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Heidi Mae  Travel | Adventure | Fashion | Photography | Cosplay @badasscosplay model Click for my YouTube ! 👇🏻

Just showing off some sick airbrush work by the very talented @wiseroner
Thanks @avkinder for the rad shot!

Thinking back on Stormy days in #oahu
And heading up to Ohio on Tuesday. Hello road trip!👋🏻
📸 by @brosephdavid edit by me.

I’ve been finding it difficult to post on here lately, mostly because I keep re-examining my editing and photography style. I want to capture moments, and feelings, and not just have my page be “hey! Look at me! Heyyy”
I dunno... Just something I’ve been thinking on lately.
📸 by @lilshootie

Spent the other day in #saintlouis with my little brother @potatogabe
definitely talked him into letting me shoot him (swipe right to see)
and he snapped this one of me! Damn my bro has skills... “bow hunting skills... computer hacking skills... “ you know... skills🤷🏼‍♀️
Pants by @shoptobi

I’m a firm believer in only bringing things into my life that add value, and supporting the small companies that create those things. That’s why all my jewelry is #sterlingsilver and my favorite company that I go back to again and again is @twistedlovenyc . The cost of quality is nothing compared to the cost of what our current disposable culture is having on our planet. 🌎 Purchase with intention. And remember to support the little guys.

Sometimes in life you not only get what you want, you get what you never even thought possible... like this butterfly landing beside me in the flowers.
So no matter how shitty things might look right now. Don’t give up. Because sometimes things turn out so much better than you could have ever imagined.

Me: I’m so excited now that’s it’s warm and I can go out adventuring!
Also me: BUGS! Bugs everywhere!!!!! 😵

Had such a relaxing weekend due to a swollen tendon in my foot making it impossible to go adventuring. 🚫⛰😔 Taking it easy is something that’s extremely difficult for me. But after relaxing for two days straight, I realized how much that swollen tendon was a blessing in disguise for me. And now not only does my foot feel completely better, but I feel rested and centered now as well. ❤️

I’m in pretty deep right now with planning my trip to Iceland, and working on a blogpost from Hawaii. So is there anything specific you’d like me to write about from my time in Hawaii?

“National parks are for lovers”
Shirt from @parksproject 📸 by @lilshootie edit by me.

This little palm tree in #hauula seems like the perfect spot to watch the sunset with someone special 😘 who would you take here?
📸 by @loryworld edit by me.

Sometimes I talk @lilshootie into letting me her take her photo.
Swipe right to see the photo BEFORE I edited it. Let me know if you guys would want to see more about how I edit my photos.

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