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#HeForShe  UN Women solidarity movement for gender equality. If gender bias begins with us, it can end with us.

Repost from @enyamayaro: “We begun #HeForShe with the hope that communities would own the movement and make it their own. However, not once did I imagine spending an evening in a tavern (community bar) listening to men voluntarily discuss #GenderEquality & commit to ending #GenderBasedViolence. Even more surreal was discovering the community’s ownership in rebranding their taverns ‘I AM A HeForShe TAVERN’ and collectively setting a new code of conduct and concrete commitments towards each other (see signage pic) ————————————————————————There are now more than 144 #HeForShe Taverns in #Klerksdorp #SouthAfrica, engaging more than 4000 men. Over the past months women have begun joining these weekly #HeForShe discussions, making them a truly community driven solidarity initiative. One guy told me, “We wanted to change the negative perception of taverns —from a place where men get drunk, then go home and beat up their wives—to a safe space where men still come to drink but also on a weekly basis commit to discussing issues of positive masculinity.” ————————————————————————
This week’s topics were: ‘If a woman comes into a tavern wearing a mini-skirt is she asking for it?’ & ‘If a condom breaks whilst having sex with a partner should you tell her?’ ————————————————————————
MOVED BEYOND WORDS! Stay tuned for the video story. #AfricanSolutions 📷 @shen_scott

🔃 There is no equality, until we are all equal #ShiftYourPerspective. #IDAHOTB #IDAHOT2018 #HeForShe

Make a powerful statement in support of the person who inspires you to be #HeForShe. Who are you HeForShe for? #GenderEquality

Being an ally matters. Join the movement at www.HeForShe.org/Commit #HeForShe #GenderEquality

It is often the personal connections with people in our life affected by gender inequality that inspire us to be #HeForShe. Who are you HeForShe for? #YouForWho #GenderEquality #MothersDay

“I am HeForShe because if my mom can raise me and my brother as a single parent, then she deserves the same opportunity that she has given me in life” - Victor #HeForShe #MothersDay #Allies #GenderEquality

Swipe ➡️ Today is US Mother's Day, a day on which we mark those important relationships in our lives that inspire us to be HeForShe. Today is also an opportunity to reflect on the rights of mothers. Good quality parental leave is necessary for women's advacement in the workplace, ensuring mothers can come back after giving birth, but also ensuring the father, or partner, can take an equal responsibility for child-care. Today we will feature the work of some of our HeForShe Champions who are doing great work to ensure that everyone has the right to spend enough time with their family, while enjoying the fulfilling career they might want. #MothersDay #HeForShe #GenderEquality

Shinzō Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, a HeForShe IMPACT Champion, has placed women's economic empowerment at the forefront of the country's development strategy. Women's economic empowerment remains one of the world's biggest untapped resources. As a HeForShe IMPACT Champion, H.E. Shinzō Abe has worked to ensure that women join, and remain, in the workforce by enhancing women's working conditions, employment and leadership opportunities. This has resulted in the number of employed women increasing by 1.5 million and the employment rate among women aged 25-44 increasing by 5%. The percentage of women who continue to work after the birth of their first child has exceeded 50% for the first time! ————————————————————————HeForShe is a solutions-driven movement, generating concrete and scalable gender equality solutions through the work of its HeForShe IMPACT Lab, a platform for incubating and pilot-testing solutions that have the power to see gender equality achieved in our life-time. #HeForShe #GenderEquality #Japan #MothersDay @shinzoabe

📷H.E. President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson and First Lady, Eliza Reid, with @enyamayaro, Global Head of #HeForShe. Did you know that the President is one of 10 Head of State HeForShe IMPACT Champions taking concrete steps to accelerate progress towards gender equality? HeForShe IMPACT Champions, from government, corporations, and universities are generating concrete gender equality solutions through the HeForShe IMPACT Lab, a platform for incubating and pilot-testing solutions that have the power to see gender equality achieved in our life-time. Learn more about the initiative at HeForShe.org/IMPACT

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