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Helen Betty Ann  CONTACT ME! helenbettyann@yahoo.com ✉️ ✉️✉️NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO LINKED BELOW:


It's hard to admit but I've been feeling really shit mental health wise recently. I am making a lot of big decisions career wise which is really affecting how I identify myself and I am at this massive cross roads without the capacity to decide what to eat for breakfast without having a panic attack.
Fuck that, I refuse to feel like that anymore, I am loving life and I really appreciate the support I receive from my family and friends and people on the internet ❤️ On another note, thanks for your suggestions as to where I should sell my photo collections, I am looking forward to advertising them tomorrow! 💪💪💪

I am excited to announce I am going to be on the next WeeklyImogen photography workshop with @imogenrhiannon on June 25th in Greenwich!
There are still two places left on the workshop - email @unexpected.tales to book your place!
I am super excited to meet you and cover some interesting themes and locations on the day!

I am collaborating with @studenthighstreet to showcase pieces by emerging designers and artists like @creep_like_me who made these adorable leggings.
Student High Street gives students who want to start their own brand the chance to sell on their platform creating opportunities for them to network and grow. In an industry where often people are climbing on each other to reach the top of the ladder communities like @studenthighstreet are refreshing and needed. I am proud to be able to help in representing them!
Check them out! I have linked the platform in my bio and use code 'HELENBA10' for 10% off!

I am thinking of selling private collections of photos over on BentBox!
You would receive high res pictures that can be seen no where else online and an exclusive behind the scenes video along with them.
Each set will have a quirky concept and storyline with props scouted in charity shops, basically just a creative outlet for me and the photographer and exclusive photos for you!
Let me know if that is something you might be interested in!

@isabella_beschizza I miss shooting with you babe 🌻🌻🌻
I get way more likes when I post revealing images but my heart is with the arty ones 💚

I shot this set last week with @unexpected.tales while we were scouting for new locations to shoot in Greenwich - the next photography workshop is being held there!
PS. There is a new video up on my YouTube channel! I talk about how to get regular paid modelling work and whether it is worth signing to a modelling agency. Check it out! (Link in my bio)

Friday shooting with @tegenaccessories @di_hmua and Simon Cole. I can't wait to get my hands on the edits!

Taken and edited by @ha0yang ❤️

70s chick

You are beautiful no matter what size! The average female size and shape is being underrepresented in the media and has been for some time but that doesn't mean that your size isn't beautiful!
Let's change the perception that everything but a small waist and thighs is undesirable, the aim should be to be mentally and physically healthy and strong, not to fit into the jeans you outgrew 5 years ago!

Obsessed by Harvey Gordon from the contact sheet looks like film 😍

Part 2 from the contact sheet I like to call it get fucked ISIS 📷📷Harvey Gordon

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