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cancer season is so tender and vibrant and sensitive and strong and vicious and forgiving /
queen goddess jaliessa, on film

this foto makes me cry and smile because I can feel your ancestors holding hands with you, kissing your brown skin and healing your sweet soul ! my family, my mirror, future past and present, on film /
more soon by us... #35mm

magic w/ the goddess jaliessa on film /

I’ve been at a loss for words lately as I gather strength to fight the demons we’re facing: working on decolonizing my mind, body and soul, resisting and revolutionizing, fighting and loving as deeply as I can, carrying the ancestors always, always, protecting the youth, always, always. This is for my indigenous peoples, this is for my black peoples, my brown peoples, my people. This foto and more work from the incredible @byshavonne , @its_not_a_date and @steffromero_ will be showing at @b_league_ opening 7/7 from 7-10 pm /

I haven’t been here, but I’ve been here:
part one of steff in her oma’s dresses, on film 📌

self portrait: depression,anxiety🕸
y’all I’m casting casting casting casting casting casting for three very special projects! I need more muses for these visions to come to life! please hit me up! catalina.xavlena@gmail.com

a note about The Power Plant (fka @powerplantoakland ) :
I created The Power Plant a few years ago when I was just a baby—an avid vintage collector, activist and artist of color that wanted to explore how to bring all these elements together into one entity. As a young mixed woman of color I was disgusted with the vintage clothing industry-the total lack of representation of people of color, queer identities &bodies and the blatant perpetuation of white business owners appropriating culture for profit. It was also extremely important to me to honor Oakland’s revolutionary history and my family’s three generations within it. I knew I wanted to create something different. The Power Plant is what emerged. I know a lot of you first saw my work through the lens of The Power Plant and many of you follow me here because of it. I want to thank you for taking that journey with me. So many of you have shown so much love and appreciation for The Power Plant and I will always be grateful for that. I am so grateful too for those of you that pushed me and encouraged me to explore my art beyond the confines of that finite point of view.
I had an amazing, life-changing experience growing The Power Plant. I met and worked with a lot of incredible, inspiring people, many that are still some of my dearest friends today. I learned so much from the experience and undoubtedly became a truer artist, creator and activist because of it.
Something very important that I learned is that at the end of the day—I don’t want to be a business owner. I don’t want to sell my time and energy directly into capitalism. I want to create for the sake of creating; I want to build community and fight oppression for the people, not for profit. I have mad respect for all my peers that run small businesses and have found it to be a rewarding hustle, but I quickly realized it’s not for me, at least not at this point in my young life. Along with other major life journeys and transitions, I took a big step away from The Power Plant in 2016. As an artist, I needed the space and time to focus on my creations without inhibition or obligation.
(cont. in comments, please read)

second home

hi everyone, im casting for various foto and film projects! all folks welcome!
no requirements, just be you!
hit me>
catalina.xavlena@gmail.com ...
[ one of my favorites of toya at night on film ]

I’ve met a lot of spirits

an ancient and sacred
150 ft deep cenote -ts’onot in maya-
85 ft under the earth 💫
my best friend and I
off the side of the road
in the middle of the jungle
after driving for hours
to swim in the sacred water

on film /

still taking a big break from this internet stuff, but I will be updating here & my website
w/ more travels, new work and big future announcements soon!
stay in touch!

hi y’all, hope everyone has been doing good! I’ve been traveling, healing, creating, loving deeply and taking a break from social media & I am going to continue to do so! It’s been extremely freeing for me both in my healing and creative process. I do miss seeing the amazing things y’all do & create though, so please keep in touch! If we don’t have each other’s numbers, dm me ! txt me! I wanna have more real conversations, real collaborations, real life and less presence here! I’m working away on lots of special creations so stay tuned for that! stay up, y’all! ✌🏾💫

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