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Its Ya Boi Helen  16 (She/They) ❤️Leo ~amateur #cosplayer~ •Next con: Ikkicon Use code: helenscosplay for a coupon at pinkyparadise! 👇tellonym👇

I did a costest of Mt. Lady. Do ya like it?
Big thanks to @snowthesaltqueen for letting me borrow the cosplay. I figured I was never going to get my own cosplay of her so might as well try it out.
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My top nine of this year! I’ve gotta say it’s been a wild fucking ride but I made it through and I honestly am so much stronger and happier coming out of 2018 than I have been for so long. (Bit of a sappy rant below)
First I’d just like to thank @snowthesaltqueen @eggexplosionmurder @discount.yam and @tea._.cup_cos for being the best friend group I could’ve asked for and supporting me throughout this whole year I swear y’all have made this time so much better and more bearable for me and I’m eternally grateful to you all.
@code002s @palegutz @zettai_kibou
@roxylalonde @ppiinker @lunorevo.ish @elliotcosplays @nubsmcegbert @gradualphase @strangerthenstrange @spacemermaid.cosplays @charlatan.cosplay @trash_can_cosplay and @medusa.dreams for being wonderful friends. Even though I haven’t been as active or close with y’all this year as I could have been I want you all to know I appreciate you guys and your friendship and support means the world to me!
I obviously can’t make a cheesy post without ranting about leo so here we are! @mysteriousreaper.cosplay has been a continuously wonderful part of my life this entire year and for always being there for me! I love you so much babe and here’s to another year of us!
Of course I also have to thank all of you guys, my followers, for supporting me and being such a positive force in my life. When I started out I literally didn’t think I could get any higher than 200 followers and we’ve come so far from then it’s actually mind blowing to me!
And lastly I wanna thank my kitten, Willa. We only just got her a few weeks ago but she’s a fluffy little ball of joy and happiness and I’m so glad to have her in my life!
And with that, happy new year!! It’s been a ride and I hope 2019 is amazing for all of us!

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I had to hop on the trend! #cosplayalignment chart started by @itsginnydi but I found it from @daberrybestcosplays

I know my lighting sucks but it got dark fast so I substituted Christmas lights for actual good lighting

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