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It’s this amazing human’s bday today!! Wishing you the best today @kimjeffress ✨✨✨ this girl brings the light and the color!! Head over and tell her HBD!! Thank you for all you do for me Kim!! 💛💛💛💛💛 #hsmediateam #happiest

Just going to do this holiday stuff ONE DAY AT A TIME!! ✨✨✨ note: ALL my new Memory Planner goodies are now available at @scrapbookcom *its my most favorite memory planner collection EVER! I love it so much, and it’s here and in time for Christmas gifts (for yourself of course), and to start off the new year!! I can’t love it more! 🎄❤️👏🏻 you can see the whole collection tour on my IGTV channel too!! Go peek! So cute! #heidiswapp #memoryplanner #documentlife #hsColorFresh

gratitude makes what you have E N O U G H.

it’s so easy to focus on all the stuff that isn’t going well! we all have stressful, uncomfortable situations that are weighing on our hearts, and camping in that most forefront part of our brains! those thoughts are bold and demanding... give yourself a break from worry! Try this: 1. Take conscious notice of EVERY.little.thing. that has gone right, and the things you have all around you! (notice how soft your pillow is; the hot water; a hug...) 2. Remember that whatever you are dealing with hasn’t worked out ...YET!! Episode 23 of my “Light the Fight” podcast talks about giving some time and space for progress. Go listen! 🎧 let’s take the day off from worry and anxiousness... this week is for every one of us to step up until we have a full view of all the goodness around us! Taking a break from worrying will allow that to happen! #notetoself #takeabreak #yet #deepbreaths #enjoythisnow

On Sunday we rest. I love that the Lord gave us a day that we could cast our everyday worries aside and allow our hearts, mind and body to decompress and be recharged. There have been many times- even years that i tried to squeeze “more” into my week by using Sunday as an “extra” work day... i used to think of it as an overflow or a catch up. I think really it’s been this last year especially that i have come to realize what a tremendous gift the Sabbath really is. I feel my anxieties ease. I allow myself to slow down and listen to that still small voice... i appreciate the time with my family, and the escape from work. Our loving Heavenly Father is well aware of each and every one of us individually- and so He provided an entire day for us to come in closer. Allow your spirit to be renewed! Cast your burdens upon the Lord. Take some time to reconnect, and re-evaluate that which matters most. Worshiping the Almighty Creator and Savior of the Universe is no small thing. It is as personal and individual as you are! Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. ❤️ #sundaythoughts

Today is “survivors day”... 11.17 the day set aside to acknowledge those who have lost loved ones to suicide. 💔 the loss, and sadness of losing someone you love to suicide is pretty unbearable. But we have to keep going. Keep loving one another, and continuing to fight against the stigma, and for increased understanding, help and support for those suffering with thoughts of hopelessness and despair. Today my heart feels super heavy. The hole in our family never gets any smaller... and the questions and regrets are standard issue in my daily thoughts... AND we keep going. still remembering, loving and holding our memories close. I will keep talking about Cory, and i will keep trying to learn, and help other parents learn - and i will keep shining a light on the shame and difficulties that are real in our lives and relationships.... because these deaths are preventable. Understanding is possible. Solutions can be found. We can’t ever, ever give up. #lightthefight #lightthefightpodcast #corystory #stopsuicide #survivorsday #nevergiveup #corypaulswapp #coryapproved @lightthefight

Minc foiled candle wraps have become a holiday decor must for the holidays! Thanksgiving dinner is happening at our home this year, so i created a few new printables that you can print and foil super quick! Swipe to see how beautiful the simple touches make! Download the freebie prints from my blog at Heidi swapp.com ✨✨✨✨ #diy #minc #freebie #thanksgiving

Right after Cory died, a dear friend gave our family this beautiful drawing of the Savior comforting Cory. This art piece has been hanging right by my bedroom, and honestly brings so much comfort... i have marveled at the images over and over ❤️ last night my friend @amyhalcom introduced me to her sister, the artist of this precious drawing... it was so awesome to meet her in person, and thank her... her talents have been such a blessing to our family through this tender image ... talents are totally given to us so we can bless each other! Her name is Bailey Carter and her website is BaileyCarterArt.com ❤️❤️❤️ thanks for being amazing Bailey!

I’m always so happy that I made the effort, and put in the work, and took the time to bring people together to “make pretty stuff”! Gather a bunch of women, give them some paint and watch how happy it makes them to just chat and create! The last 2 nights as everyone arrived from their busy days and found their kits, and were joined by old and new friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, neighbors .... the mood quickly escalated to one of joy, laughter, FUN! From my vantage point at the front of the room, every person was engaged in conversation, and immersed in the moment! And all the effort of planning, preparing, promoting... it all paid off! It makes me happy! ❤️✨ it reminds me that we thrive when we gather! We lift one another when we gather! Something happens in that creative process that is so good for the soul! 💡💡💡 i want to thank everyone that made the effort to come! Not only for giving me the opportunity and excuse to throw a little crafty party! but also for supporting the Herriman Drill Team! 🎄🎄🎄and all that Christmas crafting might have let in the holiday spirit a little early for me!! Thank you for that too!! #holidaycreateshop #merrychristmas #heidiswapp #gather #makeprettystuff #supportsupportsupport

Lookie what my sweet hubby whipped up for me! (I mean for the drill team fundraiser!! 🍩 but mostly for me!!) i mean, what could be better than a wall of donuts to go along with a side of holiday crafting!! 😍 we had so much tonight making pretty holiday stuff!! Day 1 of 2 was a success, and I’m so grateful for everyone who helped make it happen!! ✨✨✨ good thing i LOVE those cute Drill girls!! 💋❤️👏🏻 #goherrimandrill #holidaycreateshop #heidiswapp #donutpout

Today and everyday. #bekind #nationalkindnessday

in times of trouble, gather. Gather family, gather friends. Gather plans, ideas, intention, hope.... gather resilience, gather faith. Gather dependence and reliance on Heavenly Father. Gather strength and peace. No matter the trouble, big or small... you are not alone. Remember the gifts and talents, the ability and capability gained in the past, to draw from when it’s needed. Gather and combine. And take nothing for granted. #gather #peptalk #youarenotalone

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