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Omar Hegazy l عمر حجازي  Professional tanner.. 🔹First human to do an exodus inspired journey by bicycle 🔹First disabled to swim across the gulf of Aqaba.

That awesome tiring day we were going From abo znema to ras seder i had to ride the mountain bike to find this magical place (natural sauna in the heart of a mountain )called hamam fer3oon, after a fun filmed adventure that i will post later I realized A fact that i hate to admit “mountain biking is far more enjoyable than road biking”
#mountainbike #legendsofegypt

30 November 2018
The grand finale
2:00 pm at the great Pyramids of Giza #historyisnow
By #LegEndsOfEgypt

Human diversity is a beautiful peace of art, a colorful mosaic made of infinite different pieces that make up a spectacular whole. During my journey through Sinai, I opened my eyes and heart to people of my homeland who live a life very different than mine. Away from the chaos of the big city, the complexity of the systems that govern our modern world, technology, luxury, they welcomed us into their homes, into their schools and showed our team astounding generosity to which I am deeply grateful. They told us stories and tales of the past, times of peace and war, happiness and sorrow. We laughed from our hearts and I felt reconnected to a part of me, deep within my soul. I felt connected to humanity, to oneness, to unconditional love.


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مش مغامره ولا حدث رياضي وتحدي شخصي لقدراتي وبس
دي رحله لاكتشاف الجمال
الجمال في بلدنا .. الجمال في سيناء .. الجمال جوانا
الجمال في أهالينا
مع أهلينا في سيناء ❤️ ... #أبو_زنيمة
و #قبيلة_الصواعده
Not only an adventure ,not only challenging my personal capabilities .. It's a blissful journey exploring beauty.. beauty of our Egypt .. beauty of Sinai
Beauty inside .. beauty of our People
The magic beauty ✨
With our people in Abu Zenima & Sawa3da tribe


-3rd day updates-
‎Lesson learned.. the more pain you encounter in life, the more blessings life will reward you with.
After waking up not being able to move my legs, fatigued as hell and in a bad unenthusiastic mood. I Thought to myself just start the first kilometer and the rest may flow..
I did.. I started with my mind fogged with negative thoughts but the mountains were a constant reminder to be present, to be here.. life is now!
A few moments after feeling pain and exhaustion in every inch in my body, my mind was able to take control and sync into the NOW!
And i started to let go again of every bit of negative thoughts muscle sourness, uphill climb, and pain I’m having.
Later on the same day the most blissful thing happened, a few kilometers away from saint Catherine. There was a very steep downhill road filled with sky-high mountains that Even a video can not describe. This feeling of freedom mixed with that breathtaking view, I could not believe I was a part of, I was in one of the most blissful moments I’ve had in the past 8 years!

@scoopempire ———- لو فيه درس ممكن أكون اتعلمته في الدنيا ‎انه علي قد الالم اللي بتصادفه في الدنيا ‎علي قد النعم اللي ربنا هيكافأك بيها
‎أول لما صحيت مش قادر احرك رجلي من التعب وكنت في مزاج مش متحمس
‎حاولت اشجع نفسي وقلت ابدأ اول كيلو متر والباقي هييجي لوحده
‎وفعلا بدأت وانا عقلي مليان أفكار سلبية ‎بس الجبال حواليا كانت تذكره دايما ليا اني حاضر.. اني هنا .. الحياة "هي اللحظة دي"! ‎وبعد لحظات قليلة من احساسي بالألم والإرهاق في كل شبر في جسمي ، عقلي بقي قادر علي السيطرة والاندماج مع "اللحظة دي"! ‎وبدأت أخرج مرة تانيه من كل حاجة صعبه
‎ من قسوة العضلات ، من صعوبه صعود المرتفعات ، من الألم اللي بواجهه.
‎في نفس اليوم كان الحدث الاجمل علي الإطلاق !على بعد كيلومترات قليلة من سانت كاترين، كان فيه طريق منحدر شديد الانحدار مليان بالجبال المرتفعة اللي ما اقدرش اوصف جمالها
‎الشعور ده .. بالحرية .. اختلط مع المنظر المذهل ده ‎ما كنتش مصدق أني جزء منه !
‎كنت في واحدة من أكثر اللحظات سعادة في الثمانية سنين اللي فاتوا !

Ancient Egyptians once said after every ascent there is a decent ... well not today! Today was a day of surprises! First of all the challenge was even harder than yesterday’s! My trainer warned me about the steepness of this part of the road, locals warned me that most of the accidents happen there at “Matla3 sa3da”. Thankfully today i was able to complete a big part of it, 50 Km from Nuweba towards Saint Catherine, not only by using every bit of energy, every bit of self belief i have, but by the support of my team, your prayers and My coach Ahmed Magdi who took his bike and came to support me and even pushed me in moments where i almost lost hope ..
The second surprise was one of the reasons that kept me going forward. The scenery! I always knew Sinai is beautiful but the things I saw today from that perspective made me realize the richness of Sinai's beauty is beyond my imagination! The scenery was so beautiful I forgot all about my aching, cramping body!
Thank you all for the prayers and support🙏🏾
2 days done 9 to go
@gizasystems @project_nitrous

shabab Oasis international school and @golden.fishie made my day 😍
Thank you so much 🙌🏾

Today marks the start of Hegazy's epic journey #HistoryisNow Omar successfully completed the first day from Taba to Nuewba cycling uphill a remarkable distance of 65 Km! Between him and his final destination at the Great Pyramids of Giza are another 550 Km cycling to go, 35 Km kayaking and 10 Km hiking! 1 day down 10 days to go!
اليوم يسجل
المغامر المصري عمر حجازي انطلاق رحلته الملحمية الملهمة حيث أكمل اول يوم في رحلته قائدا دراجته من طابا إليّ نويبع لمسافة قياسية ٦٥ كيلو متر !
يتبقي علي اكتمال الرحلة الي وجهته الاخيرة أهرامات الجيزة ٥٥٠ كيلو متر قائدا دراجته ، ٣٥ كيلو متر كياكينج في البحر الأحمر و١٠ كيلو متر متسلقا جبل موسي
التاريخ يكتب الآن ... انتهي اليوم الاول بنجاح
باقي ١٠ ايّام علي اكتمال الرحلة
تابعونا وادعوا لنا

In few days!! Inspired by Moses' journey in Egypt 3000 years ago, @hegazyhimself embarked on a first of its kind adventure on the same route across #Sinai. ——————————————————————
From the far end of the peninsula all the way back to the Pyramids of Giza in eleven days, using only the power of his body, cycling, kayaking, and hiking more than 700 km, Hegazy aimed to remind the world of the holy land of peace and compassion.
The event will start from the 20th of November till the 30th of November.
#LegEndsofEgypt #HistoryisNow @gizasystems @project_nitrous ——————————
سأبدأ إن شاء الله أكبر مغامرة تحدث في تاريخ مصر الحديث منذ أن قام سيدنا موسي عليه السلام بعبور نفس الأرض المقدسة قبل ٣٠٠٠ سنة ، الرحلة ستكون عبارة عن أكثر من ٧٠٠ كيلو متر دراجات ، تسلق جبال و كاياكينج عبر خليج السويس بدايةً من يوم ٣٠ نوفمبر بحدود سيناء بطابا انتهائاً بأهرامات الجيزة .
١١ يوم يمثلوا لي كل الصعوبات اللي واجهتها في حياتي ، ١١ يوم بحضرلهم بقالي ما يزيد عن السنه و نصف .
هيكون تحدي لقدراتي الجسدية و النفسية و الروحية ، و تذكير للعالم بأرض السلام و الرحمة " مصر أرض الكنانة " .

#repost @wyfegypt
Omar Hegazy, Swimmer:
“The very concept of differently abled is extremely important. As a person with disability, I think if we could harness the energy god gave us to overcome our disabilities, we could change the world” #WorldYouthForum


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