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the name says it all  i assume you know what my page is about.


•i wish i could edit like this•

•hOLY sHIT gUYS, I gOT nOMINATED, iM the oNLY vARCHIE sHIP aCCOUNT, so if you can please please pleaaaasseeee vote for me, mostly for varchie, voting ends August 22nd! We don't got much time and it's going to be really tough to win since there is a TON OF BUGHEAD SHIPPERS. Vote for other accounts too i'm not telling you to just vote for me.(well maybe a little) But yea! Thank you guys sooooo much! Agh i love you all too much .🖤🌙•
#varchie #riverdale #archieronnie #veronicalodge #archieandrews -
also if you are a varchie account yourself or you just really ship varchie, if you can it would mean a lot if you could shout me out telling people to vote for me! And you could perhaps get a shoutout from myself! ☺️🖤
also i think in the voting rules it says you can vote 5 times a day, make sure you remember!

•i love this edit so much•
creds: @riverdaledits

|deleted riverdale scene, pt 2|

|holy shit|

|deleted riverdale scene, pt 1|
what varchie related scene do you want me to post?

|theme spacer 2/3|

|theme spacer 2/3|

|theme spacer 1/3|

sorry i haven't posted that new deleted riverdale scene, i'm too lazy, and i was cleaning some house with my mother
photo creds: @taspole

she looks so soft and innocent, bitch isn't tho, i love her , name a better duo i'll wait 👏

deleting later, but my friend has no chill lmao

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