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Wakey, wakey.
She was up at 3am asking for a snack, preferably an apple with peanut butter. 3:30 sneezing and wanting an allergy pill. 3:45am begging to watch tv. Then, 4:15 rolled around, "Mommy, will you tell me a story?" 4:30 crying, "Mommy, I can't sleep." 6:15: alarm jolted me so hard my head started pounding with a headache.
Going to be one of those days where I walk by my bed and have to will myself away from laying down "for just a quick power nap." 😜

She can't sleep. Too excited, I think. She insisted on leaving a letter to the Easter 🐰, then promised she'd head off to bed.
So very grateful for these sweet moments with my babes but tonight my heart is with those families trying to find safety and the basic necessities in which to simply survive. Prayers, love and donation.
Happy Easter Eve πŸ’•

Cousins. ❀️ ...cheering on, and giving lots of advice to, the littlest one of the bunch.

This boy... always messing around. I ❀️ you, Beckham!

One of the last days we can adventure in this magical spot-- it's Spring in its most unforgiving mood. Snapdragon and strawberry picking today.

Peyton's first track meet... so proud of her all of these kids running in this heat doing their best! #gowildcats #6

Bummed that all of our out of townies left us... 😭
Ivy and I are swimming ourselves happy again😘 #safetravelshome
@jbacarella1 @tbac33

I ❀ using IG stories when I cook, but it's super off the cuff, unplanned, and generally an all around mess of kids, homework and chaos. Tonight, I made green beans with bacon, kind of a Chicken Francaise (butter, lemon, parsley, white wine, chicken stock) and microwavable quinoa for the win!
Dredge through flour first even though I did it differently on IG stories. Then, dip flattened chicken through egg wash of salt, pepper, parsley. Heat olive oil and butter in pan, brown chicken on each side 4 mins.
Remove chicken from pan, add 1/4 cup wine and scrape up burned bits, cook liquid down. Add tablespoon butter. Add 1/2 cup chicken stock, return chicken to pan. Cook till tender.

Squeeze lemon on top! Enjoy. I'm off to dance with the bunny! She's excited... her big day is coming up!

Nutella. The root of most evil. πŸ˜‚
#caught πŸ“·: @etst

I forgot to post this on Friday... Ivy and her friend, Sage made the world's largest lollipop! 🍭🌈🍭🌈🍭 3 cups sugar, 1 cup water, 32 ounces light corn syrup-- boil until mixture reaches 310 degrees (takes about 20 minutes), remove from heat, add color, poor in mold lined with wax paper. Spray wax with nonstick spray. For the mold, we used an old round platter with 1 inch sides. Broke the side to let the stick lay flat. We used an old piñata stick for the 🍭 stick.

Just a couple of kids holding up traffic having a bottle-flipping war-- love the employees in the background cheering them on🍿

My wild things. 🌸🌼🌷 #firstdayofspring

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