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Helen Betty Ann  Actress and Model based in Sussex! Contact me with any work enquiries/ friendly questions! helenbettyann@yahoo.com | NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO LINKED BELOW:


Enjoy yourself and you body, masturbate, sing shamelessly, dance like everyone is watching, perform your life with joy! @andychang_photo

This makes me look as crazy as I feel 📸@nuriimolins

Moood 🤙🏻🤙🏻

My latest photo got taken down yesterday, I am assuming it was because you could see the outline of my nipple if you zoomed in.
I don't know how to feel about it, I have had photos taken down before and in every other case, although I don't agree with the sexualising and censoring of female nipples in this day and age I could understand that everyone has different opinions about the topic. However in this instance I felt a little humiliated and disappointed. The photo was not set up to show me in a sexual way and as I said you could only just about see the nipple if you zoomed in. I recently asked someone who identifies as gender neutral whether she has photos with her nipple shown taken down and she said yes, all the time. I don't know what I want to say about this topic, as much as I would love to feel unrestricted by censorship when creating things and not have to worry about whether posting a photo will get my account deleted (I have been told this is something instagram has started doing if you offend too many times) I can't help thinking that because we are in Instagrams house we have to abide by Instagram rules. 📸📸@ha0yang
Would love to know your opinions on this topic!

I see my Instagram as an art project rather than an accurate reflection of my life, what do you use Instagram for? As a diary, a portfolio or just to get inspiration from other accounts? (New video out on my channel - link in my bio)

A great range of facial expressions

A while ago I captioned a photo saying I don't usually like black and whites because removing the colour from an image is like taking away an element that made the picture beautiful. Since then it seems that everyone I have worked with has made it their mission to prove me wrong 🤣

Aujourd'hui with IainT

Writing love letters to myself has become a healthy habit

If you haven't seen already there is a new video on my channel! In the video I take you through what I do to get ready for a shoot - head on over to youtube to check it out! (Link to the video in my bio)

NEW VIDEO UPLOAD TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL 'Get ready with me for a photoshoot' (Link in my bio) In the video I take you through my makeup routine and things I do to prepare before being on camera!
Another fab one from @ha0yang

Filming today @ha0yang

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