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we have a few more trips planned before its time for this kid to start kindergarten... and as much and I want to wail and kick and scream on the internet that she’s sooo big and starting real school I won’t. why? because she’s ready and excited and I refuse to let any feelings I have get in the way of her having the most kick ass kindergarten year ever- even if it’s totally going to interfere with our Disneyland trips.

alright ladies and gents. chemo ruined my bod. like all I wanted was carbs and pie and between that and all of the literal poison pupped into me- I ended up gaining 20+ lbs and losing every ounce of muscle. I’m bound and determined to bounce back. how? By eating clean (and working out hard). I’m on a mission to find GOOD foods to keep me full and happy and taste epic. Enter @perfectbar the fact that they live in the fridge makes them delicious AND nutritious. the most perfect post workout snack that ever roamed the land.

sometimes it’s really hard to tell who the ringleader is...

last time they went to kids club at the gym k lost her big toenail (lex opened a door into her foot)...here’s hoping everyone keeps all their nails today. actually I hope everyone across the whole internet keeps all their toenails today.

we basically had the perfect day. beach, pool, pop up with @oliviaandocean, pool, cake, and more pool.

turns out we really love Santa Monica. And we really love the people who came from London to meet us there (@kisinger & co here’s looking at you).

they totally and completely exhaust me... and yet I still want a gold bomber jacket so we can all match.

it’s my life goal to look good in overalls- I work out daily just thinking about the moment I’ll put a pair on a look amazing. but instead I have to live vicariously though lex... if by any chance you’re like me- you’re totally in luck! There’s still time to enter the $1,000 @boden_clothing giveaway on my blog! . #bodenbyme

reason number 1,365 I love amazon. a dozen emoji beach balls arrived today...

I always wanted a kid who loved babies as much as I did when I was little (and then a little older... I loved dolls for probably a lot longer than socially acceptable). she loves my old bitty baby as much as I did- except she re-named her “bunny”. Which is probably better than my cabbage patch who came with the name “dorkis”.

sometimes your youngest decides to nap at the gym... and just when you need a break the mailman arrives with a package of gold and you yell “FASHION SHOW” and run around the house taking pictures. #someonesaveme

fun fact. I have a blog! Instagram may slowly be killing it- but I’m determined to revive it because I’m pretty sure everyone misses my rambling posts about my children and feelings and fashion. how does one revive a blog? By giving away $1,000 to @boden_clothing . Yeah. ONE THOUSAND. So head on over, enter, and treat yo’ self. #miniboden #bodenbyme

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