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Erik Nohlin  Son of Oden. Darker than your bottom bracket shell, harder than 7075 Alu. Long distance cyclist. Vegan. Kreatör of stöke at Specialized @eriknohlin


Electric lynch ride with a good crew, burritos, beer and blood. (Brolan Brushingston jumping an e-bike with an e-bike)

Peace out Spain. Pulled off an 80h work week and some epic rides. Didn't sleep though, will do that on the flight back to SF. ¡hasta luego!

This bike created quite a buzz among the "experts" on the internet when it was released last autumn. I didn't have an opinion back then and haven't been on it enough to feel it but now I've spent 5 days "grinding" both Spanish tarmac and gravel, made my biggest climb and probably also a new speed record and I can say this: I'm a fan. That suspension jammer in the head tube is amazing, my ass and back loves the rear compliance and that CLX32 wheel set in a combo with cotton tires and latex tubes makes this the smoothest of smooth rides - I love that dorky Future Shock and want it on all my bikes. Thanks Sean and Tree for letting me borrow it and please don't call me roadie quite yet - I still miss my heavy steel bike! #specializedroubaix #smootherisfaster

Last lunch ride in the Sierra Nevadas, what a good place!

No Sabbath in the Sierra Nevada off-site design studio, it's snowing outside though.

Today's ride (and this Spain gig) makes me so excited about riding bikes again. Might sound strange but I've been uninspired for a while.

One of my all time best rides today. Also did my biggliest single climb ever, 10 meters more than Stelvio back in 2013. A bit more than 1850 meters / 7000 feet in 3 hours including a pizza stop and a glass of Rioja. Love the Spanish Sierras - So good!

This is when you stop your bike for ten minutes and think about how amazing nature is and what a sad fucking spieces Homosapiens is #socialism More WE in the world!

What if all 1h rides were like this and included a 79% grade - that's super steep Strava!

23k and 740m of elevation in 55 min (and I stopped for photos) not my average brunch ride.

Love descending into early spring only to climb back to winter. All in 30k