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I bet they really really (like REALLY) like surfing.⁣

Went down to the Saunton Sands Beach on New Year’s day. It must have been around 5C, but there were lots of people surfing.⁣

Me? I was just wearing 4 layers of clothes and definitely not surfing. #england #why #itwassocold #bloodycold

Whether you like it or not, our life is tied to the mighty Internet. This is also the case when we are travelling. From finding inspiration on things to do, checking out some reviews to social media updates during your journey. ⁣

Have you heard about #XLPass? It is an easy way to use your Internet package when you are outside Indonesia. The service is available in 57 countries, including England. You can activate it in Indonesia before you go or once you are at your destination. You can do this by accessing the XL menu from your phone (*123#). Choose the option based on how many days your trip is. ⁣

XL Pass is good value for money, especially for a short trip. You don’t need to change your sim card or get an additional device to access the Internet. You can also purchase via Traveloka: http://bit.ly/XLTRV #JadiBisa

I said to my mom, let’s go swimming. She laughed at me and said that she can’t swim. And also pointed something out.⁣⁣
First, yes my mom can’t swim, but I wasn’t asking her to really swim, just play around in the water. Second, and I guess this is the main issue, she pointed out her breast. One of her breasts was removed due to breast cancer. ⁣⁣
Stupid me that I just didn’t think about it (we often do things like this unintentionally). Of course for my mom this simple activity can be a little bit complicated and perhaps intimidating. I should have been more thoughtful. Long story short, she decided to sit on the beanbag by the pool to accompany us swimming. I think she had fun.⁣⁣
I think in 2019 I’ll try to travel/hang out more with her. How about you, any plans with your mom or dad?⁣⁣
This picture was taken at Ibludan Lombok (@ibludanlombok), my favourite place to stay in Senggigi. If you want to read my review about this place, the link is in my bio.⁣⁣ #Lombok #Indonesia #Travel #Throwback

Hey hey happy new year! Here’s to more unpredictable and exciting adventures in 2019.⁣

Swipe left to see my last video for 2018! #week52 #weeklyvideoproject #IWontDoItForNextYear #NoMore #ThatWasExhausting but enjoyable.⁣
Music: Holy Tension Batman by Spazz Cardigan.⁣

Photo was taken at Tanjung Puting National Park in Indonesia.

You can tell the day was windy and miserable. Lucky for me it was not that cold (?). It was cold but not crazy cold, if you get what I mean.⁣

I’ve been to England several times and now is the longest time I’ve stayed in the country. This is then the perfect time to visit Stonehenge. I would recommend to visit during the summer time, I can imagine it would be so much nicer if the sky is blue.⁣

Book in advance as you can save £2. Ticket is rather expensive in my opinion (£17.50 if you buy in advance and £19.50 if you buy on the spot), but then I remember that foreigners need to pay USD 25 for Borobudur (even Rp 475,000 for the sunrise). A lot of different currencies are going on here, I know. £17.50 is Rp 323,00. USD 25 is Rp 364,000.⁣

Can you believe that in 2 days it’s going to be 2019? Exciting! I haven’t yet gotten used to writing 2018 and now 2019 is coming. Time flies!⁣
Music: Spring in my step by Silent Partner ⁣
Swipe left to see video for #week51 #weeklyvideoproject #england

At the end of the day though the idea of exploring new places, meeting new people, and doing new things are exciting... Doing familiar things, spending time with people who are important to your life, re-discovering your own area are equally satisfying.⁣⁣⁣
Picture and video posted here are from my trip to London a few weeks ago to visit the Yayoi Kusama exhibition. #week50 #weeklyvideoproject #england⁣⁣⁣
Music: Venice Beach by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

What is your plan for the last 4 days in 2018? Do you have any travel plans for the New Year celebration? I don’t plan to do anything. I don’t plan to travel anywhere. I’m planning to take the rest of 2018 as easy as I can.⁣

Picture was taken at Pip’s Railway Carriage Cafe. It is a nice restaurant really close to my mother in law house.⁣

Swipe left and you’ll see a short video from Hive Beach, Burton Bradstock. I still remember how odd it was the very first time I went to the beach in the UK. It was in December last year. I went to the beach wearing my jacket and boots. I had asked my mother in law if I should bring my swimsuit or not. I guess not. ⁣

#travel #england #somerset #week49 #weeklyvideoproject

From a podcast I learned that for some people it can be too much (and useless anyway probably) to make New Year Resolutions. I’m one of those people. I can’t cope with stacks of resolutions, thus it is suggested to have one word.⁣

Just pick a single word to focus and make yourself better than before (nothing wrong with you now, but I guess we can make progress here and there, right?). So I think I’ll spend the next couple of hours thinking 🤔 about my word (or maybe a phrase) for next year.⁣

Have you made your new year resolution? Or are you with me, just picking a word? #NewYear #Beach #England

Stonehenge is a place where winter solstice has been celebrated for thousands of years. Winter solstice has the day with the shortest amount of sunlight and has the longest night of the year.⁣

Winter solstice in Europe happens on 21st Dec. The people in the photo were celebrating winter solstice.⁣

I don’t know if the fact that I was born around summer solstice has anything to do with my inability to deal with the winter. I get an itchy red rash after running (around 3km run only), I also get chilblains on my toes when it is really cold 😣.⁣

Swipe left to see a short video from #week48. It was a fun night with some good swing bands. #weeklyvideoproject #england⁣

This morning I woke up to the news that a tsunami hit the coastline of Indonesia’s Sunda Strait. Condolences to those who are affected and the casualties. This reminds me that it is so important to be present. Live the life. Engage. No one knows what can happen to you or your loved ones.⁣

Swipe left to see a short video from #week47. The weekend trip to York was affected by the weather, but we managed to see some things in the city.⁣

Music: Parasail by Silent Partner⁣

Went to London yesterday and saw the Yayoi Kusama exhibition. I was expecting to see more, but I can’t complain really because the exhibition was free (though you have to reserve your spot since there was a really high demand).⁣

And so much respect to Museum Macan in Jakarta, the first place I saw the Yayoi Kusama exhibition 😍. If you come to Jakarta (or if you are in Jakarta), check online to see what exhibitions are going on at the museum—if it’s interest you. Museum Macan is a great place to visit in Jakarta. #England #InstaKusama #YayoiKusama

On my last post I talked about Tudor style houses. Here is what the front of the house looks like.⁣

A question for you, what do you do for fun? I like to take long walks in the woods, dance, listen to great podcasts, journaling and spend time with my family/good friends. #fun #travel #england

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