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✨HVE✨Trans-Queer POC Owned✨  WEDS-THURS 12–9PM, FRI 12-10PM, Saturday 11AM-3PM/5-10PM & Sunday brunch 11AM–3PM. 510-480-6777

Flauta floating on cloud 69 come say hiiii avocado is optional and highly encouraged 😘✨✨

The week got you stressin? No worries qt, anyone can be a Champ!
GF Breakfast of Champions plate here for you!

We are writing to you all as two latinx trans/queer POC owners of Hella Vegan Eats.
We would like to apologize for an incident that occurred this past Friday night at the restaurant and hold ourselves accountable as owners of HVE. We are extremely sorry for any pain we have caused and are doing everything we can to facilitate a dialogue between everyone who was involved to pursue a long term solution.
We have made it our business philosophy to prioritize queer, trans, and people of color because that is how we (the owners of this business) identify and have lived our entire lives battling transphobia, homophobia, and white supremacy. We want the sacrifices we have made to get to the point of owning a restaurant to reflect who we are and who we strive to be. This has been a wake up call to us to be more mindful of issues surrounding race and conduct ourselves more professionally in the workplace.
We are wholeheartedly sorry to the folks who were hurt by the actions of one of our employees. It is really important to us as business owners to pursue communal healing as a way of moving forward. We are here to answer the call to do better as a public space, especially for the people of color who work and eat here.
We have survived as a business due to community support all these years. This is why it is extraordinarily important for us to show up for our community and do all we can to restore trust and challenge ourselves to examine our behavior and the behavior of our staff at all times.
It is not our intention to brush off this incident but rather to examine it critically and figure out how we can learn and grow as a community and continue to be a place where queer, trans, POC feel respected and celebrated. If anyone from our community has any comments or concerns, please reach out to us directly at hellavegan@gmail.com.

We’re back open today after a long weekend. Shishito peppers for lunch. Abolish ICE for life. #thatshellavegan

We are closed today but we strongly encourage you to show your solidarity and support to the radical folks who are occupying ICE/DHS in San Francisco today ~~~ BBQ begins at NOON ~~ see our stories for more info! #abolishice #occupyicesf #solidarity #endwhitesupremacy #deporttheracists #queerasinabolishice

We will be closed tomorrow 7/4/18

Dinner is served! Check out this hottie here, the chicken Katsu burger. Panko fried chicken, shiso aioli, tonkatsu sauce, cucumber, pickled daikon and carrot and fresh romaine on our housemade bun. #thatshellavegan

Tots tots tots totstotstots! Today’s special is our breakfast totchos - hot tots with savory tofu scram, ojo rojo sauce, smoked cashew crema, pickled jalapeño, pickled red onion, radish, cilantro and toasted cashew crumbles. #thatshellavegan

Happy pride y’all ✨🌈💕 image by @garcia_emmanuel

😍😈OMG 🌈💓 so i know it’s pride n all but us queer/trans gaybies are gonna be serving up this ✨BLT✨ all night for dinner!! 😻😻😻 come on down!! seitan maple bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, and basil pumpkin seed pesto on texas toast!! served w a salad!! omg so good! (i recommend adding avocado or fried chicken)
p.s. take this bby to go to your pride parties! you’ll be the talk of the town!

L U N C H T I M E 12-5pmish

A take of two bitties. Olallieberry-Freqberry Fritter and GF Salted Chocolate-Cherry Cookies! Saturday special so get yours quick like!

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