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Soul Guide | Psychic | Channel  THEY'RE BACK! The Little Sage Oracle Cards are officially back in stock. Grab yourself a deck (or two) now.

Love seeing students of Guided Living immersing in the course. Had a group call today, talking spirit guides and manifesting and signs and symbols. My kinda morning! Did you know you can enroll anytime? I’d love to share this with you too x 📸 via @growingholistic

THEY’RE BACK! The Little Sage Oracle Cards are officially back in stock!

These babies were first brought to market almost 5 years ago and have made their way to far flung corners of the globe. They’ve travelled with so many of you (looking at you @thetravellinglight and @lorraineremarks!), they’ve become part of your daily routines, they’ve helped shift you through major life change and inner transformation, and they’re the go-to gift for loved ones I know have been sorely missed. I hadn’t realised what an impact they’d made til they were gone - almost daily emails asking me how to get a hold of them… well, wait no more! What an honour and privilege to bring them back again, so they can continue to be loved by so many of you.

Head on to the link in the profile to grab yourself a deck (or two!) now. Hx

The waitlist will catch the special offer - details landing in inboxes tomorrow morning. If you’ve been waiting for my oracle cards... jump on the waitlist now! Cannot wait for tomorrow morning. Sign up via the link in profile Hx #thelittlesageoraclecards #thelittlesage #oraclecards

I love seeing The Little Sage Oracle Cards in use ... and we’re about to see even more! They’re coming back!! Join the waitlist to get yours (and a special treat) when they’re ready to send out again. This beautiful pic of Lexi via @lorraineremarks ... I was only just this morning telling my Guided Living students to incorporate their kids into their practice! 👯‍♀️

You guys.... I’m bringing back The Little Sage Oracle Cards!! Still a few things to organise in the backend of our system, but we have a waitlist for those of you eager to get them! You’ll find the link via the bio... and I’ll have a treat for those of you signed up, once they’re back! Can’t wait!! Hx
#thelittlesageoraclecards #thelittlesage #oraclecards

Last chance for a FREE deck of The Little Sage Oracle Cards (and shipping) when you join Guided Living. Only available with purchases before the end of today. I’ll be sending out the first Guided Living module next Monday to your inbox - join via the link in the bio Hx @helenjacobs.co

As I’m bringing back the work from The Little Sage under the program name Guided Living, I’ve been flooded with love from many of you who’ve worked with this material over the years - you’ve gone on to leave jobs, change locations, deepen or end relationships, rewire your finances and health and well-being and more! And you’ve done it from your own guidance, listening to the healing journey you’re guided towards and the supports you personally need to work with. And you’ve been telling me that even after some time, you come back to these foundations again and again - as do I. ✨

These past few years I’ve been busy behind the scenes channeling more on the path that unfolds once we start following our guidance - but it all begins with the foundations in this program. Before we can truly integrate with soul, we need to know how to build a relationship with her, and all the guiding beings assigned to us. ✨

I’m pumped to be bringing it back - our first module (including the old TLS meditations) lands in students’ inboxes next week. ✨

Still time to join us AND get a deck of The Little Sage Oracle Cards shipped to you, FOR FREE.
Are you ready for Guided Living? Hx

Out of no where, the resistance hit. Hard. I thought I’d processed this, cleared it, healed it. And yet here it was again. So for the past few days, I’ve sat with this understanding of myself which would have been much nicer to ignore, shut down, avoid.... the path of least resistance isn’t in ignoring our feelings or circumventing them; we experience less resistance when we actually explore its cause and heal that. Only then does the resistance truly drop. Our guidance comes in so many nuanced ways, we must stay devoted to it. And even then, it sneaks up to surprise you when you least expect it - at least I can rest assured that I am equally guided through the change and transformation, if I turn within. The way through resistance is not “out there”, it’s in here. If you want support through your own transformations and the nuanced way you’re being guided within, I’d love to support you. Guided Living lands in students’ inboxes next week! Hx

Have you ever felt stuck? I sure have! It’s heavy, confusing, stifling. It feels like we “off our path”, going backwards, or nowhere at all.

In my latest blog post I'm exploring how our stuckness, discomfort, disconnection, dissatisfaction, frustration is, in fact, guiding us, but not to make changes and choices in our outer world... Rather, these feelings are guiding us to come back within our hearts, into our inner world to effect change. As we turn inward, we will be guided to the root cause of these feelings and as we work with the Guidance Cycle of clearing, healing and restoring what we find there, we create the way to manifest the new. And of course, what we then create must be in alignment with our own unique soul path and purpose.

These frameworks and process – and their interconnectivity – is what I’ve been channeling from the High Council of Sages and it forms the foundations of Guided Living. If you'd like to come deeper into your own guidance, I hope you'll join me for my new program, Guided Living. Enrollments are now open! To read the full blog post head up to the link in my bio and select Latest Post. Hx

We are connected to so much more than meets the physical eye - and when we open to it, we not only open to guidance, but to ourselves and the infinite possibility of all of life supporting us.

I remember how long it took me to turn to my guidance for answers - and I’d already been able to connect to spirit for years!

In my latest blog post, I'm sharing my own experience of gradually learning to trust my guidance and how, over the years, my guidance has had me weaving in and out of the inner and outer actions to take - leading me further and deeper along my own path.

Head up to the link in my bio and select the "Latest Blog" button to read more about my journey and how I can help support yours! And remember, Guided Living is starting soon.  There's still a few early enrollment bonuses you can take advantage of! Hx

Last call for special bonuses when you join me for Guided Living - the 4 bonus group Q&A calls with me end tonight. You also get $50 off the course price AND a deck of The Little Sage Oracle Cards with FREE shipping. But access to the calls ends soon - you can join via link in the bio @helenjacobs.co Hx

We are constantly receiving guidance, inner nudges, signs and symbols leading us from one step to the next. Rather than the occasional surprise, a whole new life emerges when it becomes our modus operandi. In fact, that very principle changed my entire life - it led me to a new career aligned with my purpose, my love and our girls, our home and So Much More. If you’re ready to lay the foundations for a life lived from guidance - from your very soul blueprint - Guided Living might just be for you. Hx

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