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Dreamy ✨

down under the manhattan bridge overpass

You beauty 😍😍😍 #shotoniphone

Late night noms πŸ₯ž

Thoughts after two days in LA and SF 🏑
Everywhere is dog friendly 🐢
Flaming hot Cheetos and puffs are very good β˜„οΈ
People give way to pedestrians much more than in Melbs
Finally got the deal with the stop signs πŸ›‘
Saw hien froth over @patagonia & @peakdesign's stores

Streets of SF


Summer memories with πŸ“·@emilyyyung ✨ #filmisnotdead

Time is just a human construct why are we all so caught up about it. (Thinking about time and language always reminds me of Arrival-great film)
πŸ“Έ @etpphm

Just putting the feelers out πŸ›
Is anyone knowledgable about event management/media/marketing or have an interest in increasing opportunities for disadvantaged/oppressed girls and women? I envision organising a charity night event to raise money for an organisation similar to one girl or one of the many grassroots organisations as mentioned in Half The Sky. Perhaps it could be in an art gallery where we could run the doco on one side and have prints from you guys (especially looking at you @s.wei_ ) on the other side for people to purchase. That way your work has a physical space for people to appreciate and take home, and proceeds will be going towards a good cause. Also up for any other ideas! I've chosen the worst year to put this out there, masters is eating up so much of my time but if there is a group of us interested I'd love to make this happen!

Most chilled festival ever
πŸ“· @etpphm

It's been the best three months thus far, bring on April!

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