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A little staycation with my energetic and very loud three this weekend-- sun, slides and a room service breakfast. The kids couldn't get over how cute the miniature bottles of condiments were. Peyton went looking for the strawberry jam but Ivy had already stashed it and the ketchup away in her overnight bag. 🤣Trying to squeeze every last penny, I mean minute, out of the day that we can. 🌈🌥💦

Those tear stained cheeks slay me❤️ The first one was the toughest but she chose to move forward with the second ear! Brave girl either way. She's been waiting for this day since she turned 5 in March.
Happy piercing day, Ivy!

Pancakes for dinner because even though I've spent $100,000 on groceries this week;)
nothing looked very appealing and the urge to be creative with food tonight was lost... homemade orange and blueberry pancakes with a side golden light for dinner. (Ivy is on my IG stories cooking it up for us!)

"Hey guys...!"
😂💕🌈 Ivy's How to Video on making Pipe cleaner Bracelets. Her idea and it's cracking me up!

I thank God everyday for these three beautiful babes of mine. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mamas and mama figures out there and especially to my own lovely mama and mother-in-law💕💕

The little one received her first team medal today for soccer--such little things that make her so happy, proud and feel like one of the big kids. ❤️ #freakinghotouttoday

Hallelujah-- sleep finally finds her. She was up again last night, jumping up and down on the bed asking for a 4am banana. Whispering in my ear and clutching my arm, "mama, I'm afraid of the lightening." I've been a zombie all day; she's been a bit whiny and demanding but all is forgotten as long as I get to cuddle up to my snoring soundly little girl.
#turnonthetv ❤️❤️❤️

Wakey, wakey.
She was up at 3am asking for a snack, preferably an apple with peanut butter. 3:30 sneezing and wanting an allergy pill. 3:45am begging to watch tv. Then, 4:15 rolled around, "Mommy, will you tell me a story?" 4:30 crying, "Mommy, I can't sleep." 6:15: alarm jolted me so hard my head started pounding with a headache.
Going to be one of those days where I walk by my bed and have to will myself away from laying down "for just a quick power nap." 😜

She can't sleep. Too excited, I think. She insisted on leaving a letter to the Easter 🐰, then promised she'd head off to bed.
So very grateful for these sweet moments with my babes but tonight my heart is with those families trying to find safety and the basic necessities in which to simply survive. Prayers, love and donation.
Happy Easter Eve 💕

Cousins. ❤️ ...cheering on, and giving lots of advice to, the littlest one of the bunch.

This boy... always messing around. I ❤️ you, Beckham!

One of the last days we can adventure in this magical spot-- it's Spring in its most unforgiving mood. Snapdragon and strawberry picking today.

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