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C A T A L I N A  | OAKLAND | | film photography | | visuals | words | sounds | | founder of @powerplantoakland | | filmmaker | fantasy the film| #fantasythefilm


rerun cause I love this foto & am always in awe of this being 💫
I’ve been hibernating lately, seeking healing and transformation but there are numerous new things coming soon and exciting updates on the big projects too! soon! 🌩
shot on film #35mm

honoring the solar return of this capricorn goddess / lol this is damn near a toya fan page now / keep shinin & inspiring, sis ⭐️toya on film

toya, of earth 🦇on film [ this is one of my favorite fotos I've ever taken.. abundant gratitude to toya for all the energy and time she has shared with me for the many creations I have under way .. stay tuned ]


there's a feeling when you fall -plummeting- in a dream and wake as you return to your body on earth

out of body | on film


me by me on film #35mm

water on earth, earth on water, calm in chaos | toya on film #35mm

expanding 🦋
still my favorite portrait by my favorite person

I was raised by a single mama and a very small community of womxn-my family-some by blood, some by bond.
Men were fleeting entities that made appearances and never stayed, they were in fact never needed; the womxn held it down, the womxn preservered, the womxn were the leaders, healers, protectors.
I am who I am due to the womxn- ancestral and present-day - that raised me, fed me, taught me, challenged me, nurtured me, taught me, fought me, pushed me, supported me, loved me. I would be nothing without these womxn.
Last month, I lost two of those womxn, within the course of one week. Both of my aunties ended their lives for reasons beyond what I can share here, but I can say that mental illness was a factor in both of their passings. My family and I are in mourning. This is a journey we are learning how to take as we take it. I cannot turn back time or change what has already happened. But what I can do is honor, support and nurture what still remains here, in this time, in this circle of earth. This is a reminder to myself and others to love yourself and your loved ones actively; be patient, be willing to feel the difficult,the challenging, the unknown. No one should traverse the isolating and complex reality of mental illness alone. I am thankful for the gang of strong, powerful, magical womxn that I came from and grateful too for the loved ones that I have met along the way.
Please expect future work in honor of these womxn.
This is extremely difficult to share, but I feel it is important to do so.
Lastly, I am working on compiling a collection of resources for people struggling with mental illness, suicide and loss. I would like this collection of comprehensive and holistic resources to be accessible to all people, but especially to people of color, to poor and struggling folks, to womxn and lgbtq communities, to undocumented people, to non-english speakers, to people who are isolated, neglected and cut off from the privilege of access to help that only a very small percentage of people actually get. I need YOUR help! If anyone has any resources to share or would like to help in this effort, please DM or email catalina.xavlena@gmail.com

what is the difference between a dream and a memory?
an actual memory from childhood, as a faraway dream 🥀
filmed by mi abuelito / edited by me

semaj, as goddess of wind, on film by me /
new site just landed- links to my film photography, fantasy the film, and more! www.catalinaxavlena.com 💫link in bio💫



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