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Soul Guide | Psychic | Channel  "What you seek is seeking you." Join my 6 month group transformation, Seeker, to unearth what your soul wants to bring forth through you. More here 👇


You've heard me talk about the commitment and signing up to the Soul Path. When we do that as an individual we are, of course, signing up to our very Soul. But many of us may not realise that in doing so we are also committing to a new frequency, a new vibration... what I've been calling an energetic wave.
When we commit to our Soul, we lift up into that next higher vibration. My job as a Soul Guide and a Psychic is to read the energy of that wave that we step into and help you in navigating your own Soul Path.

As we continue to bloom and emerge during this beautiful expansion you may also wish to understand or invite healing and insight into what is being set free, let go of, healed, changed, transformed... So that this can be expressed. What are you letting go of and what are you opening to? 📷: via Pinterest

As we continue to draw energy into the overarching theme of 'Emerge + Be Fearless' you may start to get a sense of the newness, the change, or indeed what's being let go as you start to open to your own unique path and the steps that lay ahead of you. At any point over the coming months (and beyond for that matter) you can come back into connection with your Soul and keep asking this question: What would you have me express?

Last, last chance! We’re about to close the doors on enrolments to Seeker.
If you sit and listen to your Soul, and she’s calling you in… now’s the time.
You need only be willing to follow the call of your Soul - in Seeker, I’ll guide you through the how.
I can’t wait to journey with you, dear Seeker, when class starts on Monday.

Did you know you not only have a Soul Blueprint, but also an Earth Blueprint?
You are supported by the Earth to live out your purpose. These two forces are destined to meet -- via gateways in your body -- where you alchemise all the forces to unearth and unleash the full radiance and brilliance of your transmission in the world.
Your purpose is seeking you.
Your abundance is seeking you.
And the dreams of your soul are seeking to be made manifest through you.
Ready to say YES to what you seek? Enrol now - closes in just a few hours.

FINAL DAY to enrol in Seeker.
I will guide and support this group of soul-guided women through a deep transformational journey.
We explore:
+ Your soul call, your soul blueprint and what wants to come forth in you
+ The abundance and support encoded in your Earth Blueprint; how to unlock it and receive it
+ Your soul map and the aligned action to move from where you are to where your soul wants to go
+ The aspects of your human and soul selves
+ The alchemical transformation of merging the human and soul selves
+ How to bring all of this into your life as a LIVED expereince.
Don’t put off the call of your soul any longer.
Doors close later today - enrol now to journey with me for the next 6 months.

A beautiful previous client of mine said that I was like a Soul Midwife, helping her to birth herself and her soul dream.
What an honour!
If you want such a presence as you emerge into the fullness of your soul, if you want to unlock the essence of your soul blueprint and the abundance encoded in your earth blueprint, I would be humbled and honoured to guide your journey.
This time tomorrow, enrollments close for Seeker. You don’t have to miss out - I am here to guide, support and nurture you through this transformation. Don’t miss this!

As a collective we’re moving beyond awakening and into subsequent phases - which require new supports, new processes and new healing as we learn to operate in these new frequencies.
I’ve been channeling the guidance of the High Council of Sages to understand just what these supports, processes and healings look and feel like.
And they’re available to you through Seeker.
If you’re ready to uplevel and upgrade your energy to continue riding the collective waves back into alignment with your soul (rather than bumping around in the dark), enrol now - just over 24 hours to go!

Although I’ve personally embodied what I teach at Seeker, I still get a real kick out of seeing how it’s helping others transform.
Maybe you can relate to Lauren, who worked with the Seeker pilot program earlier this year... “Six months ago, I decided to start down a path that I knew would change things up a bit, but I never could have guessed how much. I feel like my inner world transformation has already been massive- the stories I tell myself, the care I choose to take of myself, my understanding of how critical it is to clear and heal what no longer serves you, my understanding of fear and it's place in my life. There are so many inner changes and I am already seeing a flow in my outer world - new job (with the perfect, flexible hours that I have been hoping to find), better health and I just feel happier and more energised!" If you want to be able to say this in 6 months time, enroll in Seeker today. Enrollments close tomorrow!

Feeling a bit fatigued by all the online program promises? I know. I get it.
Seeker is more group mentoring than online program. I’ve combined the best online programs (resources, meditations, video demonstrations) with the best of mentoring with me (regular group interaction, fortnightly calls and live Q&A chats). I respond to the group dynamic, our energy and the direction of the High Council of Sages to bring this content to you in Real Time.
Seeker is a true partnership - I am with you every step of the way. You are not alone in this journey back into wholeness with your Soul. 📷:@gemma_peanut

"For some time I felt I was being called to step-up and live a more soul-led life, ‘but how?’ I asked. The answer, put simply, was Helen. With gentle guidance and a huge heart, Helen has a way of holding me accountable to my soul that I’ve never felt before. She really sees me and her unwavering commitment to me and my expansion is always delivered so beautifully - in such a natural loving way - that I can’t help but delve deeper into the core of who I am." - Laura Downie

My biggest lesson over the past 12 months, working on bringing through this new work, rebranding and repositioning my business and reorganising our family in our newly purchased home.

All guided by soul. But all asking me to stand, firmly, in the dark unknown.

THIS is the essence of the soul journey.

Deep devotion. Unwavering trust. And nerves of f*ing steel!

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