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“Connection creates innovation” is a phrase that i hear often from my podcasting partner @davidkoz_ ✨ the best part of being at the Creativation show is reconnecting with people who inspire me, teach and support me... and i can do the same for them... even though I might only see them once a year. ✨✨ in one such conversation, @amytangerine shared this quote with me that she had just read. It totally resonated with me! ❤️ it reminded me how much we need each other’s vision and perspective! ✨✨✨take time to hang out with a friend just to talk! Listen, share, encourage, laugh, cry and connect! It’s not easy to slow down enough to make that happen, but it’s essential to our well being! Plus, such an awesome quote!! Here’s to a great week my friends!! Let’s find the gold where we are! #createconnection #taketime #tellyourstory #connectioncreatesinnovation #backtolife #lightthefight #lightthefightpodcast

I would say that some of my favorite stories happen off the beaten path, exploring new places and trying new things... and at the #creativation2019 show, i introduced a very special new collection called “Wolf Pack” 🐺❤️ it’s perfect for telling those adventure stories... and it’s my hope, even more importantly, that it will serve as a reminder to get out and create connection! Wolf Pack is available in April... so I’ll share more as it gets closer, but i have to thank you for the outpouring of love, excitement and good vibes for this line. It pretty much has meant the world to me! 🙏🏻 thank you for being part of my pack! #heidiswapp #comingsoon #hswolfpack #scrapbook #scrapbooking #tellyourstory #corystory #yourstorymatters #coryapproved

I am back home and as i woke up this morning to 5” of fresh, and still falling snow, (so glad today is a holiday!) I’ve been trying to find words to describe how I’m feeling. 💗💛❤️🧡💚 imagine that feeling when someone gives you a most perfectly thoughtful gift, that you might not have realized that you so completely needed, and never could have given yourself? Does that make any sense? 👀 i went to the show on an empty tank, with a prayer on my heart🙏🏻 and through experiences, amazing conversations and lots of hugs, smiles, and shared stories... i was given some amazing gifts that i was very much in need of. They were not what i expected, but i am feeling filled! Excited! ✨ Connection that happens when people come together with common goals, and a desire to help and support one another is powerful for sure! 💗 these women in this pic are treasured friends, and i am so grateful for their continued support and love! We were missing @maggiemassey and @lindsaydawnebateman 💛💗💚🧡❤️ none of us can accomplish our goals alone! We need each other! The list of people who gave their talents, time and energy to contribute to the success of this show for my brand is long... i am blessed by an amazing team at @americancrafts ⭐️⭐️⭐️ thank you all for making this happen! ❤️💋🙏🏻 #manythanks #teamheidi #takesavillage #grateful #heidiswapp #tellyourstory #creativation2019 #tribe #heidiswappmediateam #makeprettystuff #keepgoing

Day 2 on the Creativation floor is a wrap! What a fun day of chatting, connecting and demoing! This was today’s quote that we put up on the booth... and every single person that walked by laughed, snapped a pic and could absolutely relate!! If we don’t write it down, we FORGET!! 🤣😬so let’s get real! And be sure to document our beautiful lives!! Ok??? Deal! #creativation2019 #heidiswapp #hscolorfresh #yourstorymatters #tellyourstory

as a mother, it’s our very high calling to help our children see the light, the beauty, the goodness and the divinity in themselves... even as grown women, I’m sure we can all attest to how difficult it can be to see ourselves for the amazing individuals we are ✨ i believe that’s our role as a mom, and as a mentor.... to help them see themselves as their Heavenly Father and Creator sees them: as treasured, loved, needed, perfectly individual and essential parts of the grand plan! 💗 this has been part of my passion for scrapbooking... i have used my pages to whisper messages of truth, and encouragement ... statements of the tremendous love i feel for my children, and the amazing individuality they possess. These messages are sometimes difficult to deliver in the rush of everyday life...AND they can never be repeated too many times! Scrapbooking is more than pretty paper and stickers! More than trade shows, sales numbers or marketing plans 👀 Scrapbooking is a powerful tool for creating connection with our stories. 💗💗💗 I’m honored to be part of this industry, and thankful for what being at this Creativation show - surrounded by my comrades, peers, friends (and competitors 🥰) has reminded me of! Our stories, our scrapbooks filled with photos, matter. #creativation2019 #heidiswapp #tellyourstory #itmatters #dontforget #youbelonghere #scrapbooking #scrapbooks #makeprettystuff #hscolorfresh

let’s TACO bout how awesome it is to have NEW FOILS for MINC!! Today i get to finally officially share all the pretty new stuff!! 🌮🌮🌮 it’s funny how the LITTLEST things make me the HAPPIEST!! I’ll be sharing the details throughout today!! #staytuned #new #newheidiswapp #makeprettystuff #itseasy #sofun #diy #justaddfoil #foilallthethings #minc #mincfoil #mincable #creativation2019

#truth 😝🤣🤪 (who can relate??). AND the reason why we have to print our photos and write our stories down!! 📷 #creativation2019 #heidiswapp #tellyourstory #yourstorymatters #printyourphotos

You guys... i like to make pretty stuff!! There’s always so much that goes into this crazy process to dream and create new products and ways to keep telling our beautiful stories! Sometimes i get so bogged down in the work that i forget to look up and enjoy the ride! 💗💗💗 I’m thankful to be here! I love it... and I’m so grateful for all the encouragement and support i get from YOU! Please know how much i appreciate you being here... and cheering me on! 💗 our stories matter, and they CONNECT us in ways that allow us to understand each other!! Let’s keep telling our stories in creative ways!! #heidiswapp #creativation2019 #makeprettystuff #tellyourstory #keepgojng

quick public service announcement 💗💗💗💗 valentine’s day is just 27 days away! Over on my @helloheidiwallart site, our newest designs are 15% off this weekend! Use the code LOVE15 (this includes custom pieces!) i love to decorate for Valentine’s Day! 💗💗💗 But some of these are even perfect for everyday decor! Sale ends Monday, so get yours now!! #diyinspiration #diy #valentine #valentineday #valentinesdecor #heidiswapp #helloheidiwallart #iloveyou #bemine

Last night I was reminded about the value of taking time to CONNECT through creativity. (Even when you feel like there might not be time, or inconvenient...) Since we are all in town for the ‘Creativation’ show, we were invited by Scrapbook.com to come and tour their facility and meet the hardworking faces inside... also take an art class and eat tacos! What a gift it was to catch up with all of these beautiful people whom I admire and adore! We ate, painted, laughed, cried and most important... we got to connect. In that connection you realize that you are loved, understood, not alone in your thoughts and struggles...and that your story matters! ❤️ i got my bucket filled 💧 i felt lifted up! I shared some little clips from the evening on my stories... and i have to admit, i felt pretty nervous with a blank canvas in front of me! But what a fun process to watch the individual expressions happen! You gotta try it!! Big hugs and thanks to @scrapbookcom and @thearthousegilbert AND to all these inspiring souls! #ineededthat #createconnection #takertime #worthit #creativation2019 #americancrafts #tellyourstory #lifehandmade #heidiswapp #diyinspiration

I’m off to Creativation!! It’s an industry trade show for all things paper, memory keeping, creative and FUN! I’m super excited (and kinda nervous!) this year it’s in Phoenix! i thought I’d share a couple pics from last year... and i would love to bring you along on the ride this year! 💛💗✨👍🏻 i am so excited to show off all the fun new stuff!! Here we go!! #heidiswapp #creativation2018 #creativation2019 #letsdothis #comingsoon #new #newheidiswapp #enjoytheprocess PC: @elizabethlawlorphotography

Throughout this last week I have had several opportunities to speak, help, support, discuss, encourage and teach about things i have learned since losing Cory to suicide. 💔 The @lightthefight podcast and @davidkoz_ has taught me so much, and given me a voice to help those who are scared and struggling - that i never knew i could or would have. 💡 i know there are so many parents that are worried; reacting out of fear, unable to connect and unsure how to build or repair the relationships with their kids. I get it. 💔 I have been there. AND, you can learn to be and do better! 💡 It requires learning new and different ways of approaching situations 💡shifting your perspective and understanding new tools. The “light the fight” podcast is full of solutions! 🎧 Also, our next workshop focused on how to influence your kids in positive ways, is February 8th & 9th here locally… you will be amazed at how much peace, and strength comes as you learn and understand this info! Please don’t just “HOPE” things will improve magically... take action! Start now. Open yourself up to making changes that will allow for more connection and strong, real relationships in your family. It’s so worth it! More info is in my profile or hop over to the @lightthefight feed! Thank you as always for supporting me in my journey ❤️💡 as i continue to navigate my path... i love you guys so much, and i care so much about your families! We can’t shy away from these difficult topics, we need to work together. We need to Light this fight. #supportsupportsupport #lightthefight #lightthefightpodcast #makechange #createconnection #learnhow #takeaction

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