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helloalexfulton  interior designer / stylist / writer / maximalist / shop keeper / colour nut / designing like no one is watching / and there’s a shop! @afdstore

Fomo as. If you are in Auckland please go for me would you? I hate missing this event but I just couldn’t. More stories please! @aucklandartfair | these works HAVE to be my fav from @ed_bats supported by @parlourprojects 👙⚡️🐬 #aucklandartfair #parlourprojects #edbats | photo by Sam Harnett

The #afdshoechallenge kicked off today. It’s a good start with my customised #myhabbot @habbot oxfords. I tots got to choose all the colours and then they were made just pour moi ⛸ #afdshoechallenge #afdhome #howredisourcarpet

Shoot the goddamn cat (don’t...). I have rounded up all the cute head winners from the recent @duluxaus and @duluxnz 2018 colour awards and herded them over to my blog. I’ve done a post. Just for you! It will featured this incredible space from @simonpendal_architect and much much more. Teaser also in my stories (don’t say I don’t give you anything 🔹🔻▫️) #afdblog #duluxnz #duluxaus #duluxcolourawards #getmesomeduluxrightnow | that blue is Dulux Ahoy ⚓️

It’s cold. It’s much nicer to work from home today (did I say home... I meant bed. On top and I’m dressed O.C. Proof in image) Anyways I’ve been busy busy thinking up new things for my AFD world and I have a few ideas but thought I’d ask you guys what you would like to see or know. For examples would you like more interior design stuff/tips, more of my projects or home stuff. I have a ridiculous amount of shoes... I thought I could do a shoe challenge where I have to wear a different pair of shoes each day?! Just spitballing here but sometimes I need narrowing down to specifics. I’m a pleaser guys so help a gal out. We have also got our new office guru starting next week so I have to look like I got stuff HAPPENIN’ ok cool. Let me know ok⚡️🌸 #afdnewstuff #afdchallenge #askalex #afdhome #spitballingissuchagreatword| jeans from @bassike shoes from by @springcourtofficiel from @superettestore cushion from @citta linen duvet by @bedandphilosophy from @madderandrouge

Now don’t freak out... but this is a room in our house. I know I know. I’m trying to be cool. It’s my teenage daughters room. She’s neutral. Yes, she from my loins. We are all different and I’m cool with this. She’s happy and has been so excited to decorate her new space in her vibe. I’m cool. Have I said that already? Seriously I’m actually very proud of my junior burger. She’s found her design voice and fully embracing her style. I’m cool. Truly I am. Go her ◽️👍🏼▫️👍🏼▫️👍🏼▫️👍🏼▫️👍🏼 ▫️👍🏼▫️👍🏼▫️👍🏼#afdhome #mygirlisla #imcool #lookmumiloveneutrals #beog #tapfordeets #neautralas #pleasedontaskmewhatthewallcolouris

Cluster f*$king is a thing. Or gallery wall/salon hang if you not a swearer. It’s when you find a wall and you fill it and fill it hard with stuff you love. It’s a skill, granted. But it’s a surprisingly easy skill when you know how. Large scale or small it’s about preparation (map it out first but collating framed art and object on the floor first). Don’t forget to take a snap for reference! The key to making it look it’s best is making sure you have clean lines. Make sure you have a clean boarder on the outside and starting filling while lining up lines within the space. Go in give it a go... happy cluster f*$king my design bunnies 🐰#afdinteriordesigninstaclass #afdhome #clusterfucking #gallerywall #salonhang 📷 @davidjames.picturetaker

Me too sign, me too 🔹🔻◽️🔹🔻▫️🔹🔻▫️
#goodtobebackinchristchurch #christchurch #ialwaysknewyouwouldcomeback #afdchch | art by @funskull

Happy Pink shirt day. Stopping bullying and spreading kindness since always. Speaking of kindness... thank you times a million for all of you that took time to reach out and heart eyes me or bestow wisdom or just commiserate with me. Humans are just so cool and really we should just give each other (and most importantly ourselves) a goddamn break. Soooooo go on wear some pink today and show some compassion for our fellow peeps 👙🧠👙🧠👙🧠👙🧠👙🧠 #afdgetsdeep #pinkshirtdaynz #mygirlisla #mygirlvi

New lights make all the diff. Slowly changing out old fittings and stamping out mark on this new nest. Vintage flower pot lights from @mrbigglesworthy and my favy fav of all time sign from @worldbrandinnz | all done by my favourite electrician of all time... Chris from HiSpec Electrical. If you are Christchurch based, he’s the best ⚡️💥 #afdhome

Best job in the world being Mom-cat to these turkeys. Happy Mother’s Day everyone! And a big Mumma hug to my Mum Maggie 🙅🏻‍♀️ #afdhome #happymothersday phots by @davidjames.picturetaker

Right... back to work. Thought I’d ease back into it with one of my favourite Dulux forecast sets. Designed by @breeleech and photographed by @mikebakerphotographer | colours (of course) by @duluxnz the two greens are Dulux Waitiki Landing and Dulux Maun Bay, the pink is Dulux Friends, the navy is Dulux Sir Edmund, the yellow is Dulux Pale Mustard and the mauve is Dulux Mossburn | table from @porcelainbear and lamp from @spacefurniture

I know I know. I’m in white. Odd I know but it was a white party. Pretty jolly awesome few days in this slice of paradise. Plus it matched my hair. Go Grannie Hair go ⚪️👵🏼⚪️👵🏼⚪️👵🏼⚪️👵🏼 #afdgoesgrey #50yearoldsgoeswildinfiji #imnot50btw

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