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No One Cares About This Acc  🌿 △ 🌺∂σℓℓ ρнσтσgяαρнєя △ 👊Mh/Eah/pullip/liv/barbie/toner/smart doll

Hey just saying I'm thinking of making a new account just for my smart dolls I will give more details of i do go on with this decision x

Just going to leave this here...

Size comparison 🌿

So I got a new doll and I'm probably gonna take pics of her more than other dolls and I also got a new camera k bye

Should I just delete my acc?
It seems like no one really wants me here anymore and I have been quite inactive
You guys decide. x

Wtf I don't even know what this is tbh
#eah #everafterhigh


Just saying I'm gonna delete my back up @hello12stbackup as I think it's kinda pointless 😐
But yeah my other account which I go on all the time is tagged just to say it's very weird 😂 (you don't have to follow it btw)
Do any of you watch mpgis?

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