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for people who play “favorites”!! 💗💗💗 introducing my new personal fav: the “HAWTHORNE” collection! its been about a year (gasp, has it been that long) since i released a new paper collection! and this one has been worth the wait💗 the Washi is spectacular! there are tons of new “Minc-able” accessories + delicious new metallic foil flakes to play with! you can see all the goods on my website (under the collections tab) #linkinbio and i also just posted a new video that shows off all the things!! 💗💗💗it’s available NOW! so #happyshopping #enableralert #heidiswapp #hsHawthorne #makeprettystuff #newheidiswapp #scrapbooking #cardmaking #diy #crafty

she leaves for 5 days and i just miss her so much! she makes everything happy and fun! ✨✨✨ come home @quincy_swapp #iloveher #pinkhairdontcare #heidiswapp #hawthornebyheidiswapp #hshawthorne #newpaper #scrapbooking #makeprettystuff #diy #justaddfoil #newheidiswapp #availablenow 📷:@hello_its_susan

when your little community event fills all 250 spots in just a few hours....and your inbox and DM’s are full of requests wondering about adding another day. 👀 David and i have no doubt about how critical this message is, but the response might have been both the reassurance, and the realization that we are on the right track in supporting parents out there. ❤️ we are now talking about putting together some additional events here in Utah🙏🏻. It’s impossible to express what your encouragement means to me. (all of us) thank you... ❤️🙏🏻 i always wish i knew the magical answers to all the difficult, impossible questions...but solutions and answers are as individual as each person facing their own battle. I am here to tell you that it is through conversation... TALKING about the fight, that the lightbulbs of understanding and hope can happen. we gotta open up this conversation to everyone! drop the stigmas, and discover that we have more in common than we can see from the outside. 💡💡💡together we will “light the fight”. THANK YOU AGAIN ... 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #thankyou #supportsupportsupport #stopsuicide #mentalhealthawareness #talkaboutit #createconnection #beafirstresponder #commonground #corystory #elevatepodcasting #fearnot @quittripn @davidkoz_ @unifiedfire @herrimancity

this is @davidkoz_ i met him by chance, at a time that i needed serious help for my son Cory, for myself... and my family; we just didn’t know it yet. David is officially an incredibly busy ‘Marriage and Family’ therapist, and on the side runs a couple teenage support groups.🙏🏻 since meeting him, he has taught me, and coached me through so much learning, processing and healing... he’s the real deal. together we have been working on creating a podcast for parents about how to interact, understand and connect better with their kids ... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on March 8th, here at the Herriman Fire Station, we are going to be speaking together - addressing a topic that i believe every parent out there should be aware of in handling any difficult situation that might crop up- we call it “being a first responder, not a first (over)reactor”... David and i bring two very different perspectives: a mom who’s lost her son to suicide; and a therapist who has worked with hundreds of teenagers struggling to survive. This message will help families. 🙏🏻 this event is FREE, but you do need a ticket. the link to reserve a spot is in my profile. Please come. Please tag anyone that you know that might be interested. our podcast will also launch that day- and we will be recording the event and making it available. 🎤🎧📡🎚the more we talk openly about the issues kids are facing, we will be able to work through them-and find solutions. Swipe for more info. It’s not easy. but it’s worth it. Help me spread the word 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @unifiedfire @quittripn @herrimancity @quittripn #beafirstresponder #stopsuicide #supportsupportsupport #createconnection #freeevent

i am so excited to share the printable for this month’s 2018ex journey! (I am still not sure how to classify this EXercise!) there’s a reason that i am giving this NOW... I’ll be sharing lots of info and tips in a fb live today! it will be saved if you can’t catch it live! this printable will be avail for FREE on the “exhale” page inside the 2018ex on my site. it’s double sided- so when you print, make sure that you select the “short-edge binding” from the LAYOUT drop down in your print menu! There are 2 sizes available, and i printed onto white cardstock.. #exhale #2018ex #freshstart #everydayisafreshstart #heidiswapp #hsfreshstart #exhale

this will happen tomorrow 💗💗💗💗 FACEBOOK LIVE!! 12:30pm MST! 🎬 I will be sharing the FEB printable #freebie ⭐️ also, a new tactic for pre-planning! AND adding mini photos into your planner! 📷🖊✂️ be sure to join in!! I would love to hear from you 💗 let’s gather and get inspired! #onedayatatime #hsmemoryplanner #memoryplanner #freshstart #hsfreshstart #facebooklive #2018ex #heidiswapp #exhale

I want to share a really important reminder today- it’s for everyone❤️... sometimes- maybe without knowing it- we attach our expectations to the way we express and show love to the people closest and most important to us...by that i mean sometimes we are saying things like “clean up this room” and “get this grade up” or “when are you going to....” “how many times do i need to tell you...” more than we are saying “i love you” straight up, with zero strings or limitations. 🤔 it’s not how we feel! ✨of course a clean room does not equal love and acceptance... but ask yourself what you talk about more? 👀 in my most difficult times, human connection and support and love, have been the strength i needed. (even on regular days) ❤️feeling like you are seen as you are, and STILL loved anyway helps to give that you the permission to love yourself. ❤️ whether you are a parent, a friend, a spouse, a coach or teacher... lead with LOVE. make sure that message is BIG and BOLD and stands on its own. when words fail you, or you can’t make a circumstance or situation go away...when it feels like hope is lost, or the challenge TOO big: draw in close. express that love, and separate the love you have for that person with whatever he/she is going through or struggling with. the resulting connection will give needed strength to keep going forward. because the truth is that you LOVE, and you ARE LOVED, no matter what. 🎤 #thanksforlistening #sorrynotsorry #micdrop #onedayatatime #sayiloveyou #loveoneanother #connection #supportsupportsupport

sending all the love to my “one and only” 💋 i love you forever ... and i like you too!! and i love all that we have created and overcome together! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻 BE MINE ALWAYS! 💋 #familiesareforever #eternal #iloveyou thank you for all the photos 💋#throwback 2016 @elizabethlawlorphotography

it had been a hot minute since i could eject myself out of bed at 5am for yoga, but with some gentle nudges from my fellow yogis, i was so grateful for some time on my mat🧘🏼‍♀️this morning we were reminded to ‘give ourselves grace’ 🙏🏻 not only because we are worthy of our own self-love and acceptance... but also because we can’t offer others something we can’t extend to ourself💗💗💗 in the words of the great Lucille Ball, “love yourself first and everything else will fall into line”... breathe in the love and acceptance, breathe out the negative. I’m cheering for you!! #exhale #deepbreaths #youareloved #beyourvalentine #loveyourself #youprettymuchrock #heidiswapp #hsfreshstart #freahstart #everydayisafreshstart #letterboard #hsletterboard

(Long post😂) so last week, i got a super short, and out of character letter from Elder Swapp that said this: “It wasn’t actually a very good week and I don’t really want to dwell on it. Would it be the worst thing if I skipped out on a week?” 😱 my first mom reaction was “um, yes! that would be the worst!” because selfishly, i need my Colton fix!! they had a fun day, ate at McDonalds (a splurge) and set a huge goal for the upcoming week. 💪🏻I was a little surprised by the goal... they wanted to talk to 1000 people as a companionship... (imagine how many people you approach and chat with on the daily... they needed about 166 each day!) i have been in his shoes, and that would require some major hustle👀😆 i was so happy when we got a good letter this week, and he also shared with me his daily journal entries... i was so impressed with their faith and their action! 🙌🏻 in the end, he and his companion “only” talked to 600 people last week about the gospel of Jesus Christ... and this is what he wrote about NOT achieving their goal: “Something that we talked a lot about - was that glory is not in hitting the goal but in the stretching and reaching that you do in trying to trying to hit that goal! We did some good stretching and reaching this week!” 🙏🏻 and there it is 💡💡💡 the #lightbulb moment! 🏯the wisdom that can only be gained in the pursuit! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ and such truth!❤️ when you are down, (and you will get down)... go to work! seek guidance from above🙏🏻which almost certainly will always require “stretching and reaching”... and then acknowledge that the “glory” is not in the perfection of the goal, but in the sincere efforts made toward that goal. ❤️🙌🏻 it’s never going to be easy... but it will ALWAYS be worth it! we are each known by a loving Father in Heaven who will never give up on us! but will certainly give us space to stretch, and reach. 🌬 sure love this missionary of mine. ❤️ if you see a missionary this week, stop and chat!! Send a pic to their mom!! i PROMISE you she’s missing her kid just a little more this Valentines Day week! #eldercoltonswapp #japanfukuokamission #onedayatatime #joyinthejourney

still time to add some tassels and fringe to your Valentine celebrations!! tissue paper might be my love language this year! I shared 2 blog posts with some step-by-step DIY tissue paper creations that WOW for any occasion!! 💗💗💗💗any last minute Valentine crafters out there?? is it just me?🙋🏼‍♀️!!there’s nothing quite as inspiring as the last minute!😍😍😍 #diy #makeprettystuff #heidiswapp #helloheidisignaturewallart #valentines #letterboard #hsletterboard #tissuetassels #tissuefringe #ontheblog

“you are a product of what you do everyday”💯 that is an undeniable fact! ⭐️ our daily lives are faceted with such a variety of commitments and obligations to others and ourselves! #deepbreath 🌬 start this new week with a pause to consider what’s MOST IMPORTANT! where will you invest your efforts and your intention? 🤔take a few moments to create a plan of action, rather than allowing yourself to be swept away in the rush... lets do this!! 1️⃣ list what’s needed 2️⃣ prioritize 3️⃣ focus... ✔️it’s a new week!! #inhalethegood #exhalethenegative #makeaplan #priorities #onedayatatime #makeitcount #happymonday #heidiswapp #hsfreshstart #freshstart #everydayisafreshstart #letsdothis #planner #memoryplanner #hsmemoryplanner #planneraddict #plannernerd #plannercommunity #plannerlove

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