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Helena Bjälkemo  Hyfsat hurtig sportfåna, som oftast är glad men vägrar bli motionär. Ger mig inte förrän jag gjort maran under 3 och milen på 36 😬🏃‍♀️💨 Ba' gört!

What seems hard now, will one day become your warm up. Keep hustling 💪 Great things take time.

I had no idea swimming was such a violent sport. Luckily I swim with a lot of tools. Paddles, for example, have shown to be a great shield in the pool. Like today when I repeatedly had to ward off a kicking breaststroker. But seriously in a world where you can be anything. Please just be kind! #swimhappy

Feels like I am constantly under construction. There is always something to improve 😂 Especially in this discipline 😅

That feeling, princess! 😅 Definitely paying for yesterday’s double leg session 🥵 But pain is the doorway to my infinite potential 😉✌️

If you want magic in your life you’ve got to surround yourself with magical people ✨ Thank you Anna for great company in the pool this morning 😘 Your energy is contagious, did my fastest 2000m ever!

Gotta keep up with the kiddos. What’s your fuel of inspiration? #activemom

Some succeed because they're destined to. But most of us succeed because we're determined to. We had a shitty night and a tough morning. But I was determined to get to the gym. Although my bike session was shortened by a diaper change, I still managed to get 70 min of pure grind in. A success given our prerequisites!

I’m addicted to the feeling of having my shit together. Ever since I became a parent I’m failing daily 😂 But learning to accept the chaos and all my imperfections. Trying to focus on my strengths instead. I can dig really deep 👊

I struggled today. Ready to give up. But finished the workout. Still a swim. Still an effort. Still beating the inner voice telling me to stop. #anti-quit

Stressed and coffee obsessed. But in the water I’m present. In the moment. Focused on my breathing. I alternate between a humming little boat and a growl when I exhale, depending on the given circumstances. No snarling today tho, as I had the whole lane to myself in “helvetespölen” this morning 😃🙏

Let’s sculpt those thighs strong!

Absolutely drenched 💦 90 min spinn with @rebeccahammel will do that to you 😅 #idontsweatisparkle

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