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back dat ass up Monday... I really need uno màs weekend day for more swimming, my little pony movies, and pumpkin patching.

some people go to glorious pumpkin patches in the countryside... and some go to pumpkin patches in abandoned parking lots (but they had a turkey! And $8 bounce house tickets). and my main goal as a parent is for my kids to look back on their photos when they’re old and wonder 1. Why I let them dress like this and 2. How I forced them to do things like put a pumpkin on their head...

we sent this kid to a play based preschool because we figure she has the next 15 years to sit behind a desk... but today-two months into school, two months after seeing a worksheet for the first time she sat down and started reading. I mean it’s not the great American novel- it’s “hop on pop”... but it’s reading (in a swimsuit. because California).

we both came home from school today covered in orange paint. she turned brush painting into finger painting and considers her clothes blank canvases... moms day is my hands down favorite day at school because I get a tiny peek into what she does every day.

totally normal bath-time last night... not pictured is me being really proud of myself for figuring how to get the accent mark above the e in “rosé”...

it’s that time of the year where festive jammies rule the night... (bonus points that these happen to glow in the dark). in order to celebrate the festive season we’re teaming up with @boden_clothing to giveaway a $100 shop credit to Boden!
let’s make this easy- to enter just tag a friend, like this photo, and follow me! The winner will be chosen October 24th! #bodenbyme

this year we’re keeping it simple and fun for Halloween. k has called herself “mickey” for a year now, so when I asked (politely demanded) she pick a costume other than “NOTHING” and she picked “Mickey!” I knew I could do something with it. So here you have it. Easy as pie Mickey Mouse complete with 0 headband (because k straight up refuses). Bonus points for sister who begged to be Minnie (for today’s picture purposes). -
if you're looking for some more fun + creative costume ideas, check out my sweet mama friends who are all posting their own kid's costumes today. 👇🏼we'd love to see your creative costume idea too! just post a photo and hashtag #mamashomemadehalloween so we can see.👀

we all know who rules our house (and lately my Instagram feed).

she officially attended her first solo birthday party today... not for one of her sisters friends but for one of HER school friends. And I learned that despite her sometimes spicy demeanor she’s kinda sorta a total softie with kids her age. So now I guess I have to believe her teacher when she tells me how sweet this girl is in class.

lex promised me seven goals this week... and her coach promised her sour patch kids.

#entry #eqxdynamicduo one of the things I’m struggling with this year is my body. Through chemo I lost it. I lost all the muscle (@paul_koz and) I had worked so hard last year to gain, and on top of it all gained over 20lbs due to steroids and just being pumped so full of that yellow (life saving) poison. It’s really hard mentally to lose your hair AND your hot bod all in one foul swoop. It’s hard to hate what you see in the mirror. but we’re five months out and I’m trying to appreciate what my body has done & gone through. There’s one gentleman who’s been by my side through it all. My biggest cheerleader at the gym... the one who trained me through sickness and in health. I credit his “what did you eat today?!” Daily texts and his complex kettlebell workouts for getting me into ass kicking before and after cancer shape. Do I still have a long way to go in the hair and muscle department? You betcha. But it’ll happen thanks to @paul_koz & @equinox #bonvoyagebertha

one dressed for ballet- one dressed for swim. I feel like we’re so damn busy these days... but everyone’s doing what makes them happy- except for me. Im counting down the days until one of them can drive.

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