. • 🦇
hello hi yes good day this photo has nothing to do with bees but yesterday i spent the entire day researching bats which led me on to learning a lot about pollination and how incredibly important both bats and bees are for the ecosystem of our entire planet and it’s mildly terrifying that people don’t know this so PROTECT OUR POLLINATORS and have a nice day :)

i dreamt we climbed a great big hill,
atop which you'd awaited me.
a meadow, golden in the sun
you took my hand, we
walked on still.

smiling, laughing at the past,
our eyes brimmed full with
long-due joy. as the day
was perfect we only
wished for it
to last.

i spoke the words, it's time to go-
you would not take the

we parted ways atop those steps,
where i left you, all alone-
but you stayed, happy,
in that field. finally at

#escapril poem 16: any dreams?
this dream i had about a dear friend
whom i miss very much. 🌻

when someone says... bubble tea 👀

ok, so this might seem like a big tangent but DiD U KNoW that i've had a sugar problem for most of my life??? only recently have i been struggling to cut down on the highly addictive substance. i feel like an addict confessing but honestly that's not far from the truth 😅

recently i learnt that the recommended daily amount is 25 grams. 25... i knew this somewhere at the back of my head, but my brain has been deep in denial for my whole life, as you can imagine...
put it this way, i was eating at least 200-250 grams a day on average, and that's if i didn't go to the cinema and eat a whole bag of candy! which i would do a few times a week... that's TEN TiMEs the RDA.

it's actually been such a battle for me! i still find it hard staying under 25 grams a day. even my friends started telling me off (thanks friends) and not to overdramatise, but i feel like sugar is the drug they don't warn you about... since cutting down my skin problem (psoriasis) has improved! and i don't get horrendous low-energy crashes during the day. i don't crave even sweet stuff anymore (never thought i'd say that)

not saying you need to change your ways or cut out sugar... but if you are as addicted as i was, definitely consider having less! i feel like a hypocrite for even saying that because it took me YEARS. though hopefully i stay off it now 🤞🏻 but yeah. i still love bubble tea, it just needs to be an occasional treat rather than a staple in my diet...
and i'm definitely due a trip to the dentist. 🦷

twenty-one minutes til midnight.
insomnia blinks open, eyes bright-
but dark circles don't sleep 'til it's light,
they'll hide all my worries in plain sight.

sleeping feels wrong when the times right.
the world is awake, and as i write-
it waits: in their silence, i just might
go mad all alone, in the dead' night. •

#escapril day 14: make it rhyme.

this one is a bit rushed- can you tell 🌚 i liked today's prompt and wanted to post a poem before midnight... though perhaps at the expense of it making any sense 🌝

day 11 #escapril was "not from your perspective" - mine is a stream of thought.

and yesterday we had found ourselves at a "psychology of magic" show(?)
it was all a bit odd, and reminded me of sitting in psychology class. though one of the displays did make me think...
"our conscious thought is always slightly delayed"
our thoughts happen moments after what we actually experience. our brains take a second to process what we perceive.
if a magician's trick happens before our mind can catch up with it... we will literally make up information to fill the gaps.
thus we conclude: magic!

and what we see on the screen is the past.
but do we always consider it that way? i think for a moment we live what we see, and forget that it is something that's already happened. you are reading my thoughts from minutes, hours, days ago.
once we see it, it's easy to fill in any gaps of information ourselves.

we may even start thinking about what we can't see: behind the camera. we look for something more inside the screen, searching through different perspectives.
and do we find what we want?

there are about a bajillion photos of us together. but why exactly this remains one of my favourites, i don't know. maybe it's because of our different choice in celebratory balloon. maybe it's because of the very asymmetrical stars we glued to our faces. maybe it's because we're standing in a supermarket, superexcited for new year's (just look how excite you are)

whatever the reason, i know it reminds me just how much fun we've crammed in since- and how much more is to come.
happy birth dodie, 24 is gonna be a good'n 🎈

you see blue,
but i see green. and
we won't find
an in-between.
"too much yellow...
are you quite blind?"
my petulant words
whip at your stubborn mind.
you scoff, haughty and knowing-
i can only be wrong.
"focus on the colour.
it's hue is too strong."
i smile without care,
you're a painter it's true
as in silence we stare
at the wall which is blue. •
#escapril day 9 🎨

hard as it might
Love, will never dance alone.

in a waltz will it be known
to spin, trip and tumble, allegro-bound.

Losing grip when told of
Time's desire to keep it-

away, safe and sound where keys
grow, rusty deep within the ground.

#escapril ~ day 8

memories ripen like fruit until i'm
biting down on a
sour seed. the
wild rose unfurls,
scent so sweet i let thorns
prick the surface of my
itching underskin.
fumes fill behind the eyes,
bring blind relief as
nectar, drown my tongue in
potent nostalgia-
the fools poison.

#escapril day 6: nostalgia.

500,000 Galleons stolen, you say? why i know nothing about it, kind sir. and i certainly didn't see a Niffler sneaking past the dragon just now...
The world renowned wizarding bank is now my fave part of the @WBTourLondon! it's huge and shiny! i can see why the Nargles like it too ⚡️
Can't say i'm a fan of those muggle banks mind you... but who's to know what magical artefacts are hidden away in the vaults below Gringotts 👀

daisy chains for daisy days,
lazy legs on a lazy haze.

let's just sleep for a full

moon phase, in an

endless field with

time to waste •
[day 5. back to nature]

numbers numbers
it's a game
count them all
you'll go insane.
five four three two
one mistake
is all you need to
break the chain.
keep on counting
hoard the shame
collect your worth or
what remains. •
Today's @letsescapril poem is "anxiety". Anxiety is different for everybody, and although i like it when people leave poetry open to interpretation, i have to admit i wrote mine about something that causes me great anxiety.
Having never been diagnosed with OCD i can't help but feel its presence in my life- i remember counting obsessively before i even knew what anxiety was. and i can't help but feel like for a lot of people, social media is a numbers game-
it definitely is for those who created it.
This might not be something I can completely change. but i wish i could tell the world that the algorithm for happiness,
whatever it may be, doesn't contain a single number.

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