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Butters  Hi I'm Butters, because of a recent incident I lost one of my eye 😔. If you wish to know my story, please click on the link below. 🙏🏻

Are you filming me?? Let me pose really quick 😏😏

let’s go to bed mommy, I’m tired 😴

omg! Butters finally got his haircut!! #greshamoregon #petsmart black list him claiming he is sick so no @petsmart would take him in! Those jerks! My dog is not sick! He poo poo when he is nervous!! How is he sick? Omg it’s been hell trying to clear his name! I am so frustrated and angry with them. How are they going to treat my poor one eye dog like this? I got a note from our vet and took it in to that location to prove he is not sick and the manager still refused him. I took him back to our old location where we use to live and that pet smart had no problems finishing his haircut. Uhhh I am so upset with the Gresham petsmart I don’t know what to do. Try calling corporate, but I couldn’t stop crying cuz I was so upset. I eventually just gave up. What is wrong with people these days?

Err not very happy with #petsmart right now. They send me home in the middle of my haircut cuz I poop too many times. 😖😖 the old @petsmart I went to never send me home with just half an haircut cuz I poop when I’m scared. Mommy walks me and poo poo before she takes me in, but I can’t help it. I don’t know what’s happening.😔😔😔

who’s mommy’s good boy?? This ball of fur!! He really needs a haircut, but he gets so cold in the winter. Maybe I should wait a little warmer?

I wish there were one eye shih tzu plushies or figures. Butters will turn 7 in March!

I know mommy is going to come through that door any minute now..... any minute.... you’ll see. 🕰🕰🕰 any minute.... 😂

Thank you @maltesesistersfromothermister for the beautiful beautiful holiday cards. Thank you guys so much for including butters and I in mind around the holidays. Maybe next year I’ll make some holiday cards too. They are just so cute. Im going to frame them up for memories. Thank you guys so much!

Happy New Years my sweet friends!! We made it through another year!! Stay strong and let’s concur 2018!!

At the end of the day nothing matters but this angelic face. Love him to the moon and back.

I made mommy very angry last night. I had an accident on the bed and at 5am she had to try and scrub the pee stain off the down comforter. I can tell she was upset with me by her body language. I went to the stairs and set there with my head down like a good boy until she called me back into the room. I know she feels bad for being angry with me. Does anyone have any tips on getting urine stain and Oder off down comforters that can’t be machine washed?

My favorite thing to do during winter: sleep 😂

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