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@lornapersonal Gets the kids to Go Off!!

Existential Crisis. Bing bing!!

Polishing semi precious stones with Buddy. 6 days for stage one. Now for 4 day stage two. 💎

"Hopefully that poser Travis Scott hasn't worn this shirt before" #blackmetal

Lola insists on dressing like Buddy.

Barman says "We don't serve time travellers in here!"............. Time traveler walks into a bar. #timetravellerjokes

Seagull invasion

Guess the 4 Mongo Jerrys. #mongoskatequiz


To fakie

Joyce is a tripper

@perksandmini Riffing on a graphic I made for @timandbarry many years ago. I based it on Def Jam and Just Do It. Seemed like a perfect mash up for the Just Jam project. #dontwatchthat

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