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Jessica Wahl  Creative mastermind, mum, body positive, fiber artist, feminist, florist, creative activist, gardner and hobby biologist. Stockholm, Sweden.

Might have posted this before. It’s worth to be repeated. #nature #birds #notallmen

Must. Resist. Urge. To. Tagg. 😜

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Thick Thighs Thin Patience 😋 Wearing @fashionnovacurve ‘Slim Thick Crop Top’ & ‘Boot Camp Skirt Black’ #fashionnovacurve

#Repost @louisecehofski: 2018, still loading uncensored nipples

Preach! 🙌🏼💃🏼🧖🏻‍♀️#Repost @khrystyana
Being a BODY POSITIVE person is a STATE of your MIND NOT YOUR BODY. There is NO war between THIN and THICK and there never will be. There is only an internal battle we face each day with our choices and attitudes. Just because I was a few sizes smaller when facing more severe stages of self hate doesn’t MEAN I should battle anything to do with wanting to look a certain way. You can’t hate yourself for wanting to change! Even THAT part of you that wants something else can be embraced and actually celebrated. Self love and the journey to become body positive is SO individualized! For some it may be the other way around when they find more peace with themselves, and bottom line it’s what makes YOU feel good and more confident AT THE MOMENT!!!! Also, body positivity is about starting conversations, not only about the sizes and shapes, but about accepting and loving your face, your height, your scars, your knees (yup), your hair (any stage), your internal health conditions, as well as your mental and emotional health. With anything your body goes through there is a way to treat yourself with kindness. And hey, this kindness especially applies to your hardworking mind - it’s where you face your battles. Face them too with compassion, even on your craziest of days if life feels like hell. ALL of you at ANY moment of your WHOLE entire life is absolutely worthy of your own LOVE. Now shower yourself with all you've got from the bottom of your own gorgeous gut - hugs, khrystyana :D #bodyimage #bodypositive #selflove #bodylove #loveyourself #bopowarrior <<<< both before and after Deserve same loving >>>>>

Having some issues with the grammar of this message, but the method is on point. 👌🏼👙🍹 #Repost @cecile_hoodie
New version of one of my classic 😏
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Team Mattis! #Repost @rit_lucassi
Måndag betyder #ritlucassi 🏇

Nu pratar vi valkampanj! Först Bert Karlsson och nu går @buschebba full Godzilla on our asses. ⛪️🦖😂 #Repost @gundesvansomindian
Ebba Busch Thor som jättestor

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