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Jane is topping off today with a large piece of cake! Celebrating Uncle Reid’s Birthday! With @annie.hoff and Baby Lydia! #day2ofsummer #happybirthday #birthdaycake #theadventuresofjane

Jane is currently having a yard sale on our front porch. Included in the inventory is some hand painted marshmallows, available for $1 each. She would love for you to stop by! 😜#day1ofsummer #yardsale #plainairpainting #theadventuresofjane #dillsburg

Today was a big day. And very full. It was the last day of pre-k for this little lady! Plus Wonder Woman stopped by to help with baking in the afternoon. Then pre-k graduation! We are hoping to have a wonderfully sweet summer, full of adventures before she heads off to Kindergarten at the end of the summer! Thanks so much to her teachers and all the staff at Mountainside Preschool for loving her and getting her on the right track for future learning! In the program for tonight, they had a list of what all the kids want to be when they grow up. Jane’s answer, “a baker and a builder”. We love you so much Jane and couldn’t be more proud! #prek #prekgraduation #wonderwoman #baking #summerstartsnow #theadventuresofjane

The perfect day for a Strawberry Pineapple Slushie. #homemade #realfruitslushie #backyardlove #sunshine #vitamindtherapy

We bought these beautiful tulips yesterday from @intheweedscutflowers at the @dbgfarmers for our mothers but have failed to deliver them today. The rain and our colds have kept us mostly huddled up inside since church this morning. Mother’s Day is honestly not my most favorite day of year, it’s really just a lot of pressure, pressure to make sure you’ve appropriately shown your mother how much you love them, pressure on your husband to help your little kids sufficiently show their love to you, pressure on yourself to to have the correct amount of expectations on your family to show the appropriate about of appreciation for you. And I know this is all #firstworldproblems. And this is nothing compared to those who have to muddle through this day/weekend without their mothers or children, which is definitely not just a #firstworldproblem. I guess I’m saying “I love you mom!” and I hope you know it and I hope I can show it more consistently throughoutthe whole year. And Happy Mother’s Day and I love you, to my mother-in-law who has been trying to mother me since the end of junior year of high school. And doing a great job, loving us all. I do on this day feel very proud to be a mother because I am very very proud to call Jane my daughter. The one who has made me a mother and makes my life so much more full. #mothersdaythoughts #mothersday #iloveyoumom #flowerdelivery #noflowerdelivery #maybetomorrow

Threw together a quick garden salad at lunch and wanted to give a shout out to all the great local farmers who comprise these greens. Pea shoots from @goodkeeperfarm at @farmersonthesquare, kale mix from Sycamore Ridge Farm @dbgfarmers, and arugula from Filey’s Pride Organically Grown Produce also at The Dillsburg Farmers’ Market. #thisisourneighborhood #localfood #freshfood #farmersmarkets #dillsburgfarmersmarket #carlisle #farmersonthesquare #thankafarmer #salad

Guys the first part of my prize pack arrived yesterday! I’ve been really digging date nectar as a natural sweetener, so I know I’ll love the @justdatesyrup! I’ve never tried #tahini but I can’t wait to give this stuff a try! Suggestions for what to do with tahini? #giveaway #iactuallywon #justdatesyrup #seedandmill #tahini #lookingforrecommendations

It’s been a crazy weekend but it was filled with many wonderful things! Among @givelocalyork on Friday, a birthday lunch with family, and our community potluck + show with @cumberlandhoneypa, we were able to complete our two raised garden beds with the help of some friends on Saturday! Isaac built these beds from scratch. We may water proof the cedar yet on the outside to preserve the color. Shout out to @daveshirer, @cheechica, @umiwetu, and Pablo, who all pitched in to help. It took 20 wheelbarrows full of dirt to fill these two beds, with 2 bags each of top soil mixed in on top. Hopefully later today, Jane and I will get a chance to plant some veggies and strawberries! #thisisourneighborhood #neverstoplearning #riseandshine #spring #backyardlove #garden #gardentherapy #dillsburg #friendsandneighbors

Last night I stayed behind while Isaac and Jane drove up to the Poconos ahead of me so I could attend my last class to receive this certificate. I’m not a borough official but I took this class because maybe someday I’ll have to be. #thisisourneighborhood #thisishowishowicare #neverstoplearning #zoning #zoningclass #theyhavemoreclassesiwanttotake #PMPEI #pastateassociationofboroughs #pamunicipalplanningeducationinstitute

Hey look @corie2ma, we are having breakfast with elephants too! 🤣 Ok, this isn’t near as thrilling as the real deal but we’ve joined @isaacs1987 at @kalahariresorts for the day, while he attends a work conference, Jane and I will play. #elephants #miniadventure #play #mommyandmetime #kalahariresort #theadventuresofjane

Tell everyone you know! @givelocalyork is happening this Friday! The @dbgfarmers along with other local nonprofits are hosting a Food Truck Food Court this Friday, 11am to 1pm in the parking lot of The Dillsburg Senior Center! More details on the flyer! We hope to see you there! #givelocalyork #yorkcounty #funderaiser #thisisourneighborhood #foodtrucks #lunchdate #treatyoself #friday #dillsburg

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