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C A T A L I N A  | OAKLAND | | film photography | | visuals | words | sounds | | filmmaker | fantasy the film | #fantasythefilm | contact catalina.xavlena@gmail.com |

how I feel today x all the time / [a moment from something special my love and I have been working on in MX, coming soon]
#35mm #decolonize #indigenouspeoplesday

home, so grateful for YOU 🦋 / on film #35mm

music is an infinitely healing entity🕸 @spellling on film #35mm

[censored] a strange dream comes after a tropical rainstorm 🕷a warped world, a passage of time /
september...this day last year, my aunt keke, a spirit guide, an intuitive starburst, a legend, left her body and went traveling away from this earth...
a few days ago, her mama, my beloved grandma, who is also my godmother, who is also my mama -my dearest and oldest friend- a truly kind, deeply gentle and magical person, passed on too, now free from her past form and gracing the universe with the softest, warmest light ... I see and feel her everywhere...we both know I will carry her in me and with me, forever / and so this foto of me - shy, reclusive me - from one of the most glorious days of my life, so present in my body and so free in time and space...in this foto I see all the love of my ancestors, I see all the memories and feelings and promises, I see my elders combing my hair with their fingers, kissing my skin with their sungold essence, singing to me songs that I knew before I was born... [ portrait by my best friend, on film/
a glimpse of something we have been working on all year in mexico ] #35mm

I never really thought of myself as someone who takes pictures of sunsets...but this sunset was supersonic, extraordinary, bleeding light after a day-long lightning storm/ this past year has been both the worst and the best of my life and my beautiful, powerful family keeps SOBREVIVIENDO what comes our way! there’s so much magic growing, be patient, keep watering, it’s comin... / foto taken from our roof at home, on film / july 2018

water is the milk from the gods’ bosom 🦂🦀 / fotos on film by me and my dearest @sinemaxseason

tia, in eternal conjure,
on film by me 👁


times in our world are terribly dark, always finding healing in creation: this powerful being radiates so much light, strength and healing with her transcendent, enchanting, muti-dimensional music ! my sis tia, better known as @spellling, on film, by me 🌍 / the beyond incredible video for @spellling ‘s “Hard To Please” by @billie0cean is up now via @stereogum x 7” on @sacredbones out next Friday!!!! support this magnificent goddess!!!!!🦋 #35mm

cancer season is so tender and vibrant and sensitive and strong and vicious and forgiving /
queen goddess jaliessa, on film

this foto makes me cry and smile because I can feel your ancestors holding hands with you, kissing your brown skin and healing your sweet soul ! my family, my mirror, future past and present, on film /
more soon by us... #35mm

magic w/ the goddess jaliessa on film /

I’ve been at a loss for words lately as I gather strength to fight the demons we’re facing: working on decolonizing my mind, body and soul, resisting and revolutionizing, fighting and loving as deeply as I can, carrying the ancestors always, always, protecting the youth, always, always. This is for my indigenous peoples, this is for my black peoples, my brown peoples, my people. This foto and more work from the incredible @byshavonne , @its_not_a_date and @steffromero_ will be showing at @b_league_ opening 7/7 from 7-10 pm /

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