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✨HVE✨Trans-Queer POC Owned✨  WEDS-THURS 12–9PM, FRI 12-10PM, Saturday 11AM-3PM/5-10PM & Sunday brunch 11AM–3PM. 510-480-6777


Everyone's one true love, BROCKO'S MODERN NACHOS, are back and better than ever featuring our savory tofu scramble 😍 with spicy hot queso, salsa, pickle jalapeños and cilantro❣❣❣ cum n git em❣❣❣

Babe 4 Babe! Swing bi for a tasty treat and slurp on this Oakland Dry Cider from our one block over neighbs @crookedcitycider

Sweet treats and babes all dang day! 😋💦

Spring is here and Thai iced teas are back! Cold brewed Ceylon tea topped with our house made coconut cream. #thatshellavegan

Go team brunch!

Tonight’s very special special is Brocko’s Modern Nachos. They’re hot and ready single and ready to mingle. Come get them while they last! #thatshellavegan

SUN'S OUT 🌞 SO GET YA BUNS OUT HERE❣❣❣ this salad is glutes free btw 🤗 serving her til 4pm ish and then it's dinner time bbs!

Oops we did it again 😘💖 beignets and brunch magic today 11am-2:45pm!

DINNER MENU burgers and everything else 💕 swipe to see both sides 💕 #allcatsarebeautiful

CALL ME MAYBE 💅🏽 510.480.6777

@cher_strauberry our amazing @unityskateboarding friend popped in for a visit and JUST SO HAPPENED to have the perfect hat to match our ✨NEW✨SPECIAL✨ BROCKO'S MODERN NACHOS!!!!!!!! Btw they are perfect to cher 🤗 w/ ur friends and lovers❣❣❣ ALSO JUST ADD HAWT QUESO TO EVERYTHING 💦😛 #veganqueso #vegannachos #thatshellavegan

Hella desserts and hella other lunch items available RIGHT FLIPPIN NOW 🐬🐬🐬💦💦💦 and stay tuned for a ✨BRAND✨NEW✨SPECIAL✨ITEM✨ sooooooooooooooooon

We want to say THANK YOU to everyone who reached out to us over the weekend about the post we made during the Women’s March. We were experiencing a really high volume of customers coming from the march and wanted to make it clear that folks participating in Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism (aka TERFS) were not welcome. This message created a really valuable dialogue about the importance of safe spaces and inclusivity. We are a trans/queer POC owned business and a majority of the folks who work with us identify as trans/queer. As you can understand, celebrating intersectionality as a means of resistance is a huge cornerstone of who we are as a business. And to be perfectly honest, we did not feel comfortable serving people whose politics actively cause harm to trans people.
As a result, we faced some retaliation on social media. We started receiving a flurry of 1-star reviews from people who wanted to hurt our business because we are vocal about our beliefs. BUT THEN SOMETHING AMAZING happened. We started receiving HUNDREDS of 5-star reviews with beautiful messages of love and support from folks all around the country. In addition to the very kind reviews, we also received a ton of messages of appreciation and support from friends and strangers a like. We can’t tell y’all how much your love means to us.
We hold our customers dear to us because their support over the years has made it possible for us to find our own true identities and in turn create a space for others to do the same. We are a vegan restaurant but more than that we are a business that strives to empower people to express themselves freely. We want the people we work with to feel safe and celebrated, we want our customers to see trans people thriving.
The outpouring of support that we received makes us want to push even harder for a safer and brighter future of inclusion of all trans people fighting for equality.
And to celebrate, we will be donating a 10% of our sales this week to TGI Justice Project— an incredible organization of trans, gender variant, and intersex people fighting against human rights abuses of trans people.

Dulce de Leche Coffee Cake today! Serving up brunch magic and anti-TERF sass 11am-3pm! Come say hi 😘

Eat somewhere else or just leave this planet #bye #2018 #getittogether #thefutureisnonbinary

You’re going to be hearing a lot about our fresh vegan beignets in the near future. Chances are they won’t make it through the day so hurry up and come get one! Oh and don’t forget we close today and tomorrow (1/20-1/21) at 3pm! #beignYAY #thatshellavegan

Lunch! Lunch! Lunch! Swing by for chicken salads, chicken burgers, crispy fried chicken and duh it’s vegano ya sassypants! Bring you and a friend and those pants NOW!!!!! Open at 12pm sharp—ish

it’s a gloomy day but our scrumptious chile verde chicken quesadilla comes with its own cute little umbrella! ☔️

👀i spy with my giant disembodied eye something sweet!! come on down to hella vegan eats for a taste of these delicious treats!! while ur scarfing down our cookies and cakes you can check out all of @lcor ‘s dreamy work hanging up in the gallery! 👁👄👅

Speaking of specials, we’re running Brocko’s Totchos today! Tater tots, organic savory scramble, smoked cashew crema, ojo rojo hot sauce and pickled jalapeño. $10 until we run out!

Hey babes! Here’s our hella dreamy lunch menu for this week! We may have some surprise specials, so stay tuned!
This Saturday Jan. 20 we’ll be closing at 3pm for a private event.

💗💥 come on down it’s SUNDAY BRUNCH 💋💋💋
here we got the chicken chilaquiles w/ some yummy tofu scramble, shredded chicken, corn tortillas topped off with chile verde, cashew crema, cilantro, radish, n cashew crumbles!! yummmmy 😋😋 💫 our exclusive hand model @technopagan420 will be here running your foodies until 3 o’clock! 💗🎀🌸

We highly recommend adding fried chicken to our Chile Verde Chicken Chilaquiles! Staff pick of the moment and #glutenfree to boot!

Be a friend, split some burgers already!! Oakland Royality @buttsweatntears @xtra_tropical getting down on a Chicken Ranch Burger and Mega Babe Burger split into two shared plates. Could this be meal that makes two become one, perhaps the flavors could meld into the lustful creamy dreamy delight that only two could share? We sure hope so! #allcatsarebeautiful

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