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Megan Bardeaux  Knitting in the winter, gardening in the summer, baking all the time.


Just one of those little moments you wish you could hold onto forever 💞

Seriously though when do I get my roses and rosé estate? #nationalwineday #rosesandrosé

Farfalle pasta with wilted nettles, ricotta, pine nuts, feta and lemon zest. Perfect quick spring dinner! This was my first time cooking with nettles and I was a little intimidated by the whole stinging situation but I made it out of the kitchen unscathed. They were foraged by @caitlinruewright on our hike in McMinville the other day - thanks again friend 🌿

Carding Mill did not disappoint 🍑

We could get used to this country livin' 💛

Spent the first sunny weekend in what feels like forever at the lake, playing in the sand and picking all the buttercups. She named this pink dump truck Suzy and I don't know why but it just really gets me. The thing they don't tell you about parenting is that you'll experience a million tiny heartbreaks because childhood is so tender and sweet and fleeting. They're going to grow up and stop naming random toys they connect with and someday leave so at the end of the day after you get them to bed and are so exhausted you'll just look at the pictures and cry because tomorrow they will be one day older 💔

Chubby babies in the sunshine, nothing better 💛

One of my lifelong goals has been to learn to bake a really good loaf of country sourdough bread. There is nothing like it, especially when served with French salted butter and a dollop of homemade strawberry jam 🍓

Spent the morning admiring irises with @honeykennedy and a thousand tour busses full of grannies, we really know how to party! This beauty is called French Cancan and will hopefully be making an appearance in my garden next spring 💕

First Austin of the season, A Shropshire Lad 💕

This sweet boy is 7 months (and one day) old today! He loves babbling and pretty sure he said his first word (eggy haha). Still the happiest guy when he isn't getting teeth and he thinks his sister is the coolest person in the universe. Sitting up very well and loves standing, I think he might be one of those kids who goes straight to walking. He's the most easy going baby and the perfect addition to our family 💛

When you find out it's #nationalchocolatechipday you drop everything and bake cookies!

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